My Bossy CEO Husband by I. MALCOM

Chapter 24


My Bossy CEO Husband Chapter 24 by I. MALCOM. Wendy was starting to feel sleepy. Then all of a sudden, Carter’s assistant trotted over to where she rested. “Miss Finch, the director asked you to come to him. “Okay. That certainly woke her up. She stood and followed the man to the shooting site. Carter was waving at her from a distance. “Wendy, come over here!”. “Yes, yes. Here I am. She stopped in front of him. “Director…”. With a serious expression, he pushed his glasses on the bridge of his nose and pointed at an imposing figure nearby. “Do you see that person? You’ve just returned from abroad so you probably don’t know who he is. He is the president of the largest agency in the country, Kane Evans from Glory Media. He was present during your audition a few days ago. Wendy nodded along. Of course she knew Kane. “Mr. Evans has especially come today to see your acting. Carter patted her on the shoulder and leaned close to whisper, “Seize the opportunity!”. It came as a pleasant surprise to her. She was quite knowledgeable about the layout of the local entertainment industry. Somewhere in the past, the dominating brokerage company had been Starlight Media. It was known among specific circles that the head of Starlight Media had relied on the financial resources and connections of his wife’s family to turn his business from a small, unknown entity into the largest and most successful one throughout the country. But Glory Media had later surpassed Starlight Media and emerged stronger. Despite being registered mere five years ago, Glory Media had the Oliver Group at its helm. That being the case, they had managed to poach most of the most sought after actors and actresses in the industry within a year. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration now to say that half of the celebrities in the country’s show business all came from Glory Media. With that said, they already had a heap of A-lister stars under their company, so why was the CEO here to see Wendy’s performance in particular? : She didn’t think it was some special favor because he had recognized her as Rosie’s cousin. No, Wendy’s relationship with Rosie had never been anything special Eris and Rosie were probably more intimate with each other. Moreover, she had only met Kane once, when she had come to his wedding as a bridesmaid. Even with that, she doubted he remembered her after all these years. Then, could it be that he had truly been impressed by her audition? Well, whatever. Either way, Director Williams was right – this was a rare chance that she couldn’t miss. “Is that okay, Wendy?”. “It’s no problem at all. Carter nodded and asked his assistant to call Eris in. He gave her instructions to change her makeup and costumes to accommodate a different scene. The scenes and episodes weren’t necessarily shot in order, so the filming process was often adjusted according to the situation. The setting they were preparing for now was supposed to be the second time that Lady Faye slept with the emperor. At this point of the story, Lady Ivanka had already been promoted and she was residing in Frangrance Pavilion

