My Bossy CEO Husband by I. MALCOM

Chapter 11


My Bossy CEO Husband Chapter 11 by I. MALCOM. Inside the Hopewell Hospital…. Precious stood beside Wendy’s hospital bed, clutching her hand as she stared at the woman’s bandaged head. Tears were streaming down the girl’s face, and her sorrow was real this time. Her eyes had turned red and blotch as she choked in her sobs. “Don’t cry, Precious. “Uncle Luke,” she sniffed and looked up at him. “Beautiful Auntie will be fine, won’t she?” Luke ached for his niece. He reached out to hold her and spoke in a gentle voice. “Everything will be okay. Didn’t you hear what your Uncle Leo just said? Beautiful Auntie just suffered some minor bruising and a slight concussion. She will be fine after resting for a couple of days. ” His words did not stop her from crying though. “But still! She bled a lot. “Don’t worry. Hasn’t she stopped bleeding now?” Precious bawled harder. “You’re lying! My pet Snow died because it hit the wall and bled a lot! You all told me it was just sleeping but it never woke up! Waah…Beautiful Auntie was hurt only because she was trying to save me. The girl shook free from her uncle and sobbed harder at Wendy’s bedside. Luke turned to his brother helplessly. “I can’t do it, Ryan. You comfort your own daughter!” Ryan was standing on the other side of the bed, and he now frowned at the unconscious woman occupying it. His expression was cold. “Luke. “Yes?”. “Change all the bodyguards around Precious. Luke’s face instantly became serious. “Right away!”. His daughter had sneaked out of the office sometime after the audition without him or his brother knowing. Since she always had bodyguards tailing her wherever she went, both Ryan and Luke had not worried much about Precious. Little had they expected that this minor negligence on their part would bring heavy consequences. If it hadn’t been for Wendy Finch, the little girl would have died. “Daddy!”. “Come here. Still sobbing, Precious walked into Ryan’s open arms. “Daddy, Auntie will be fine, won’t she?”. “Yes. She will be waking up soon, I promise. The girl’s tears lessened at her father’s assurance. Luke could only gape at them, speechless. What the hell? He had laid on thick with his charm and tried to cajole his niece, all to no avail. His brother, on the other hand, only said a few words and she had quieted already! Luke suddenly felt like he wanted to cry, too. The difference was just too much! Wendy woke up in pain. Her head was pounding, as if someone was hitting it rhythmically with a large hammer. She opened her eyes and started to reach out to touch her head. “Don ’t m ove!”

Her hand had been pinned back down on t he bed, and Wendy turned to see the per son sitting on the chair beside the bed. He was tall and… he seemed familia r in some way…Oh. She remembered now. This man was that l ittle girl’s father. “Where is tha t little girl? Is she okay?” . “She ’s f ine!” . Luke interjected from the middl e of the room and pointed at th e sofa next to the hospital bed. “She exhausted herself by crying so hard for so lon g; she’s fast asleep now. Following the direction of his finger, Wendy found the girl curled up in the sofa and sleeping soundly. A man’s suit jacket was drape d over her, and her tiny eyebrows were wrinkled into a tight frown. If she had been able to look more closely, she would have see n beads of tears still nestled in the corner of the girl’s ey es. As it was, Wendy sighed in relief before trying to sit up. “Don’t move!” Ryan s aid again, pressing against her shoulder. “Uh…” Sensing the tensi on between the two, Luk e rushed over, anxious. “Miss Finch, the doctor said that y ou have a slight concussion. You nee d to stay in bed and rest properly. “Oh. Okay then . ” No wonder s he felt dizzy. “What are the cond itions?” Ryan aske d out of the blue. Wendy frowned at his expr essionless face, not compr ehending what he had said. Once again, Luke stepp ed in. This time, he ac ted as an interpreter. “What my brother is trying to say, Miss Finch, is that you saved our Precious. If you have any conditions as pa yment for this favor, please don’t hesitate to tell us. The corners of Wendy’s mouth t witched. The girl’s father sur e didn’t beat around the bush. Well, for now, she had a spli tting headache. “Please pay the me dical fees for me, ” she said calmly. “Of course, that ’s to be expecte d,” Luke replied. “Wha t el se?” . “That’s all. ” Luke looked from the woman to his broth er, then back at her again. “Tha t’s all?” . After all, Ryan was not the type to easily offer favors to other people. This would be a most advantageous opportunity, but why wasn’t this woman asking for anything? Was she stupid? If so, then she was apparently among the stupidest. “Miss Finch, why don’t you think it over so me more?” Wendy finally touched the gauze w rapped around her head, her movements slow. “There’s no need to repay me,” she sai d, smiling bitterly. “I don’t know why I did it either. All I knew at that moment was I couldn’t let the little girl get hurt. If it were to happen again, I doubt I would have the courage to do the same thing. Besides, I’ve grown fon d of that little girl. We might have been destined to meet from the start. Saving her life is no big deal. But then sh e sighed aft er speaking. She was injured, and on the head, no less! How would she be able to join the shoot tomorrow? More importantly, how was she supposed to explain al l of this to her son? Alas! This whole situation was just too depressing

