My Bossy CEO Husband by I. MALCOM

Chapter 34


My Bossy CEO Husband Chapter 34 by I. MALCOM. There were a few things that set building two of the Ensfield apart from the other buildings. The gate had intimidating metal fences surrounding it. Upon entering, what came to view was a cobblestone path winding all the way to the door of the living room. On the left side was an open-air parking space, and on the right was a huge open space. The open space had a garden that was filled with different kinds of roses, including red roses, white roses, champagne roses, and many more. In fact, there was a handful of varieties that Wendy had never seen before. When the gentle breeze blew, the scent of flowers wafted through the air, making the scenery look even more beautiful. Wendy couldn’t help taking a deep breath to relish this moment. Precious had already told her about it before, “Auntie Wendy, a penny-pinching man used to live here. And not only was he a penny-pincher, he was also very fickle. He has been with a lot of women, dating a couple of them at a time, and he would often send them flowers. However, since he didn’t want to spend his own money on them, he decided to fill the yard with flowers. That way, whenever he wanted to send flowers to his girlfriends, all he had to do was cut some flowers from the garden and wrap them up, which made things a whole lot easier for him!”. This left Wendy at such a loss for words. The corners of her mouth twitched in disgust. When she saw this, Precious chuckled a bit. After all, the penny-pincher and fickle man she just mentioned was none other than her uncle, Luke. To make sure that Wendy wouldn’t have any second thoughts about moving in, Luke moved to another building ahead of time. Looking at the flowers in the yard and chewing on the story Precious just told her, Wendy suddenly came up with an idea. She would have to get rid of all the flowers and plant vegetables instead, which were practical, safe, and sustainable! She walked along the path until she reached the door to the living room. For some reason, the door was ajar. With a gentle push, Wendy slowly opened it. She stood at the door in amazement when she saw the interior of the room. It wasn’t the luxurious European style she was expecting to see, but a Mediterranean style, which was mainly blue and white. The vividness of the living room took her by surprise. The beige floor tiles were accented by a carpet that had a blue and white pattern, the sofa with blue and white stripes, and the white porcelain tea table. The table was covered with a blue tablecloth, on top of which was a platter filled with fruits. After making their way through the living room, they saw the spacious kitchen on the first floor. There was a beautiful dining table and chairs, including a wine cabinet right next to the kitchen. And upon a closer look, they noticed that the shelves of the wine cabinet was full of many imported wines. There was a spiral staircase leading to the second floor. Above them was a wooden ceiling with an elegant white crystal chandelier hanging on it. Wendy fell in love with this house the moment she saw it. Once! When she fell in love with Brian, she dreamt of buying a spacious house for the two of them. Its interior design must be in her favorite Mediterranean style. If possible, she wanted to have a floating window in her bedroom. And on her free time, she would sit there while reading a book and basking in the sun. Unfortunately, life became harder and harder for her. Because of that, she had no choice but to bury these dreams deep in her heart. She never would’ve thought that her fantasy would come true one day. However…

