My Bossy CEO Husband by I. MALCOM

Chapter 21


My Bossy CEO Husband Chapter 21 by I. MALCOM. “Ah!”Wendy exclaimed. “Get out!”Ryan did nothing of the sort, and instead strode over to her and helped her up. A few seconds later, Ray and Precious were also rushing into the bathroom. “Mommy!”. “Auntie!”. Then, they asked in unison, “Are you all right?”Wendy forced a tight smile. “I’m fine. = The children eyed her with obvious doubt. “You two go out first,”. Ryan said. Ray didn’t budge or say anything, but he did look up at the towering man. Precious also hesitated, whining, “Daddy…”. “Your auntie needs to pee. You shouldn’t be here. The little boy’s frown deepened. He knew Ryan was right. He might only be three years old, but he understood the concept of privacy well. His mother could indeed not relieve herself with himself and Precious in the bathroom, but what about Ryan? Why did it seem like the man intended to stay in the bathroom with his Mommy?! As if reading the boy’s mind, Ryan raised a brow and shot him a challenging look. “Are you able to support and assist your Mommy?”. Ray finally understood then, even as he glanced at his short limbs with chagrin. He silently stepped out of the bathroom, and Precious followed behind him. When the kids were gone, Wendy finally let go of her calm expression and rubbed her buttocks with a grimace. They hurt. They really hurt! Just now, she supported herself against the wall. After Ryan got out of the bathroom, she slowly let go of her hand. Then she sat down on the toilet cover. She didn’t stand up until she could feel her two legs. Well, first and foremost, she needed to take off her pants. But she discovered to her dismay that she had been overestimating her two legs. She had barely stood upright when her legs became jelly, wobbling under her weight until she had no choice but to drop to the floor, landing on her bum. The pain from the impact was enough to make her cry, and her face twisted in frustration since she was still unable to attend to her needs. She tried to pull her weight with her hands braced on the wall again, shaking off Ryan’s arm when he offered it. “You get out of here, too!”. “Stop pushing yourself too hard!”. His face darkened as he reached for her again, not letting go this time. With his other hand, he opened the toilet cover, then his eyes went to Wendy’s pajama bottoms. His internal conflict was evident in his gaze. This was a much more difficult decision to make compared to all the business deals he had ever handled in the board room. A second passed. Then another one. Then another three. After what felt like a century, Ryan finally made up his mind. His eyes steeled a s his hand reached for her waistband. Wendy’s face turned pale with alarm. “Ryan Oliver! W hat do you thin k you’re doing?”

“Either I help you with your clothes, or yo u do it by yourself while holding me to keep yourself standing straight, pick a choice!” . “There’s no w ay I’m letting you do that!” . “Fine,” Ryan gr umbled. “Then you ca n just pee on your pants. Wendy’ s jaw d ropped. She glared at him, but given her strugg le with her bladder, her face didn’t lo ok as intimidating as she had intended. She bent over he r trembling legs, her tone bitter. “I’ll have you know that th is is all happening because I let you sleep peacefully. Why are you being so u ngrateful?” . “That’s why I’ m trying to re pay the favor!” . Indeed, if it had been someone el se, he wouldn’t have cared even i f they died holding in their pee. “Rya n Oli ver…” . “I did fall asleep last night, but it w asn’t like I was in a deep slumber. And I do acknowledge what you’ve done to me. His words were so out of the blue, Wendy was confused and didn’t und erstand what he was trying to say. Ryan patted hi s pocket in hi s pants slowly. In an instant, a warm stream rushed over Wendy’s head, and her face was as red as blood. “You, you, you…I…I. I was looking for your phone. I thought you fainted and wanted to call someone to co me to save you. I…I didn’t mean to touch your penis!” . Ryan smirked, the look in his face saying something along th e lines of, “Whatever you say. Wendy was at a loss. He meant to tell her that she had alread y touched his penis. So she shou ld not feel too shy now. “All right, you win!”s he shouted. All of her bravad o from a while bac k had disappeared. “Close you r eyes!”sh e ordered. He c ompl ied. Wendy held on to his arm with one hand and took off her pa jamas bottoms with the other. She stared at him the w hole time, afraid he mi ght peek at some point. He didn’t, but she felt humilia ted nonetheless. When the trousers busine ss was dealt with, she q uickly sat on the toilet. The moment her skin touche d the bowl, everything she held in just burst forth. Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! The sound was pract ically deafening, especially since there we re only the two of them in the small space. Wendy was mortifi ed, and she swore under her breath. She had never experienced such shame in a ll her life! When she was done, she quickl y cleaned herself and pulled her pants up. “Are you d one?”She sa id nothing. Ryan opened his eyes and glanced at her red face. She looked like a rabid wild cat that cou ld attack at any time, what with the fierc e glare she was shooting in his direction. Mirth flas hed across his eyes. Well, finally! Ryan picke d her up again and carrie d her out of the bathroom. Back in the living room area, Luke was squirming giddily on his seat, both o f his hands pressed against his heart. When he saw his brother and Wendy approach, he leaned over to Leo and whispered excitedly, “Look, he’s holding her again! Leo, this is the t hird time Ryan has ever embraced that woman. I told you, didn’t I? In my brother’s eyes, she’s different from any other women. No, wait. It’s n ot just my brother, but even Precious as well

Wendy is special to my niece, too. Wow, at this rate, I really might have a sister-in-law soon. No sooner had Ryan put Wendy down on the sofa that she w as scrambling away from him. She didn’t even bother with niceties or excuses and direc tly told the guests to leave. “You s hould g o now!” . If she had known beforehand about the eve nts of the previous night, she would neve r have had let Ryan and his daughter stay. “Dea r We ndy” . “You sho uld leav e, too!” . Luke was about to prote st, but a glance from h is brother stopped him. Then Ryan took the clothes his p eople had brought for him and hea ded into Ray’s bedroom to change. He called out t o his daughter w hen he was done. “Pr ecio us!” . “Are we leaving, Daddy?” . The girl didn’t want to go, but h er father nodded. She pouted and low ered her head, then turned to Raymond. “Ray, I’m le aving. “O ka y. “I’ll come to p lay with you ag ain next time. The boy looked up at Ryan and stared for a while before nodding. “All rig ht!” . “I wi ll mis s you. You mus t miss m e, too. “Yes , fi ne. Then Precious walked over to We ndy, and her reluctance was evi dent in her tone when she spoke. “Auntie, I have to go with Daddy…” . Wendy’s fa ce softene d a little. “All rig ht. “Then… bye, A untie. “B ye !” . Ryan picked up his daughter and took the elevator downsta irs with Luke and Leo in tow. “Br oth er!” . Luke k ept ra mbling. “Tell me the truth. Tell me! Do you like Wendy? Do you have a c rush on her? You do, don’t you?” . His pesky questions were met with cold silence, a nd Luke stamped his foot. “Oh, come on! Just te ll me! Tell me quickl y! I’m dying to know!” . Well, it wasn’t just him Leo and Precious were also waiting with bated breaths for Ryan’s answer. Still, the m an maintained his silence. When they exited the ele vator, Ryan pulled out hi s phone and turned it on. He scrolled through his contacts and pressed on Kane’s number. : His call was immediately answered. “Yes , Ry an?” . Ryan went straight to the point. “Hello, Kane. I want you to prepare the contract wit h Wendy Finch and e -mail it to me within three day s. I want to go over it and check the terms myself