Oh, yes! Her son! She didn’t know how long s he had been in a coma. Ray and Roger were probably still waiting for her news back at Studio City! Wendy s at up abruptly and immediately felt dizzy. She clutched at the hos pital bed guard and ask ed, “Where’s my phone?” . “Here. ” Rya n handed her the device. Wendy unlocked t he screen, but i t was all black. The damned thing didn’t have any po wer! How could this happen? What wa s she to do now? “What time is it?” . she asked Ryan , worry eviden t in her face. “Twenty minutes past three in the afternoon. She had gone to t he audition at te n in the morning. More than five hours had passed since th en! Ray hadn’t heard from her in so long ; how anxious her boy must be right now. Noticing her anxiety, Ryan leaned over. “They will be he re soon,” he sai d in a low voice. “What?” Luke sighed and interpreted his b rother’s words again. “He means that he has informed your friend of the c ircumstances just before your phone died. He should be on his way here and you will be seeing him soon. Wendy glanced at Ryan, feel ing at a loss. Was this man incapable of speak ing clearly? Nevertheless, she supposed she should be relieved. There was only one person on her pho ne’s contact list, so she was sure th at it was Roger they had spoken with. She decided to stay p ut as she waited for Roger and Ray to come. She did just tha t, in addition t o saying nothing. The ward fel l into an awk ward silence. But not everyone wa s feeling awkward, as a matter of fact. Wendy was troubled by the prospect of expl aining everything to her son, but Ryan pers onally thought it was nothing to fret over. Luke, meanwhile, felt embarrassed b y the whole setup. Shortly af ter, Precio us woke up. She rubbed her eyes in daze before somet hing occurred to her. She jumped down from the sofa and lo oked up to see Wendy sitting up agai nst the pillows on the hospital bed. The little gir l promptly bur st into tears. “Waah!! Auntie, you’re finally awake!” She rushed over to the b edside and grabbed Wendy’s hand. “Auntie, you really scared m e!” In spite of herself, Wend y’s heart ached at the sight. She patted t he top of Pr ecious’ head. “Don’t c ry. I’m fi ne. Look. “But you’re not!” . Precious waile d and pointed a t Wendy’s head. “You have stitches up there ! You will have scars! You w ill be disfigured and ugly. Wendy couldn’t say an ything to that, but he r lips twitched again. Who had taught this little girl about such talk? > W hatever she might have thought then was drowned out any way, since Precious had decided to start bawling again. “Auntie, it’s all because you save d me. Don’t worry! I will make my f ather take responsibility for it!” . “Uh …Hu h?” . “You saved me, so in gratitude, I will make my father marry you!”