The easier things became for her, the more uneasy it made her feel. That was because sh e believed everythin g came with a price. “” Go o” . With a growling noise, Prec ious covered her belly with her hands in embarrassment. “Are you hu ngry?” . With her face red-flushed, she nodded her head and said, “I haven’t had dinner yet, and Raymond also hadn’t eate n either. We thought you would come back home right away…” . Wendy herself a lso hadn’t had anything to eat. She didn’t even realiz e it before. After hearing Precious ‘stomach grumbling, she suddenly found herself feeling hungry as well. “W ai t!” . Wendy put down her l uggage and rushed ba ck into the kitchen. She opened the fridge to see if she could whip up something fo r them to eat, but it was empty. “How about I order some ta ke-away food?” . “No, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Take-away is not good for your health. Tilting her head sideways, the little girl asked, “Auntie We ndy, do you know how to cook?” . “Of cour se!” . Before Wendy could say anything else, Raymo nd suddenly chimed in, “My mommy cooks even better food than chefs at five-star hotels. “Oh, I can’t wait to t aste her cooking. Auntie Wendy, wait a second. The two saw the little girl scurry to the living room, pick up the telephone beside the sofa, and make a phone call. It was a little far from the k itchen, so they couldn’t reall y make out what she was saying. All they heard was the part where she was ur ging the other person on the line, “Hurry up , you have to get here as soon as possible. Just a moment later. It had barely even been five minutes when they heard the doorbell rang. The little girl excitedly ran toward the door and pressed the unlock but ton, and the door opened right away. Then, Wendy saw over a dozen men and women in uniform walking in one by on e, each of them holding a tray in their hand, which had all kinds of fresh vegetables, meat, seafood, eggs, rice…as well as all kinds of seasonings. Apart from that, different kinds o f cooking utensils and tableware se emed to have been prepared as well. Wendy was l eft utterly dumbfounded. “My la dy…” . Waving her chubby little arm , the little girl said, “Sen d everything to the kitchen. “Right away, miss!” . After receiving her instruction, all of them brought everything to the kitchen in an orderly manner. In a matter of minutes, the fridge that was com pletely empty earlier was now full, and the kit chen had also been filled with cooking utensils. The villa, which seemed so desol ate just moments ago, was sudden ly filled with the scent of life. As soon as they were done putting everythin g in place, the little girl told the servant s that they could go back to the No. 1 villa. Wendy looked as if she had been knocked for six. If she had known that this was goin g to happen, she would have asked P recious to go back home for dinner. Now that they had already gone through the trouble of bringing all these things here, it would be rude to ask them to take everything back, wouldn’t it? Feeli ng so helpless, Wendy had no choice but to look for an apron and start cooking. Luckily for her, all the food th ey brought was processed, so it would save her a lot of trouble. Wendy started with cooking a pot of rice

“Precious, tell me, is there anything yo u would like to eat?” . Hearing this, the eyes of the little girl lit up in a n instant, and she exclaimed, “Wow! Is it really okay for me to decide what we’re going to eat for dinner?” . “Of cour se!” . Taking in a deep breath, the little girl thought about it and replied, “I’d like to have the fish with Chi nese sauerkraut, fried pork slices, spicy boiled meat slices, Kung Pao chicken, and, mmm, what else? Oh! I also want some stewed pork with brown sauce and braised spareribs with brown sauce…Wait, is that too much?” . “It’s perfectly fine. Besides, I haven’t h ad dinner either, so I’m starving. I’ll ju st prepare more dishes and eat with you. Wendy skillfully prepared dinner and handled the food with finess e, “So, do you like eating meat?” . All of the dish es she requested had meat in it. “Yes! Yes, I do! I’m a carnivorous animal, and I also love spicy food!” . Her taste was very similar to that o f Raymond and her. Ray’s favorite dish also happened to be braised sp areribs with brown sauce. “Just wait for a littl e while longer. The foo d will be ready soon. “O ka y!” . Wendy ended up being good at cookin g because Raymond was a premature b aby and had poor health since birth. At that time, she had to work in a C hinese restaurant, and she learned a lot of things from the chefs there. When he got a little older, she started cooki ng different dishes for him, and that was how her cooking skills improved little by little. She cooked many dishes that Pre cious requested. Because of this, the sme ll of good food filled th e air in the living room. “Wow! Wendy, what a re you cooking? It s mells so delicious!” . At the gate, Luke an d Ryan were just wal king in side by side. The two of t hem hadn’t ha d dinner yet. Luke darted toward the kitchen in two steps, pi cked up a piece of braised pork that had just be en taken out of the pot and put it in his mouth. Unfortunately for him, the food was so hot that his tongue got s calded, and he screamed in pain. But, even though his tongue had gon e numb, he still didn’t want to spi t it out and chose to bear the pain. “Wow, it’s so good! Super yummy! It’s fat but not greasy, and it just melts i n my mouth! Yummy! Yummy! I want more!” . Luke complime nted the dish with a lisp. “Ah, Uncle Luke! You can’t just s teal the food like that! Raymond a nd I haven’t even had a bite yet!” . “You don’t have to b e so mean!” . Luke was then dragged out of the kitchen against hi s will by the little girl. Since Luke s uddenly show ed up, then… . Ryan must be here, as well. Wendy raised her head to check and saw that Ryan wa s also in the living room. He didn’t wal k over to whe re they were. Instead, he just sat on the sofa next to Raymond. Although the two of them didn’t really talk much, it was easy to see that things were not awkward between them whatsoever. After a while, Wendy saw that Ryan took out something from his pocket and handed it over to Raymond. “W ha t?” . Wendy’s heart almost leapt out of her chest! The house he had arran ged for her was right next to his. And now, he even gave he r son a gift. What the hell could Ryan be planning to do?