My Bossy CEO Husband by I. MALCOM

Chapter 32


My Bossy CEO Husband Chapter 32 by I. MALCOM. Wendy took a taxi and hurried back home. As soon as she got to her house, she immediately noticed a moving company’s truck parked downstairs. A few people were even already loading things into the vehicle. It was dark and raining outside. Wendy was confused as to why they were in such a rush? Quickly, she entered the elevator and headed upstairs. The door was wide open when she arrived. Workers from the moving company were working hard to get her things out of the house. On the sofa in the living room, Raymond and Precious were sitting side by side. The little boy had already packed a few things in his bag, which he placed near his feet. The two children didn’t notice her arrival, seemingly preoccupied with chatting with each other. Wendy had no idea what they were talking about. She saw Precious take out something from her backpack excitedly and showed it to Raymond. It was a small box. Her eyes shone brightly as she handed it to the little boy. “What is that?” the young lad asked curiously as he looked at it. “They’re things that I love!” the little girl replied with a giggle. The box seemed heavy. Raymond accepted it in his hand and noticed that there was a small lock on it. Before he could point it out, Precious took off the pendant from her neck, which turned out to be the key, and used it to open the box. Something was sparkling inside. The content of the box shone so brightly that Raymond thought he went blind for a second. He quickly closed the lid, blinking a few times. The little boy heard an excited squeal beside him. “Raymond, these are birthday gifts that I’ve been collecting ever since I was a child. My uncle gave them to me. He may seem unreliable, but he is really good at finding things! All the items are from abroad! See if you like them!”. Raymond carefully opened the box again, slowly letting his eyes adjust. He gasped when he saw that the container was filled with diamonds of different sizes! To say that was he was shocked would be an understatement. The biggest one looked like it was the size of an egg, and the smallest was the size of a fingernail. There were even some colored ones inside. “Raymond, do you like them? These are my favorite things in the whole wide world. I don’t even want to show them to others. But if you like them, then they’re yours! The corners of Raymond’s mouth twitched. He slammed the lid shut and asked,. “What’s in it for you?”. “It’s nothing bad!”. She pouted and declared, “I have given my treasure to you. So, can you share Auntie Wendy with me?”. He looked at her with an open mouth. “Why haven’t you given up on that?” Shrugging, she exclaimed,. “I like her

I will never g ive up! Ever!” . The little girl shook her head a nd turned around. Then, she noticed Wendy standing by the door w ith a smile on her face. “Ah!” she gasped e xcitedly before ju mping off the sofa. “Aunt ie We ndy!” . She quickly ru shed over to t he older woman. “When did you arrive? I’ve missed you!” . Afraid that the little girl w ould trip, Wendy quickly bent down and spread out her arms. The little girl thre w herself into Wendy ’s arms with a grin. Then, she leaned on her and even sniffed the older woman ’s hair like she was a puppy. She sighed happily a s she smelled Wendy’ s familiar fragrance. “Auntie! I’ve missed yo u so much. My daddy is so mean to me,”she whined. “I had to beg him repeatedly before he f inally agreed to let me come here. I miss Auntie and Raymond so much these days…” . Wendy and her son met each ot her’s eyes, thinking that this little girl was exaggerating. She just couldn’t believe this ne edy Precious was the same arrogan t little princess of Oliver Group. Looking at his mother, Raymo nd asked softly, “Mommy, are we really moving out today?” . Nodding , she a nswered, . “Y es . Wendy walked over to the sofa with the lit tle girl in her arms. “Don’t you w ant to leave this house?” . His eyes looked like he was contemplating for a second b efore he let out a soft hum. “As long as you are w ith me, I don’t care w herever we are going,” . he replied as he leaned agai nst his mother. “Go od b oy!” . It hadn’t been lo ng since they came back from abroad. The mother and her son didn’ t have much stuff, so the mov ing company finished quickly. After that, Wendy went back to her room to finish pack ing her personal belongings. She only had a few things with her, so she finished everything in ten minutes. “Alrig ht! Let ’s go!” . After saying goodbye to Wendy, the man from the moving company drove away, leaving her stunned. Gasping, she suddenly realized that she didn’t get to ask Ryan for the ne w address! Wendy was frozen in place. “Mommy, are n’t we goin g to leave?” . “I’m sorry…” she suddenl y whispered. “I…I don’t kn ow where our new home is. Wendy felt like we eping, but no tear s were coming out. ‘Maybe Preci ous knows,’ she thought. The young girl was about to tell t he distraught mother the address, b ut suddenly, she had a better idea. “Auntie, maybe you can call Daddy to ask?” . But Wendy didn’ t have his phone number, either. With her hands on her back, Precious secretly felt aroun d her backpack for her phone. When she saw Wendy’s expression, she shook her head an d murmured bashfully, “Sorry, Auntie

Daddy doesn’t all ow me to use a phone because he thinks I’m too young. Wendy’s face fe ll when she hea rd those words. “But I memorized hi s phone number! You can still call him!” . “Really? Alright, give it to me,” Wendy repl ied with a heavy sigh. ‘I guess I have no other choice , ‘ she thought. When Wendy took out her phon e, Precious immediately utte red out a series of numbers. She quickl y dialed t he number. After a short greeting with Ryan, Wendy went straight to the point. “Well, boss, here’s the thing. The guys from the moving company left, and I didn’t get the chance to ask for the address. Do you know where it is?” . “Yes, of course. Add me on my WeChat account, which is th e same as this number that you’re calling. I’ll send the address to you,” he stated in a low and monotonous voice. How t roubl esome. Why can’t he just say the address directl y?’ Wendy fought the urge to complain. A fter all, she was the one asking a favor. So, she ch irped, “Ok ay, boss!” . After hanging up the phone, Wend y quickly opened the WeChat app and searched for Ryan’s account. It didn’t take her long to find her boss’ s account since he was using his real nam e and his profile photo was also his face. Wendy squinte d at her phon e, speechless. What a boring person. ’ She shook her head d isapprovingly. Then, Wendy sent him a reques t, and a few seconds later, he accepted it. After a few seconds, he sent her a message wit h her new home address. Before Wendy could type o ut a reply, she received a voice message from him. Promptly, she clicked on it, and Ryan’s glacial voice c ame through as he said, “Precious misses you a lot. Can y ou also take her to your place? I’ll pick her up later. Wendy didn’t know what to say. So, I have to see my boss again tonight?’ Internally, she was screamin g. She didn’t want to see him on such short notice. But still, she couldn’t go against her boss! So, despite her objection, Wendy typed out, “Okay,” and quickly sent it. Witnessing that her beautiful Auntie Wendy an d Daddy were messaging each other on WeChat, Precious couldn’t hide the smile on her face. Finally! He did what I expected him to do! Awesome! As soon as Wendy got his phone number, he didn’t waste the opportunity to get her to add him as friend on WeChat. Of course, the young girl lik ed to think that she was the one who made all of it happen. After all, she was God’s assistant when it came to her father pursuing a wife! It see med she was as sly as her biological father. Precious made no attemp t to hide the complacent expression on her face. However, when she m et Raymond’s eyes, her smile faltered. “Ra ymo nd…” . With his hands behind his back, Raymond sauntered slo wly past her and whispered in a low voice, “You know…t he phone in your bag just vibrated a few seconds ago. Speechless, Preciou s could only stare at him, mouth agape