My Bossy CEO Husband by I. MALCOM

Chapter 150


Chapter 150 Jeffrey And Brian‘s Mother. Behind Jeffery‘s car, a black Maybach car ran steadily under the moonlight. Little did Wendy and Jeffrey know, the two people inside the Maybach were eavesdropping on their conversation. At that moment, Luke glanced at Ryan to see what his expression was. As expected, Ryan’s face was dark and gloomy. was. ‘Alas!. Today is the third day since Ryan and Wendy have made such an odd agreement. Since they agreed not to see each other for a week, Ryan has to endure four more days before he could see her. For this reason, his liberty to go to her house for dinner has been revoked for the meantime. The only way he could check up on Wendy was through Precious. What a pity!’ Luke mused. Nevertheless, he could not understand why Ryan was acting like this. “Why are you so bummed about it? You guys just won’t be able to see each other for seven days!” To his surprise, Ryan looked at him with contempt. It was not even an exaggeration. It was indeed contempt! “You don‘t understand because you’re single,” Ryan replied lightly. Just like the way he looked at Luke, his words were contemptuous. Luke fell speechless. ‘What the hell?!. It’s true that I’m not seeing anyone now, but don’t forget that Wendy hasn’t agreed to be your girlfriend yet. You’re no better than me!’ Luke complained inwardly. But, of course, he knew better than to say that out loud. Because Ryan could not meet with Wendy for a couple of days, he thought of ways on how he could connect with her. He decided to pay attention to her schedule in secret. He found out that Wendy did not go home after today’s shooting. Instead, she went to the KTV bar with the cast. After hesitating for a second, Ryan decided to come and have a look at how she was doing. Of course, Luke would never miss such an occasion. Without further ado, he and Ryan followed Wendy to the KTV. Luke was a shrewd man. He had installed bugs in Jeffrey’s car while Wendy and the others were having fun in the KTV. Those bugs allowed Ryan and Luke to eavesdrop on Jeffrey and Wendy’s conversation now. “Ryan…” Luke suddenly said. Ryan said nothing and just tapped his fingertips on the car window gently. Suddenly, a faint smile appeared on his face. For some reason, his smile made Luke’s hair stand on its end. ‘Oh my God! Ryan looks even more terrifying when he smiles than when he’s cold and frigid. ‘ At the thought of this, Luke shrank in his seat, trying to hide as much as he could. ‘Bruce, you should start praying now. After your kissing scene with Wendy, Ryan looked totally different. He’s mad, very mad. How dare you even try to steal the woman he loves now?!. If I were Ryan, I would have lost my temper already. What do you think would happen if it was really him? He’s very possessive about Wendy, after all. “Luke!” Ryan said all of a sudden. “Yes?” Luke replied at once. “Is there something wrong with Bruce’s shooting in the US?” . “I don’t think so,” Lu ke answered with a puz zled look on his face. However. Upon seeing the dangerous look in Ryan’s eyes, he understood at once what Ryan was trying to say

