My Bossy CEO Husband by I. MALCOM

Chapter 22


Two days had passed, and Wendy couldn’t stay at home any longer. So, she called their director, Carter Williams, and informed that she wanted to go back to work. However, Carter didn’t agree. He insisted that Wendy should rest at least for a week at home. Even after she repeatedly said that she was completely fine, Carter just had his assistant send the script to Wendy’s apartment. “Don’t worry about your work. I heard you had a concussion and needed to stitch your head. You must have a good rest. Besides, it’s summer now, and the weather’s really hot. If we proceed with the shoot, you would have to wear thick clothes and headpieces. I’m afraid your wound will be infected if it is not fully healed yet. Anyway, there’s no need to rush. If you are really bored at home, I suggest you read the script and practice your lines. So that once you come back to the set, you won’t have any problems with the shoot. Carter advised like any great and concerned director. “Well, I guess that will do,”. Wendy answered helplessly. When afternoon came, Carter’s assistant arrived at her apartment with the script. However, Wendy was surprised to be handed a thick document. She knew that only a few people had access to the complete script. Even the actors’ copy only had their own lines in it. This was because it was crucial that none would be leaked before the series got broadcasted. Since Wendy played Lady Faye, who just appeared in the middle of the series, she only needed that part for her script. But Carter was so nice to give her the complete version of it! Utterly delighted, Wendy began to familiarize herself with the script. There were 73 episodes for the Story of Concubine Ivanka series, and her character–Lady Faye- appeared in more than 40 episodes. So, it was only right that she got paid nearly a million for this project. Upon scanning through the pages, Wendy realized that the series’ storyline was slightly different from the original novel. In the book, the part before Lady Faye entered the imperial palace was only briefly mentioned, but the script revised it and added quite a few back stories through flashbacks. As a result, Lady Faye’s character was more emphasized vividly. Knowing this, Wendy became even more excited to read and practice her lines. Lady Faye was a villain, but the woman was more complicated than that. So, this was a very challenging role to play. And if Wendy managed to bring that character into life, she would definitely get noticed in the industry. It took her two days to read the entire script repeatedly to completely familiarize herself with it. Soon, she had to go back to the set and resume shooting her scenes. The morning of her first day back, Wendy woke up early to prepare breakfast. While eating the porridge, Raymond looked at her from time to time, wanting to say something but hesitating. And this did not escape Wendy’s gaze

She knew that her son had been wearing that same expression for the last two days. So, settling down the spoon, she looked at him and asked seriously, “Baby, is there something you want to say to me? “Mommy, you…Do you like Uncle Roger?” . “Why are you suddenly ask ing me this question?”ask ed Wendy in astonishment. The little boy lowered his he ad and replied, “I want to kn ow. Will he become my father?” . “ No !” . “ Uh …” . Surprised, Ra y didn’t know what to say. Wendy pushed the steamed bun in front of him and said helplessly, “What have you been thinking lately? Mommy and Uncle Roger have known each other for thre e years, and we’re just really good friends. We are not getting married, baby. “But why, m ommy?” . “Uncle Roger is really great, honey. But I can’t trap him into a loveless marriage. Mommy is just really grateful to him for all his help. Besides, he loves someone else. So, don’t ever bring out that topic again, okay?” . Surprised at what Wendy said, Ray mond widened his eyes and asked, “Uncle Roger loves someone else?” . “Y es !” . That was why his mother and Uncle Roger couldn’t be together! Lucky for Raymond! He didn’t have to pi ck sides between his Uncle Roger and Precious’s father! Thinking of this, the little boy grinned as hi s brows –which had been furrowed tightly for the last two days- finally softened and straightened out. As he continued to eat hi s porridge with a sheepish smile, Wendy was stunned. Alas! Children nowadays were so complicate d that she, even as a mother, couldn’t und erstand what ran on her son’s little head. After breakfas t, Wendy was r eady to leave. “Ray, are you s ure I can leave you here alone?” . The little boy didn’t even r aise his head and just made a nd gestured that he was fine. Still worried, Wendy told him, “Don’t open the door when strangers knock and don’t ru n around outside. You can’t turn on the air conditioner at a too low temperature alone at home, and…If anything happens, call mommy immediately with your telephone watch!” . “Don’t worry, mommy. I’m not a three-year -old child anymore!” . Wendy wanted to say something more, but she just decided to trust Raymond with his words. But even after she left the house, a flurry of wo rry still resided in her. No matter how smart her son was, he wa s still just a kid. If she were to work and leave him alone like this, she’d better find a full- time nanny to babysit him. When Wendy arrived at the set, the staff had alrea dy began with their work. They were currently shooting a scene of Lady lvanka’s ent rance to the imperial palace. The actress wore a whi te, plain dress, looki ng young and beautiful. As she strolled in the garden, Lady I vanka happened to meet the emperor, w ho had a crush on the pretty newcomer. Unfortunately, her heart already belon ged to someone else. Although she did not love the e mperor, she didn’t dare show he r true feelings in front of him

She had to hold back a ll the time. “Oka y, c ut!” . Carter waved his hand and declar ed, “It’s done!” . “Thank you, di rector!” . The actors and actresses immediately relaxed and b reathed a sigh of relief. Although it was early summer, the sun was ha nging high in the sky. Everyone was wearing heavy and thick costumes, nearl y suffocating most of them. The assistant of the leading actr ess and actor rushed to their aid es with bottles of water and fans. In the middle o f this, Wendy m et Eris’s eyes. The two of them stared at ea ch other, causing the atmosp here to instantly intensify. Wendy pursed he r mouth as she e qualed her gaze. The feud between the two had officially been ignited! Meanwhile, Carter was sur prised to see Wendy so early in the set. “It’s only eigh t o’clock. Why ar e you so early?” . he asked, glancing at his watch. “I have no thing to d o at home. “Are y ou oka y now?” . “Yeah, I’m completely fine now. Carter sighed in relief and responded, “I’ve been too busy these days to spare time to see you in the hospital. Thank you for what you did that day. I was shocked when I heard it from the others. Wendy answered with a smile an d said nothing. “Alright! Since we are here, let ’s get back to work! How about t his? Let’s take the photos first. You change into you r costume and have your make up done. Carter then looked at the schedule and added, “Ther e happens to be a scene of you and Concubine Ivanka today, but the scene will be shot in the afternoon. “It doesn’t matter. I can j ust watch the others. Maybe I’ll learn a thing or two. Wendy flashed him a sweet smile, much t o Carter’s pleasure. He nodded and imme diately asked some one to assist her. At the same time, Eris and her assistant Ana found sanctuary u nder a shade to take quick rest. Ana immediately brought a ch air, which Eris sat on while the former was fanning her. A hint of coldness flashed th rough Eris’s eyes as she saw Wendy enter the dressing room. “Have you done what I a sked you to do?” she as ked Ana in a low voice. Patting her chest, the latter answered, “Eris, don’t worry. There is absolutely no mistake! I’ve put it in the cosmetics. As long as Wendy puts on her makeup, her face will be ru ined in less than an hour! ”