My Bossy CEO Husband by I. MALCOM

Chapter 152


In No. 2 Villa in the Ensfield, Wendy’s voice came out. “What?! Move out?”. When Wendy arrived home late at night, she found that the light was still on. Confused, she went to the living room and saw Reese sitting on the sofa, watching TV. Seeing that her sister was back, Reese immediately told Wendy her plan without beating around the bush. Wendy was taken aback by this. “But why? Is it because I’m too busy with work?” she asked with a frown. “No””. Reese pulled Wendy to the sofa to sit down and retorted, “You’ve always been busy. Did I complain about that before?”. As she spoke, Reese poured Wendy a glass of water thoughtfully and proudly said, “I’m actually happy that you’re independent and living a good life. “Then why do you want to move out?” Wendy asked in confusion. Reese happily took out her bank card from her pocket and waved it in front of Wendy. “Bank card?”. With a chuckle, Reese shook her head and explained, “No. It’s the money! The house Flynn had given me when we divorced was sold for about ten million dollars. Ten million!”. Reese’s voice trembled when she spoke. Until now, she still could not believe it! She had never seen, much less had such a great amount of money in her life. When her mother was still alive back then, her grandfather left a lot of money to her mother. The latter would then give Reese allowance whenever New Year’s Day came. It was like a gift in celebration of being another year older. At that time, she felt as though she was the richest woman in the world. But now, looking at the ten million dollars, she was in awe. Never in her life did she expect she would ever be a multimillionaire!. “Wendy, I’m so happy. I’ll be able to do everything I want with this money. “You can still do that without moving out!”. “No. This money is all the more reason why I should. Upon hearing that, Wendy frowned and waited for Reese’s explanation. “Up until I turned 12, I was with you with you and Grandma. When I turned 18, I married Flynn. I feel like I’ve never been independent my whole life. I’ve always thought about you have your own business to do. At first, I thought I could stay here forever and take care of Ray, but then I realized that he has grown up. He doesn’t need me to take care of him anymore. Wendy opened her mouth to protest, but Reese interjected, “Shh! Let me speak first. Ray is usually very quiet. He plays with Precious every day, but they don’t require supervision at all. They just spend their entire day watching TV or reading books. When you’re not at home, Mr. Ryan Precious their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There’s nothing to worry about. The security system here is complete, and there are servants in the villa. It doesn’t actually matter if I’m here or not. “Sister, I beg to disagree!”

Wendy leaned on Reese’s shoulder and continued, “Who says it doesn’t matter ? You don’t know how relieved I am when I know you’re here. When I go home a fter work, you always prepare a cup of warm water for me. It makes me happy. “You silly girl!” . With a chuckle, Reese stroke d Wendy’s here forever. Soone r or later, I have to leave. “Sis ter, no!” . “The truth is I ’ve made a deal with Mr. Ryan. Wendy was st unned upon h earing that. “Ryan? What does it ha ve to do with him?” sh e asked incredulously. “Wendy, Mr. Ryan has he lped us a lot. We shoul d be grateful to him. Reese patted Wendy’s head and continued , “Mr. Ryan helped me a lot this time. Yo u should thank him, even on my behalf. “He h elped you?” . “Y es !” . Reese’s eyes lit up, and she explained, “I’ve been t hinking about what to do in the future. The last I’m i nterested in clothes. I want to study fashion design. Seeing that her sister h ad finally realized her d ream, Wendy was ecstatic. “Sister, I’ll support you wholeheartedly!” she cheered excitedly. Reese rolled her eyes at her and joked, “What’s the use of moral support? Anyway, I’ ve been meaning to talk to you about this for days. I just couldn’t find the right ti me. You leave early and return home late. It’s hard to see you, let alone talk to you. Wendy scratche d her head in embarrassment. Truth be told, she had bee n doing that not because o f work but because of Ryan. She had been avoiding hi m these past few days be cause of their agreement. Nevertheless, although Ryan had promised not to see her for a week, they lived so close that it was alm ost impossible for them not to bump into each other. In order for Wendy not to meet h im, she would leave early in the morning and return late at night. “Si ste r—” . “Don’t worry. I know you’re busy, and I understand. Just so you know, when you’re not home, Mr. Ryan occas ionally comes by. He doesn’t talk much, but he plays with Precious and Ray. Although he looks serious, he ’s patient and considerate of the two children. From the way I see it, Ray is starting to like him more. Wendy looked a t the ceiling i n exasperation. ‘’Damn it! Well, I have to admit that his pl an of winning people’s hearts is clever. Even Ray and my sister speaks for him’’ she mused. “S ist er” . “I’ve talked to Mr. Ryan these past two days and discussed my plan. He didn’t say anything in response

I th ought my aspiration was a dead end, but I was wrong. He came by this morning and told me that he had conta cted a designer. He said that if I want to learn how to design, I can be that designer’s assistant first. “He contact ed a design er for you?” . “Y es !” . Reese exclaimed , unable to hide her excitement. “Wendy, do you know who the designer is?” she as ked with a beaming smile. “Who is it?” . “Mr. Brandon Edwin, the founder of the brand WJ! I can’t believe it! WJ is one of the top luxury brands in the country. It’s amazing that Mr. Brandon Edwin was able to promote his brand to the whole world at a young age! Learning from him is a great opportunity for me. Honestly, when Mr. Ryan told me that, I thought I was dream ing! Not only is Mr. Brandon talented, but he’s also outstanding when it comes to business. It’s such a great honor for me to learn from him, even just for a while. Wendy had heard of t hat brand. As a matter of fact, most of the people in the world knew it. It was a typical brand full of o riental elements. However, the combination of classical style and modern fashion made every dr ess they designed the best of the best. It had only been s even years since W J had been founded. Even so, it had become extremely popular four years after its launch. It was impressive! Three years ago, a female supersta r named Valery walked on the red carpet of an interna tional film festival wearing Mr. Brandon Edwin’s gown. Since then, his work had been r ecognized all over the world fo r its ingenuity and uniqueness. Years after that, WJ opened more th an 30 branches around the country, i gniting popularity among the public. And now, not a singl e person in the coun try did not know WJ. That was how sensational t hat brand was. In Wendy’s mind, it was w onderful that her sister would learn from the best. “Sister, did Mr. Edw in agree?” . With her face flushed with excitement, Reese nodded enthusiasticall y and said, “I don’t know how Mr. Ryan communicated with Mr. Edwin, b ut he agreed. Mr. Edwin even said that I could start whenever I want. ‘’Damn! Ryan really helped my sister big time. I must a dmit, helping Reese is almost the same as helping me. Wh at should I do? This is driving me nuts!’’ Wendy mused. In all honesty, she was hesitant at f irst if she should accept Ryan’s prof ession of love and be his girlfriend. But right now, she was moved by his gesture that she wan ted to agree to his proposal. “Don’t worry, sis” I’ll thank him when I have the chance. “Oh. Mr. Ryan sa id you don’t ha ve to do that. “What ? Why not?” . Reese looked at Wendy meaningfully and explained, “He said he’d do a nything as long it makes you nappy”