Luke hurriedly nodded and said, “Yes! There’s something wrong with Bruce‘s last film shot in the US. I‘m afr aid he has to fly back as soon as possible to rectify it. ” ? “How long will it take for him to do that?” . “A month?” Luke answered with uncertainty. He looked at R yan’s face, but when he saw that the coldness on Ryan’s e yes was the same as before, he corrected, “Two months?” . Ryan’s demeanor remained the same-cold and s ilent, which told Luke that he had not gotte n the correct answer yet. “Hmm. Half a year?” . Upon hearing that, Ryan ’s face finally softene d. “Half a year then!” 3 . Luke was at a loss for words. It took him a moment to regain his composure. “Should I call Kane now?” he asked. “Yes,” Ryan replied with a sly smile. A few moments later, Jeffrey suddenly received a call from his agent. “What?! ” he ex claimed. His face darkened as soon as he heard an unexpected news. “Fuck! That’s the production’s problem, not mine. It has nothing to do with me! I won‘t go!” On the other end of the line, the agent said something more, Jeffery fell silent. Livid, he hung up the phone at once. “What’s wrong?” Wendy asked with concern. “There’s a problem with the movie I filmed in the US. My agent asked me to immediately go to the US to fix it. He’s packing my bags at the moment. ” “Then go. Work is important. It’s your career, after all. ” It was obvious that Jeffrey did not want to go. When Wendy returned from abroad, Jeffrey grew complacent, thinking that he would finish the shooting soon. He thought she would always be there for him and would not disappear. He was right, though. However, he did not expect that she would meet Ryan soon after her return. What was more, Ryan liked her. Jeffrey thought it would not be a problem, but he had just found out that . Wendy liked Ryan too. To make things more complicated, another man was involved. It was Brian, Jeffrey‘s own brother. If he left at this critical moment, he feared he would not stand a chance of pursuing Wendy when he came back again. That was the reason why he did not want to leave by her side. While Jeffrey was absorbed in thought, his phone rang again. He looked at the caller ID and was surprised to see that her mom was calling out of the blue. He shushed Wendy and then casually answered the call. “Hello! Mom, why are you calling? If you called just to persuade me to quit showbiz, I’m sorry to say but I won’t. As soon as he finished speaking, his mother’s loud cry came from the other line. ‘Oh no! Mom is crying. How could that strong, powerful woman cry? Something bad must’ve happened!’ At t his sudden realization, Jeffrey straightened his body and asked with concern, “What happened, Mom?” “Bruce, your father is in the hospital. His doctor says that the hospital where your father has been admitted isn’t advanced as the hospitals in the US. He suggests that we go to the US for treatment. I don’t know what to do! Your father and I don’t know anyone there. “Where are yo u now?”

“I‘m at home. We‘ve already booked a plane, and we’re ready to leave at any time. ” “Okay. I‘ll be right there!” With that, the call ended, and Jeffrey immediately started the engine. To his surprise, Wendy unfastened her seatbelt and was about to get off the car. “What are you doing?” he asked with a frown. “I heard everything. Your father is in an emergency. You’d better hurry up!” Wendy urged. “No way! It‘s not safe for you to be alone on the streets at night. I’ll drive you home first and then rush there afterwards. “Don‘t be ridiculous! Those bad people are the ones who should worry about their safety. ” Jeffrey was stunned. He wanted to argue with her, but Wendy had already gotten out of the car and closed the door. “Go!” she urged again. Unable to do anything, Jeffrey gritted his teeth and said, “Fine! But before I go, promise me you will remember what I said to you. I‘ll be b ack as soon as I can. When I return, I have something very important to tell you. Jeffrey h ad made up his mind. He could not wait a ny longer! . Once he returned from the US, he would con fess his love for her. He would not be afr aid, no matter what the result would be! . Right now, he believed that the worst response he could re ceive was Wendy’s rejection. Even so, they could still be friends afterwards. There was no harm in trying, was there? . But if he succe eded… Would it not be amazing? . – “Di d you h ear me?” . “Yes. I should have let your fans s ee how talkative you are. It‘s so ri diculous. Anyway, you’d better leave . n ow . “See you soon!” Jeffrey did not dare to delay any longer. He stepped on the gas and drove away a t once. At that moment, Wendy was on the other side of the road walking absentmindedly. Just now in Jeffery‘s car, she heard a familiar voice. Nellie Amomian. She was Brian and Jeffrey’s mother. That woman was a nightmare to her. In the past, when she was still dating Brian, he never took her home to see his parents. She was sti ll a student at that time, so she did not think about it too much. However, they happened to bump into Nellie one day. Who would have th ought that Brian’s mother was strong and terrifying? At that time, Nellie was dressed in a black suit with her hair combed meticulously. She wore black rimmed glasses, which made her look more serious and scary! . For some reason, she was surrounded by a crowd at that time. But the instant she saw Wendy and Brian on a date, she stopped, turned around, and strode towards them. Wendy would never forget the way Nellie looked at her. In Nellie’s eyes was not only disgust but also disdain. It was as though Wendy was nothing but a disgusting maggot on a heap of trash