As the day unfolded, Lady Faye did not pay her respects to the queen. Instead, she went straight to Frangrance Pavilion to visit its lady resident. Lady lIvanka’s father had been th e military counselor for General M iller, who was Lady Faye’s father. To put it bluntly, Ivanka’ s father was General Mille r’s most trusted confidant. A new emperor had ascended the thron e, and he did not put as much trust i n the general as his predecessor had. And so, Faye’ s father kept a low profile. Nevertheless, the emperor sent his spies, and eventually coerced Ivanka’s father to file a f alse report accusing the general of rebellion. Faye’s family ha d been destroyed in the aftermath. And the person who had carried out th e sentence was none other than the tr usted counselor, Lady lvanka’s father. Given their history, the Conc ubine Ivanka was the person t hat Lady Faye hated the most. The actresses got into positio n, and when their eyes met, th e air crackled with animosity. “Ac tio n!” . The screen show ed a shot of Wen dy as Lady Faye. She entered Frangrance Pavil ion and lounged at a chair, s ipping a cup of tea casually. From time to time she would look around and eye the decorations in the room, as if she had not hing else better to do but appreciate the view. Eris’ appearance now consisted of a darker dress, and her makeup was a little heavier than before, too. She walked into the shot as Ivanka, frowning the moment she spotted Faye. “F ay e” . “Wow, it’s so beauti ful here!” . The other wom an interrupted with a smile. Then Faye slowly stood and walke d over to where several pots of expensive plants were on display. She reached out to tou ch a flower and stroke d its petals lovingly. “It seems that the rumor s were right,”she said, her smile still in place. “Seeing as there are st ill such beautiful flow ers even in this season. You are indeed t he Emperor’s fav orite concubine. Is it how you supposed to enjoy your life when you’re fa vored by the Emperor? By attending to these delicate exp ensive exotic flowers? Bitches are indeed hypocritical!” . The camera zoomed in on Wendy. She was still smiling sweetly, but her hand was crushing the flowers it held with unmistakable vitriol. “Ah. I apologize. I’ve accidentally damaged your precious plants. We ll, I heard that you are the kindest and the most considerate wom an in the palace, so you won’t blame me for my blunder, will you?” . Wendy raised her eyebrows as s he spoke, and her demeanor shi fted when she finished talking. Her eyes narrowed, and s he threw a sideways glan ce at the other actress. The air around her vibrated with int imidating pressure. “I…the- the flo wer…it…” . The rest of the cast and crew who had been watching felt shivers run down t heir spines as they continued to look. Then it was E ris’s turn to say her lines. But the moment she met Wendy’s mali cious gaze, she lost her train of t hought and was unable to say a word. “C ut !” . Carter yelled, so furious he almos t spat out blood. He hadn’t expected Eris to lose her focus at such a critical moment in the scene! He was always se rious when it came to work, and everyone knew it. He raised his head from b ehind the camera screen a nd turned to the actress. “Eris! What the hell are you doing? !”

“I’m sorry , Director Williams!” . Eris said , biting her lips. Carter struggled to supp ress his anger and final ly said, “One more time!” . Wendy was still in full command of her emotions, and performed ev en better during the second take. She said her lines like sh e was a demon from hell, h er eyes cold and horrible. “It’s just…just…a po t of plant…If you li ke it, just take it. Despite herself, Eris felt like a gian t python had just curled itself around her body and was slowly constricting. She had gone cold, he r mind went blank, an d she kept stuttering. She couldn’t deliver her lines at all. “C ut !” . Carter wa s livid t his time. “Eris! Lady Ivanka is always calm and composed when dealing with matters at hand. Why are you wearing a frightened expression? Do it again!” . They went for anot her take. And anoth er one af ter that. And ye t anoth er one. All of their takes failed t o pass muster. Wendy glanced point edly at Eris before turning to Carter. “Director, w hy don’t we t ake a break?” . “Fine, ten- minute break , everyone!” . The staff disperse d at once. Eris rushed t o Wendy with gritted teeth. “What the h ell did you do to me?” . Why had she kept forgetting her lines the moment she m et Wendy’s eyes?! “Eris, as long as I don’t let you go today, you will always be like this. Believe it or not?” . Wendy smirk ed at the o ther woman. “Sh ut up!” . Noticing that other people had been looking at them, Eris immediately held her tongue and left in a huff. She proceeded to rehear se her lines over and o ver with her assistant. And each time, s he managed to sa y them perfectly. “Break is over ! Let’s commen ce the shoot!” . Eris was confident after acing her rehearsals, but when they resumed f ilming, she forgot her lines again. And she jus t kept maki ng mistakes. They ended up with eighteen t akes of the same scene, and E ris had failed in all of them. She couldn’t eve n say a word dur ing the last one. Carter halted the sh oot and the whole si te fell into silence. All eyes were on the direct or, who was obviously on the verge of an angry outburst. The staff cowered among themselves, not daring to make a single noise. “Stop! Stop this right now!” Carter h ad taken off his hat and thrown it on t he ground, and was even stomping on it. “You can’t speak a sentence? Do you even know how to act? There’s no room in this project for people who can’t act, so if you don’t know how to, then leave!” . Eris had never been so humi liated in all her years in the entertainment industry. Her eyes turned red with unshed tears an d her jaw tightened. Beneath the long sleeves of her costume, her hands clenched into tight fists, her long n ails biting hard into the skin of her palms. ‘Wendy Finch! Wendy Finch!’ She swore to herself she wo uld make Wendy pay for this!