My Bossy CEO Husband by I. MALCOM

Chapter 18


My Bossy CEO Husband Chapter 18 by I. MALCOM. Damn it! Why was she blushing? As if electrified, Wendy quickly pulled out her hand and stared at Ryan with her mouth agape. Now, she really suspected that this jerk was just pretending to faint to take advantage of her! But after staring at him for long, he was still lying immobile on the couch with his eyes shut. “Ryan Oliver? Ryan Oliver?”. Wendy tried shaking his shoulders, but there was still no response! Damn it! Was he really just pretending or not? How could a man sustain such pretension for so long? If he really fainted, she would be responsible for this! After all, it happened in her apartment. Gritting her teeth, Wendy made up her mind and exclaimed, “Ah! Forget it!”. She couldn’t take responsibility if something bad really happened! Shrugging her shoulders, she buried her hand again in his pocket. With her eyes tightly shut, she fumbled deep down and finally grabbed hold of his phone. When she extracted the device out of his pants, she was sweating all over. Wendy didn’t have time to think too much and immediately pressed the screen only to find that his phone had a fingerprint lock. She pressed Ryan’s finger to unlock it, and voila! The screen opened, revealing a terrain of contact numbers. Roger grew up with Ryan, and the two were really good friends. Ryan must have Roger’s number on his contacts. Fortunately, there were not many people on the list, so Wendy soon found his name. Immediately, she dialed the number, but no one answered after a long while. She tried a few more times again, only to be disappointed with the same result. “He’s probably sleeping,”. Wendy uttered, staring at the phone screen. At this point, she felt really helpless, but she couldn’t just leave Ryan like this on her couch. By accident, Wendy saw Luke’s name on the contact list. Luke Oliver! Wasn’t that Precious’s uncle? Oh! He was Ryan Oliver’s younger brother! Although Wendy had only met him once, she didn’t think about it too much and immediately dialed his number. After two rings, the line got connected. On the other end was Luke, fast asleep. When his phone rang, he cursed impatiently. Damn it! Who was so evil to disturb his good dreams in the middle of the night?! He was about to lash out on the phone when he saw the caller’s name. “Brother, why are you calling at this ungodly hour?”. “Luke?”. “Ouch!”. It was not his brother’s voice, but a woman’s! Luke rubbed his eyes and glanced again at the name registered on the screen. He wasn’t mistaken! It was really his brother’s number! But why was a woman answering using his phone?! At the thought of this, he shivered and woke up at once! His brother had never allowed anyone to get close to his private phone. Who was this woman? Still in utter disbelief, Luke quickly got out of bed and checked the time. Oh, god! It was two eighteen in the morning! His brother was with a woman at this hour?! This was shocking news! No! In fact, it wasn’t just shocking-it was mind-blowing! . But the voice sounded so familiar. He seemed to have heard her somewhere. Luke furrowed his brows as he tried to rummage his memory. When he realized wh o it was, his eyes w idened in disbelief. It was Wendy Finch! He rem embered Ryan asking him fo r her apartment’s address

