My Bossy CEO Husband by I. MALCOM

Chapter 30


My Bossy CEO Husband Chapter 30 by I. MALCOM. “Yes, I know the rules. Even if she had something else to do, she still had to meet her future boss first anyway. But Wendy started to feel strange again. Hadn’t she come to company in the same car with Kane? Couldn’t he have said something back then? Or were there some things that could only be spoken once the contract was signed? This was getting a bit confusing. “Would you please lead the way for me?”. “Of course. The secretary had only led her to the elevator banks. With the folder in her arms, she nodded at the elevator. “The CEO’s office is on the 32nd floor. I can’t take you all the way there since I have other things to take care of. Wendy was speechless for a moment. It was her first time in this building how could anyone expect her to just march into the CEO’s office by herself?! “Is there any problem, Miss Finch?”. “…No. Despite her answer, Wendy’s lips were twitching. She entered the elevator and pressed the button for the 32nd floor. It carried her all the way to the top without stopping at any other floors. The elevator dinged and the doors opened. Wendy had thought that since Miss Cotton and the receptionist were still in the building, the other employees must still be working as well. But the sight that greeted her was a surprise. This floor was wide and brightly lit, but all the desks and chairs were empty. Nobody else was there. It was so quiet that the clack of her high heels against the floor tiles sounded louder than usual. The air conditioner was still on, though, and the room’s temperature was quite low. This, in addition to her apprehension, caused goose bumps to appear on her arms. It was like a scene from a horror movie. Wendy quickly shook the absurd thoughts away from her head and made a beeline for the CEO’s office at the other end of the hall. She stopped at the door and knocked gently. “Mr. Evans, it’s Wendy Finch. “Come in,”. A cold voice came from inside the office. Wendy’s heart skipped a beat. That voice sounded familiar, but she was sure it wasn’t Kane who had spoken. Wendy pushed the door and took a peek

She couldn’t see any one, so she slowly s tepped into the room. All of a sudden, a figure jumped out from behind a d oor and made a face at her. “Ahi” W endy sc reamed. Luke bur st into laughter. “Dear Wendy, we re you scared? Y ou scaredy cat!” . “Lu ke? !” . She had a hand over her chest as she demanded, “ What are you doing here?” . “Ha ha, it’s not jus t me, you know. My br other is also here. As he moved to the side, Wendy finally noticed the man lounging leisurely at the sofa in the middle of the office. He was still in his signature black suit, and one hand was dr aped lightly over his forehead. He sat quietly, but hi s piercing gaze was lo oking straight at her. Wendy instantly felt her skin prickle, and her ow n temples began to throb. Ryan and his daughter had stayed in her apartme nt for just one night, but so many humiliating t hings had happened in such a short span of time. She felt justified at kicking them out the very next day. Well, the father and child hadn’t appeared in front of he r in the days that followed, so she had foolishly believed that they would no longer have any contact in the future. She suddenly flush ed at the memory o f that cursed day. She took a couple of st eps back before demandi ng, “Why are you here?” . She looked around the room again. “Where is Mr. Evans?” . “It’s way p ast his wor king hours,” . Ryan finally spoke, his voice hoarse. He kept staring at Wendy like he was l ost in his thoughts. It was her first day of filming, and she had especially chosen a red dress for such a milestone. It was not easy to look good in a bright red ou tfit, but she looked perfect in it, the crimson shade complimenting her clear and delicate skin. Her skin was very fi ne, as white as jade , with a warm luster. Dressed in such brigh t red, she looked as l ovely as fresh cherry. It was a camisole dress, the thin straps covering the barest skin and accentuati ng her collarbones and smooth shoulders. The dress tapered down to fit her s lim waist while hugging the rest of her curves in all the right places. The hem stopped just ten centimeters ab ove her knees, showcasing her long legs and a significant portion of her thighs. The image was b urning itself i nto Ryan’s eyes. Then he sc owled. Was she wearing this exact same dress while mingling with th e film crew for an entire day? The hunger in his eyes was ea sy to read, and Wendy blushed even more beneath his hot gaze. She clutched at the chain of her purse with unease and moved subtl y in an attempt to cover herself. “Why…Why are you here?” sh e asked again

“Dear Wendy, don’t you kn ow which group Glory Media belongs to?” Luke teased. “Of co urse I know. “Oh ? A nd?” . “It’s Oliver Group…” . Realization hit her even as she spoke, and Wendy’s eyes widened in disbelief. She looked back an d forth between th e brothers, aghast. Oliver Group! Ryan Oliver? She felt like she had jus t been struck by lightning. There had always been something familiar about hi s name ever since the first time she had heard it , but she had never figured it out all this time. So he was co nnected with Oliver Group. No, worse who was the current president of Oliv er Group? It was Ryan Oliver! He was the big bos s of Oliver Group himself! Wendy swallowed hard. Unbidden, her hand lift ed to point a trembling finger at the two men. “You! You…Yo u’re…” . Second generatio n conglomerates f rom Oliver Group. They came from an extremely wealthy family. And if Ryan was the big boss, then that would make Luke the famous playboy younger brother. And the little girl, Precio us, was definitely the princ ess of this esteemed family. This much was r ather well-know n to the public. Wendy put a hand over her head, feeling dizzy at t his newfound information. “Are you a lright, De ar Wendy?” . She turned and stare d at Luke. Try as she might, she was finding it hard to reconcile this childish man with the li bertine that had always made the headlines. As for Ryan, there hadn’t really be en any rumors worth mentioning, but his brother was a different matter. Luke was a regular subject among the members of the entertainment circle, d espite not being a part of it himself. It was mostly due to the fact that basically all of his ex-girlfriends were celebrities models, actresses, or up and coming talents. Wendy suddenly felt the contract in he r hands turn heavy. She looked at the c ontract and finally came to her senses. “So, then. Did you also prepare t his contract for me?” Everythin g was starting to make sense now. No wonder they were freely lounging in side Kane’s office. No wonder the stipulations of the agre ement had been strangely skewed in her favor! This man was actually her boss. After so much excitement, it was as though a basin of col d water had just been poured over Wendy’s head, and the c ontract she held in her hand had turned into a hot potato. She lowered her eyes and tried to calm he rself down for a bit. When she looked up again, her gaze had taken on a sharp gli nt. “Mr. Oliver, why did you go to such lengths to sign me under Glory Media? Just what exactly do you want from me? ”