My Bossy CEO Husband by I. MALCOM

Chapter 28


My Bossy CEO Husband Chapter 28 by I. MALCOM. As soon Wendy walked out of the shooting place, someone blocked her way. “Are you Miss Finch?”. Wendy stopped and looked at the beautiful woman sporting a business suit. “Who are you?”she asked, curiosity painted all over her face. “I’m Miss Cotton, Mr. Evans’s secretary. Do you have time right now, Miss Finch? Our CEO wants to talk to you. Mr. Evans? Wendy’s heart thumped upon hearing that name. “Do you mean Kane Evans?”. Smiling gently, the secretary replied, “Yes, that’s right. “Oh, okay!”. Wendy followed the secretary out of Studio City. It was already getting dark, and the neon lights had starting illuminating outside. After a while, a luxury car halted by the gate. And the next seconds, the window slowly lowered, revealing the person sitting on the back seat. Much to Wendy’s surprise, it was indeed Mr. Evans in a suit. “Mr. Evans…”she called, still in slight awe. “Get in. The man cocked his head to invite her in. As the CEO of Glory Media, Mr. Evans was a respected man, and he certainly wouldn’t do anything and to her, Thinking of that, Wendy calmly opened the door and settled on the back seat. Meanwhile, his secretary boarded the car in the passenger seat. As soon as they were all inside, the driver roared the engine to life and stepped steadily on the gas. In just a few moments, the Studio City was soon out of their sight. Kane Evans sat expressionlessly and rigid. His all-black suit only highlighted the rigid aura emanating from him. Beside him was Wendy, who sat still, utterly lost for words to utter. Oddly enough, she could see Ryan in this man. But unlike Kane, the former still held emotions within him, no matter how cold he might be at times. Kane never hinted at any emotions flashing in his eyes. Even when he got married to Rosie four years ago, Wendy had never seen him smile. And right now, the atmosphere in the car was a little tense and strained. None of them spoke, and the deafening silence only added to the thickness of the air inside. After a while, Wendy moved uneasily, feeling slightly embarrassed. Coughing, she finally decided to break the uncomfortable silence and said, “Mr. Evans, where are we going?”. “Our company. “Oh, I see…”. After that quick exchange, it quieted down in the car again

Wendy kept mum and leaned ag ainst the window to appreciat e the night scenery of Ywood. It was a coastal cit y with wet air and e ver-changing weather. The sun had been high in the morning , making the air sultry, but now it was beginning to spritzing a little. With her head against the gla ss, Wendy quietly gazed at th e drizzle outside the window. Suddenly, she f elt a heavy gla nce falling on. When she turned her head, s he saw Kane’s deep and myst erious eyes piercing at her. Blinking, Wendy carefully re turned his gaze again, only to find his usual cold eyes. At this point, she was rendered utterly speech less and quite confused. But Kane turned his head away and asked, “Are you not gonna say th at you’re actually related to me?” . Stunned, Wendy fu rrowed her brows a nd asked, “What?” . “You are Rosie’s co usin. I remember you from the wedding. Now, Wendy was really surprised. She didn’t expect that he would still remember her after only meeting her once four years ago. “Mr. Evans, do you wan t to talk to me becaus e I’m Rosie’s cousin?” . “ No . “Okay,” sa id Wendy, shrugging. After a long silence, Kane finally said, “You are very different from your cousin. “Everyone is different in t heir own way. Hearing that, Mr. Ev ans was caught off guard for a moment. “You are rig ht!”he repli ed, nodding. And although he relapsed to being cold again, Wendy felt that his aura was not stern. Still, she d id not know what to say. After all, this was such an une xpected meeting. And Kane was really a strange m an! Thankfully, the car soon ar rived at Glory Media’s building. The office area was in a luxu rious building, which consist ed thirty-two floors in total. Outside was a huge sign flashing the brightly l it words, “Glory Media. It was almost seven o’clock in the evening, but the whole bu ilding was still brightly lit. Wendy got off the car and walked ins ide along with Mr. Evans an d his se cretary. The first floor, which was coate d with several beige leather sof as, was undeniably too spacious. As soon as they stepped foot on the front desk, the beautiful receptionist bowed a nd greeted them, “Good evening, Mr. Evans!” . Kane nodded expres sionlessly without greeting her back. Beside the reception d esk was a shelf for en tertainment magazines. Meanwhile, photos of t he company’s stars bla nketed the white wall. With a quick scan, Wendy saw doze ns of photographs arranged in acco rdance with the actors popularity. Some were A-list stars, while others were less recognized in the industry yet still popular. “Miss Cotton, please ha ve the contract ready f or Miss Finch to sign. “O ka y!” . The secretary us hered Wendy to th e reception room. “Miss Finch, please follo w me,” she invited with a smile

