My Bossy CEO Husband by I. MALCOM

Chapter 35


My Bossy CEO Husband Chapter 35 by I. MALCOM. The cozily furnished living room was deafeningly silent. The sofa had always been relaxing. Raymond felt good as he expanded his mouth with a cup of hot water. When he saw the Rubik’s cube that was given to him by Ryan, he raised his lips, appearing scornful. “Child’s play! Is this the most extreme challenge already?”. “Is that possible?”. Ryan was shocked, “You can fix it?”. The kind of cube that was commonly seen on the market was a third-order cube. There were nine squares on each side, and each was colored differently. Most parents felt a strong affinity for buying this little stuff. And they would render the design unusable before handing it to their children, which would challenge their spatial thinking abilities, and they would ask the children to redo the design to teach strategic coordination. A third-order Rubik’s cube was already very difficult for an ordinary child, let alone a sixth-order one. Imagine the level of difficulty it could cause to the player. Each side of the sixth-order one was made up of thirty-six pieces. After being messed up, it would be extremely challenging for even an experienced adult to reconstruct it as well. “Humph!”. Raymond didn’t speak to him or make eye contact with him at all. He stopped drinking his water and went to work on the magic cube. When he held the magic cube, it spun quickly in his palm. He was more flexible than if he tried to be, and he moved so quickly that no one could keep up with him. This had all been completed in about five minutes, as soon as they put the magical cube back together. As Raymond lobbed the reorganized cube casually at Ryan, the latter’s countenance was still in shock. “Easy peasy. Ryan was completely flabbergasted and didn’t know what to say to him, “You’re absolutely brilliant. Rather than talking, Raymond picked up the glass again and kept drinking. “If you manage to solve the cube in no time, I’ll let you solve the eleventh order Rubik’s cube later. “The first rule that my mother has taught me is everything comes with a price and strangers wouldn’t just give things to you for free. She also teaches me that don’t take anything that doesn’t belong to me. I wouldn’t accept anything from you if it came with the stipulation. Ryan was impressed by Raymond’s intelligence, even when the first time they met. This boy was young and less talkative, but his eyes were bright and full of understanding. The conversation went well than expected. Raymond was more erudite than he had anticipated. “I see your point. There is always a reason behind everything I do. “It’s my mommy who’s you’re after!”. “Definitely!”. Ryan mustered a measure of sincerity when he frankly admitted, “I wanted to pursue your mommy. Raymond finally looked Ryan in the eyes and then said, “Are you clear headed now?”. “Crystal clear!”. The conversation between them was very serious like the one between two mature men. Ryan didn’t treated Raymond as an ignorant preschool boy at all. The eyes of the little man were as sharp as the beams, and his lips clenched. “What exactly do you mean by pursuing my mother?” he started