‘Did he stay there overni ght?’ Luke asked himself, feeling utterly excited. Oh, god! Did this mean he was gonna have a sister- in-law soon? If only Wendy knew what was going on in Luke’s head, she would definitely be disturbed. “Luke, it’s Wendy, the o ne who saved Precious on the set the other day. Wendy’s voice sounded so gentle from the o ther end of the line. “Oh, I know. I know it’s you. My sister-in… Ah, I mean, Miss Finch! Why are you calli ng me on my brother’s phone? Where is he?” . “Your broth er fainted i n my house!” . “W hat ?!” . “I don’t know what’s going on. I just want to ask you if t his usually happens to him. And also, I’m trapped beneath h im, so I can’t move. Anyway, please come here and help me. “Okay, okay. Don ’t worry. I’ll b e right there!” . Wendy immediately told her the address befor e hanging up the phone. She then waited on the sofa, eye s feeling droopy. And after a f ew minutes, sh e fell asleep. The sound of a do or being unlocked woke her up again. Wendy was refreshed and immediately o pened her eyes, finding that her and Ryan’s position had strangely changed. Before she fell asleep, Ryan grasp ed her clothes as he laid on her s ide while she sat next to his head. Now, he was lying flat o n his back, with his hea d resting on her thighs. No wonder she felt h er legs were so heavy when she was asleep. But…Would one still move when he fainted? While this thought sent Wendy in a daze, Luke succes sfully opened the door with a locksmith and Leo. After handing some cash to the l ocksmith, he strode into the liv ing room with Leo tailing behind. When he saw his brother’s head resting on Wendy’s legs, his eye s almost popped out of his head. Oh, god! Was it really his brother who didn’t like any physi cal contact with others?! The last time his brother held Wend y, it was because the lady was injured after saving Precious. But now, what happened? Sure enough, there was something between him and Wendy! Luke had long known that his brother treated her differently. Well, it really seemed that he would have a s ister-in-law this time! . “Dr. Robe rts?” . Wendy called, re cognizing Leo fr om the hospital. Leo sported a plain short sleeve an d pants, and rimless glasses highli ghted his gentle and handsome face. “Miss Finch , hi!” . Leo nodded and flashed her a smile. It was not until then that Luke came to his senses. “Go and check on my bro ther,” he uttered, pushi ng Leo on his shoulders

Without hesitation, the latt er strode to the sofa and squ atted to check Ryan’s vitals. Although Ryan’s eyes were closed , his breathing was even, and hi s face looked completely normal. Leo’s eyes fla shed as he gaz ed up at Wendy. “Miss Finch, ca n you tell me h ow he fainted?” . “We were just talking when he sudde nly lost consciousness. I couldn’t wak e him up no matter how hard I tried. As Wendy recalled what happened earlier, a slig ht fear lingered on her. She looked at Leo nervously and asked, “Dr. Roberts, is there s omething wrong with Mr. Oliver?” . “Yeah, what’s wrong with my brother? He has never fainted like this before. Just check on him quickly. If need be, we ’ll send him to your hospital for a detailed examination. Leo pushed his gla sses and stared at Wendy in surprise. Feeling uneasy, the latter moved h er buttocks. Her body was starting to get a little numb. Luke frowned. He raised his arm to nudged Leo and whispered, “My brother likes Wendy. Don’t even think about it!” . “What are you talki ng about?” . After a long while, Leo sto od up from the sofa and con cluded, “He is just asleep!” . ‘What?! What did he say?! Wendy asked herself, utterly bew ildered! She thought something wrong might have happened t o Ryan and was so frightened nearly to have a heart attack. After she called Luke and bothered so many peop le, it turned out that Ryan was just asleep? A mixture of shock and anger boiled within Wendy. And out of frustration, she tried to push Ryan’s head aggressively to wake him up. But when she was abo ut to raise her hand, someone stopped her. “No! Wen dy Finch, please!” . Luke strode over and grabbed her wrist in a hurry. “My dear goddess, my brother has only slept less than five hours in the past thre e days. Please show mercy and let him sleep a little longer!” As if he was pleadi ng to a god, Luke pressed his palms together, even almost kneeling down to Wendy. His brother had been suffering from severe insomnia! Thankfull y, he had finally fallen asleep. If he woke up, he would definitely not be able to fall asleep again! A question sudd enly popped in Luke’s head at that moment. His brother had always struggled to sleep soundly. More than that, he was also a light s leeper, so his room needed to have ne ither sound nor light seeping through. The curtains were light-p roof, and the glass and d oor were also soundproof. With just a little light and sound, his brother w ould immediately wake up. But now? The living room was lit brightly, and the wind was billowing outside the window. Even with all these, his brother was fast asleep! Moreover, he was sleeping so soundly that even their conversation did not d isturb him! Was he too tired, or was it because of…Wendy Finch?