”Sign the contract?” . “Yes! Mr. Evans especially went to the set today to have a look at your acting. He felt that you possess such great potential, so he decided t o sign you in his company. Miss Finch, I’m sure you already know about our company. In that case, I won’t bother you with the introduction. The contract has been printed already. I’ll go and get it. If there’s no problem and you agree with the terms, we’ll sign it pronto. Is that okay?” . I Miss Cotton informed a t once as if all these we re not a big deal at all. “O ka y. Wendy managed to reply cas ually, even though her hea rt was beating frantically. She was slightly frenzied. She knew it was all too sudden, but she was still very excited upon hearing what Miss Cotton said! After all, she knew how r are it was for a newcomer to sign a contract with Glory Media. Yet even with that, the company still assured newcomers of a futu re in the entertainment industry. And Wendy was not gonna li e – she liked Glory Media’ s reputation in the field. Once she had signed up with the agency, she could focus on her acting car eer since her agency would take care of the rest for her! Soon enough, the secretary went back, with the contract printed out and ready in her hand. And when Wendy thoroug hly read the contract, she was lost for words. The terms and conditions indicated were very much favorable to her! The company promised to help her get commercials, provide her with an assistant and a house to live in! What was more, she had the libe rty to choose which project she wanted! Except for a TV series and a movie chosen by the company every year, she could act on any project at her own will! Even her income was so much agreeable, with sixt y percent of her fees going to her pay while the agency got only forty percent! That was indeed a great deal! If it was another company, she was certain they’d offer her a fifty-fifty division of income. Although the ten percent wasn’t much of a big dea l to famous stars, it was for a newcomer like Wen dy!! Besides, the ratio was not permanently fixed. If she were to win awards as she progressed with her c areer, Glory Media would consider upping her share! “Mi ss Cotton…Are you sure this contract is really for me?” . “Yes, this is the contract prepar ed especially for you. Is there an ything wrong with it, Miss Finch?” . “ No …” . Wendy answered, still bewilder ed at the seemingly too good t o be true terms and conditions. Yet still, there we re some points she c ould not understand. Normally, contracts like this would last fo r five years since there was no guarantee th at a newcomer would eventually rise to fame. If the actress couldn’t get a break within five years, the co mpany would have to let her go. But according to Wend y’s contract, she had ten years to make it. More than that, the contract speci fically prohibited her from dating or enter a romantic relationship. Nowadays, the entertainmen t circle was different from how it was during the 80s. At that time, actors and actresse s known to publicly date experien ced a plummet in their popularity. They didn’t have the freedom to fr eely fall in love. But now, fa ns were mor e accepting. In fact, if two stars were known to be dating, that would even boost their populari ty. It was a great thing for both the stars and the company and also the reason why some personalities would fake a relationship and fool the public just to soar high. But Wendy’s cont ract was binding in this aspect. Third, the penalty was so unusual! Once Wendy sig ned the contract and broke one of its terms and c onditions, she would be required to pay a billion. One billion! That was a lot! She wou ldn’t make that much money even if sh e worked every day from dusk to dawn. Tightly holding the pen, Wen dy swallowed hard at the sigh t of the words ‘one billion’. After all, she had never heard any contract to enta il such a massive penalty! . With this thought, the pen hung in waiting in her hand as Wend y hesitated to sign the papers