“Will you treat my mother as your girlfriend with sincerity and give her th e love that she deserves? Or you’ll just use her as a shameless mistress an d utilize her for your selfish pleasure?!” “Neither! You don’t understand. Raymond altered his e xpression, “Then what exactly do you imply?” . “So long as she’s okay w ith that, she will be my wife whenever she wants. I Raymon d had loo sened up. It was for a long time that he studi ed Ryan with his glass of water in h is hand while he was staring at him. It was apparent that the aro ma from the kitchen was beco ming more and more delicious. In a way, he looke d almost tender as he glanced at her. “Is there any more q uestions?” . Raymond shrugged inexpressibly, “Ha ve you really thought this through? My mom’s career hasn’t bloomed yet. Right now, she’ s just a little -known actress. You, on the other hand, are the CE O of Oliver Group. You’re at top of the pedestal. Can’t you see the gap?” Lovingly, Ryan rested his arm along the back of the couch and asked, “Are you saying she’s not good enough for me?” . The little guy lost his temper and deto nated in an instant. He was as quickly dangerous as an an gry hedgehog, getting ready to defen d his territory at a moment’s notice. “My mommy is the best thing that ever happened to me! She’s the best woman of all! She deserves everything the world could ever offer!” Ryan burst into laughter. Raymond was de finitely still a little kid. For a four-year- old, he was rea lly confused now. He didn’t know why Ryan suddenl y started laughing, and had to i nquire, “What are you laughing?” . “You’re the cutest boy I’ve ever seen!” As a direct result, the little boy wa s embarrassed and turned his face away. “The word ‘cute’ shou ld never be used to de scribe a man like me!” . Perhaps it was because of Wendy, who was very sweet, Ryan found it amusing to know this little guy. He stroke the boy’s hair for a while and withdrew his ha nd before the boy got upset. “I’m an adult already. I have a clear understan ding of what I’m doing. The little gu y gasped a so othing sound. He lifted his throat and bumpily said, “You don’t have to impress me then. “It’s cert ainly not f lattering. “W ha t?” . “It is because you are special to her and she surely ca res about you, so I just want to love you and care for y ou, for her sake. ” Wendy didn’t take much time cooking. She was abl e to finish in no time. They were all dishes that Precious just purchased, including the fish wi th Chinese sauerkraut, fried pork slices, spicy boiled meat pieces, Kung Pao chicken, stewed pork with brown sauce and Spareribs with brown sauce. Besides that, she also made a cucumber salad, lettuce with smashed garlic sau ce and even a soup with tomato and egg. The table was ove rfilled with tong ue-licking foods. Precious was watering when Luke tried the braised pork earlier. She quickly washed her hand s and ran over to see that t he dishes were on the table. She took up a slice of stewed pork and put it in her mouth. It wa s bra ised. “Ah! Yum my!” . The food had a mixt ure of sweetness and saltiness in taste. The pork was so tender and the g ravy was so rich. “Take it sl owly…” . Seeing that she was please d, Wendy felt herself imme diately come to life again. Wendy set a bowl of rice in front of her and said, “Have some, and enjoy. There’s no need to rush

Kee p in mind that no one will take it away from you. “Oh, wow, it’s absolutely delectable! That real ly is wonderful, Auntie Wendy, the food you mak e is much better than the food our cook makes!” . “You’re only too overwhelm ed. You’re just saying that because you’re starving. But by her deeds, Preciou s assured Wendy that her w ords were no exaggeration. She did little other than eat the food, her mouth and hands full of grease. She had time to say almost no thing. Luke and Ryan then in vited themselves to sit down. Wendy w as spee chless. She coul d not be lieve it. “Hey, Wendy. Because of your contract, Ryan and I didn’t have dinner ye t. Just the three of you can’t finish them all now that you have done t his much. If we got some, do you mind?” They had settled down already. Could she still decline? In addit ion, these two people were also he r superiors, technically accurate. How dare she push the m away? It was impert inent of her to do so. Wendy grimaced forcefully , “Of course, I don’t mind . Go ahead it’s all right. “I know you a re the best. Yo u really are!” . Without taking some time to col lect his dishes, Luke simply sa t down and retrieved the meals. After trying all the dishes, he was eager to go on to describe the amazing flavors he noticed. While eating, h e quickly gaine d understanding. How could these two people look like some refugees? They were so embarrassing. Raymond and Ry an, in turn, we re much milder. The two graduall y and eloquently picked up food. Suddenly, Ryan turne d his head. What happen ed next was unexpected. This time, Ryan an d Wendy’s eyes see med to intertwine. The ice in his cold eyes seemed to meet a volcanic eruption, with a noticeable pace that vanished and a hot one replacing it. Bang! Bang! Ba ng! Her heart beat violently. There were but terflies in he r stomach too. Wendy’s hands trembled a nd almost dropped the bow l as they shook too much. To avoid having to meet his burning eyes, she a bruptly turned her head. Ryan raised the corner o f his mouth. Wendy fidget i n her sitting d uring the meal. The dishes at the table wer e quickly swept clean, all thanks to Luke and Precious. “Indeed! I am so full! You are such a good cook. All o f the foods taste amazing!” . Luke placed his hand on his belly and felt extremely satisfied. He was sure ly happy wit h the meals. “I’m about to clean the table now,” said Wendy, who had sett led back into her former role. “No! Sit d own!” . Ryan gazed at Luke coldly, putting down his chopsticks and said, “You’re the visitor. Go ahead and do it!” Luke didn’t utter a word. The way he commended seemed in a way that he had married Wendy an d was now the owner of the house