My Bossy CEO Husband by I. MALCOM

Chapter 151


My Bossy CEO Husband Chapter 151 by I. MALCOM. Lost in her memories, Wendy felt a mix of emotions. The way Nellie had been looking at her back then, had made Wendy feel unworthy. But she had loved Brian so much, so she had kept trying to please his mother. Her efforts had been in vain though. Nellie’s contempt for her seemed only to grow. She wouldn’t even talk to Wendy, leaving her embarrassed and feeling like she had nowhere to hide. What a terrible, sad memory. Fortunately, she had broken up with Brian. Otherwise, timid and overcautious that she was, she would have doomed herself in a life of misery. Wendy put on a mask, put her hands in her pockets and walked slowly along the road, bathed in the moonlight and the neon glaze of the street lights. Nellie was no longer on her mind. Right then, she was more worried about facing Ryan in four days’ time. “Oh, boy!’’ Wendy sighed, rubbing her temples. She didn’t even want to think about it, because if she did, she would desperately wish for time to stand still. ‘’Oh, boy ‘’ she sighed again. She didn’t expect that she would be so stressed about seeing Ryan again. Wendy kept walking, still lost in her own head. She didn’t know how much time had passed, or how far she had walked. She just knew that her legs were sore and her eyes felt tired. She took out her phone and checked the time. Ten. Wendy almost cried. She had been out for a long time. At this hour, Ryan had either already gone to bed, or he was still working overtime in the company. So it was time for her to head back. She could go home now, when the chances of meeting him were low. Trying to avoid someone turned out to be quite a task. Wendy yawned. “Okay, time to go get some rest,” she mumbled, trying to cheer herself up. Meanwhile, in KTV bar, Eris was crying her eyes out. Jeffrey and Wendy had just left and she was still leaning on Brian’s chest. She kept sobbing and said in a choked voice, “Brian, it seems that your brother hates me. What was I supposed to do? Everything I your tears. I know you had Jeffrey’s best interests at heart, but you should know he never really cared about other peoples’ feelings. Don’t matters “But- but he is your brother,” Eris pouted. Then suddenly, she pounded on his chest. “It’s all your fault! You didn’t tell me he was your brother. If I had known it earlier, I would hav e tried my best to make him like me. He is your family. If he and I had gotten along, he would have t alked to your parents in my favor. Perhaps he would have persuaded them to accept me in the family

“Honey, y ou are bei ng silly,” . Brian teased , smiling af fectionately. Eris turned around, a t urned her around and hel d her face in his palms. The smile never left his face as he said, “You really are upset. I s it because I called you silly?” . “You are the sil ly one!” . “Okay, okay. I’m not just silly. I am a com plete fool, alright?” . Eris burst into laug hter then. She wrapped her arm s around his waist a nd looked up at him. “Brian, please don’t blame me. I just want t o spend the rest of my life with you. That’s why I care so much if your family likes me. “My love,” be my brother, but he has been nothing but trouble since he was a kid. When he got in the showbiz, he fell o ut with my parents. My mother was so angry that she didn’t talk to him for years. They may have patched things up now, b ut their relationship is still strained. So if he takes your side, it might make things worse for you with my parents. Eris na rrowed h er eyes. ‘’So, Jeffrey has no sway over his mother and father. Especially after he chose another pa th This seemed to make her feel a lot better. She hugged Brian mor e tightly. “Brian, I re ally want to be with you. “I know. I know, hon ey. You have suffered a lot these years. Eris’s eyes were br imming with tears, real ones this time. Those past few years, she ha d endured many seemingly unb earable things for her love. “Brian, I’m so glad to hear that. “My swe et, sill y girl!” . Eris looked at Brian aff ectionately. When she looked at him like that, he was helpless to resist her. He f elt his heartbeat rising and his Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed hard. He just stood there looking at her, desire burning in his eyes. “E ri s…” . She searched his face for just a moment and she kn ew exactly what he wanted. Without hesitation, sh e stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the lips. Brian res ponded im mediately. One hand around her waist and th e other holding the back of her head, he kissed her passionately. “M mm …” . They were in the middl e of the corridor but they didn’t even care. But when kissing wasn’t enough anymore and their bodies burned with desire, Brian mumbl ed against her lips, “Eris! I want you

Now. Eris’s che eks were b right red. Breathing heavily, she p ointed to the bathroom d oor, right next to them. Eyes glinting, Brian pulled her into the bathroom and s lammed the door behind them. “B an g!” . As soon as the door was shut, the room was filled with heavy breathing and moans of pleasure, sound s that always accompany the merging of two bodies. Half an hour later, Brian was sitting on the to ilet lid while Eris was so relaxed in his arms, looking up at him with joy and love in her eyes. “Brian, y ou are so naughty. Brian was just s troking her arm absent-mindedly. Just now, at the final throe s of passion, it was Wendy, n ot Eris that was in his mind. ‘’Damn it ‘’ he curse d inwardly. But some ideas were not easy to get rid of once they budded. Brian couldn’t help comparing the two women. If he had to be completely honest, Wendy’s figure wa s much better than Eris’s. But it was a bit like comparing ap ples and oranges. Eris had the classic fem ale beauty, but Wendy was a bombshell, a knockout. Men would go crazy for her. Most women w ould kill to be like her. “Bria n? Br ian?” . “What ’s ma tter?” . Brian was dr agged out of his reverie. “What is it? For a mom ent there, you looked lost in your thoughts. He ran his hand up her thigh below her skirt and said, “Nothing, I w as just thinking about doing this. “You are so bad!” . Soon enough, the y were both read y for round two. Afterwards, E ris had no st rength at all. She was leaning aga inst Brian’s chest, looking exhausted. “Brian, I thin k Jeffrey reall y likes Wendy. At the thought of Br uce and Wendy being t ogether, Brian fumed. He frowned and said, “I know Bruce very well. He has always bee n impulsive. When he meets a beautiful woman, he gets obsessed. But his love comes and goes fast. He will soon tire of Wendy. Eris narrowed her eyes, a cold look flashing in them. ‘’That’s perfect! I can’t wait to see Wendy hurt and embarrassed at being dumped. Oh, and Luke, of course! I almost forgot about him. I must find a way to make him leave Wendy. Or better yet, h ate her. Then mother and I will have free reign over her. I’ll have Wendy in the palm of my hand”