My Bossy CEO Husband by I. MALCOM

Chapter 17


My Bossy CEO Husband Chapter 17 by I. MALCOM. Wendy glanced at the clock and saw that it was two o’clock in the morning. It hadn’t been that long since she fell asleep, but here she was, already wide awake. Turning at the window, she learned that the wind and rain had finally stopped. Careful not to wake the kids, Wendy tiptoed out of bed to check what the noise was. Slowly, she opened the bedroom door. The living room was lit, and the air-conditioning was switched off, making the atmosphere slightly stuffy. Ryan was talking to someone on the phone while pouring himself a glass of water. His voice was very low and stern, sounding like he was talking about work. Hearing the creaking sound of a door, Ryan turned his head and saw Wendy. His eyes darkened in an instant. He knew she was deliberately avoiding staying alone with him. It was summer, but she was wearing a nightgown with long sleeves and trousers to sleep, concealing all of her. But maybe she just woke up that her eyes were muddled, her long hair was a little messy, and her cheeks were slightly red. It was more tempting than deliberately seducing. Initially, Ryan didn’t feel hot without the air conditioner, but now it was as if he needed lots of water to cool him down. And true to that, he felt the dryness and heat subside a little after gulping down a glass of cold water. Then, he put away his phone and asked, “Did I wake you up?”. How could Wendy, as the host, admit that her guest had woken her up? So instead, she just rubbed her eyes and humbly answered, “No. I just can’t fall asleep…”. “Well, I can’t fall asleep either. Come and sit here!”. “What?”. Wendy asked with her brows shot up. She put her arms around her chest subconsciously and stared at him as if he was a bad man about to do something terrible to her. Ryan raised his eyebrows and pointed at the sofa, “I said have a seat. What are you thinking of?”. “Ha-ha!”. Utterly embarrassed, Wendy wished the ground could swallow her at that moment. “N-Nothing . I just feel that it’s quite hot today. Isn’t it hotter to sit on the sofa?” she reasoned out. Then, hoping to change the topic, she added, “Anyway, it’s kinda late, and you haven’t gone to bed yet. Are you not comfortable sleeping in someone else’s bed?”. Ryan didn’t answer her question. In fact, he had severe insomnia, and he didn’t want to admit this to her. He had tried different sleeping pills several times. And he also drank a lot of alcohol before going to bed. All of these he tried just to put himself to sleep, but they were no use at all. Leo Roberts of Hopewell Hospital was his good friend who grew up with him. With all their members in the medical field, the Roberts family had been running the hospital for years

Leo specially studied hypnosis to cure Ryan’s insomnia and even obtained a certificate for it, but it still didn’t work. Ryan couldn’t remember the last time he slept soundly for a whole night. “Com e he re!” . “Oh , ok ay!” . Afraid of causing any more misunderstand ings, Wendy walked quietly to the sofa a nd settled herself against its soft foam. Seeing this, Ryan came over with two glasses of water, handed one to her, and sat down next to her. The distance between the two was at most twenty centimeters. Wendy felt uneasy and moved aside. Then she tried to move a l itter farther from him aga in until she was satisfied. Turning to face Ryan, she saw his deep, brooding eyes, see mingly amused about something. “What… What’s wrong?” . “You will fall do wn on the floor if you keep moving. “H a-h a!” . Wendy burst into a nother laughter ou t of embarrassment. Then she sat stil l and didn’t dare to move anymore. Not far away, Ryan could smell the fra grance of her body. It was not an expensive perfu me, but a fresh and natural s mell, with a sense of relief. “You saved my daughte r before, and I still haven’t thanked you. “No, no. There’s no need for that. Precious and I seem to be destined to meet. I don’ t know why, but I like it when I see her. “Oh, I s ee…” . Holding her glass of water, Wendy a sked, “Mr. Oliver, may I ask you a qu estion? Where is Precious’s mother?” . “I do n’t k now. “W ha t?” . “I don’t kn ow who her mother is. Wendy was rendered s peechless. After a while, the corner s of her mouth twitched wh en she realized something. Did this man have a one -night stand with a wom an and got her pregnant? . “Don’t get me wrong. I was really drunk that night. When I wok e up, I didn’t see anyone. ” Only ghosts would believe what he said! But that was not the point Wendy was interested in. “In other words, Precious has never seen her mother?” . “Y ea h…” . No wonder Precious liked her so much! “Mr. Oliver, I have thought about it, and I think you should listen to me. The reason why Precious re lies on me is that she lacks motherly love and affection. Aside from that, your last date made her feel unwanted, so she had a sense of re belliousness. Coincidentally, I happened to appear that night

In addition, I also have Ray, who is the same age, so she likes me so much. Ryan leaned against the sof a with his eyes shut and utt ered, “Maybe you are right!” . “In fact, this kind of problem is easy to s olve. Since she’s longing for a mother’s aff ection, you can find her a woman she likes. Opening his deep eyes, Ryan pie rced Wendy with a meaningful lo ok and agreed, “I think so too. Receiving his intens e gaze, Wendy was lo st for words to say. She felt like she ha d just taken a rock to throw at herself. Chuckling awkwardly, she picked up the glass and took a few sips , trying to conceal her feelings. Her mind spun quickly, attempt ing to find a way to dispel th is terrible idea from his head. For a moment, a deafening silen ce fell on them. Only the sound of the h ustling wind outside th e window could be heard. Even after a while of ru mmaging her head, Wendy couldn’t think of a way. Her sleepy eyes were s tarting to droop, and her mind was in a mess. She yawned and prepared t o find an excuse to go ba ck to her room and sleep. However, she suddenly felt a heavy weight pr essed against her body. “ Ah !” . Wendy’s face changed drama tically, and the sleepiness instantly left her system. “What are you doing, Ryan Olive r?” she exclaimed, dumbfounded a t the man’s unexpected behavior. She tried pushing him away, but the man was just too heavy and strong! “Ryan Oliver, you perve rt! I asked you and your daughter to stay here out of kindness, and this is how you repay me? G et out of here right now, or I’ll scream! Let’s just see how Precious will see you after that!” . Wendy curs ed with all her might. However, much to her annoy ance, Ryan didn’t seem aff ected by her threat at all. Instead, he remain ed on top of her, not moving at all. Suddenly, Wendy realized something was wrong! As sh e struggled to raise her head, she saw Ryan lying on her, with his now feebly arms down and eyes closed. Eyes widened, We ndy was thrown in utter disbelief. ‘What’s wrong with him?’ she thought , slightly worried. She tried to push him on the shoulder and asked, “ Ryan Oliver? Ryan Oliver?” . There was st ill no respo nse from him. Did something bad happen to him? W as he dead? Wendy swallowed hard a nd put her fingers under his nose. When she felt his even ed breathing, her tens e body finally relaxed. ‘Did he…Did he faint? How could he faint for no reason?’ All thos e thoughts ran wildly in her head. Wendy tried her best to turn Ryan over on the side of the sofa. She wanted to go back to her room and phone Roger, but the hem of her clothes tightened. It turned out that Ryan ti ghtly grabbed onto her paj amas and didn’t let her go. Wendy tried to break away from his grip, but his hands were like sto nes, restricting all her strength. “Da mn it!” . After a few attempts, beads of sweat began t o form on her forehead. Left with no other better id eas, Wendy had to take out R yan’s phone from his pocket. She bent down and fumbled in hi s pants’ pocket, but it was too deep for her to find anything. While she was searching thoroughl y for his phone, Wendy accidentall y touched something she shouldn’t. Instantly, her hands f roze while heat began to surge to her cheeks