My Bossy CEO Husband by I. MALCOM

Chapter 36


My Bossy CEO Husband Chapter 36 by I. MALCOM. Luke was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. With all the wealth his family had, he never needed to do the housework, not even once in his life. He looked at his flawless, slender fingers, and then looked at Ryan’s cold, piercing eyes. He sighed and began to gather the bowls and dishes on the table. He had no idea how to properly wash dishes, but it seemed like he had no other choice at the moment. Aye! He had already sacrificed so much. How much more should he endure just for Ryan to chase after Wendy? As soon as Luke left, Precious thought of something. Immediately, she took Raymond by the hand and led him to the sofa in the living room. Ryan and Wendy were left alone in the big dining room. “Boss…”. “Please, Wendy. We’re off duty. Ryan was implying that Wendy didn’t have to call him boss. “Oh…Okay, then,”. Wendy responded quietly. What came after this small exchange was silence filled with tension and awkwardness. Wendy wriggled uncomfortably in her seat as she felt the uneasiness setting in. Her eyes darted in every direction except where Ryan was. Soon, Ryan broke the silence. “So…ever since I became your boss, have…you been afraid of me?”. Wendy let out a nervous chuckle. “What are you even saying, Mr. Oliver?”. “Every time you feel uncomfortable around me you call me ‘Mr. Oliver, ‘‘” Ryan explained nonchalantly. “W-what?”. “You also stutter. Wendy was rendered speechless. ‘How did he even notice that?’ she thought. Ryan leaned against the table, his chin resting on the back of his hand. He got closer to Wendy and changed the topic. “Do you like it here?”. “I actually do! But I’m afraid I really don’t deserve all this. She was not stupid. If Ryan just wanted to repay her for saving Precious, offering her a very lax contract would have been enough. Anything beyond that in this case, an incredible house next to his was, to say the least, way too much. After pondering on it for a few minutes, she decided that it was necessary for her to make thing clear between the two of them. With a deep breath, she summoned up all her coura ge and looked up at Ryan. “Mr. Oliver,” she addressed confidently. “I am an ordinary woman and I have very simple goals in life. I just want to make it in the entertainment industry and show how good of an actress I am on screen

I also want to make a lot of money. After all of that is over, after my contract ends, I will retire, marry an ordinary person, and live a peaceful life. It’s hard for me to admit this but I am scared. I hate changes and I hate being heartbroken when tha t happens. I want a simple life where I know where I’m headed, and I won’t face any drastic changes. Do you understand that?” This was her way of saying that she was rejecting whatever Ryan was offering her. ‘A guy as smart as him would be able to read between the lines and understand wha t I’m trying to say, ‘ she said inwardly. Ryan immedia tely nodded in agreement. With that, Wendy breathed a huge sigh of relief. “It seems like I ha ven’t really made m yself clear enough. “W ha t?” . Ryan stood up all of a sudden. With how tall he was, he easily towered over Wendy, who was ta ken aback by what was happening. Before she could properly react, howev er, he was already bending down, his f ace inching closer and closer to hers. Soon enough, their faces became so clos e together that they could see each othe r’s pores and feel each other’s breaths. “Mr…. Mr. Ol iver…” . “I like yo u, Wendy. I want you!” . Boom! Wendy felt her h ead explode and her min d instantly went blank. ‘What…what the hell? Didn’t he understand that I just reject ed him?’ Wendy was dumbfounded. Ryan interrupted her be fore she could come up with something cohesive. “I will never let you be with some ‘ordinary man ’! Let alone marry them!” . “ - ” . “I am Ryan Oliver! And let me tell you so mething more, Wendy: I will never, ever l et anything bad or painful happen to you!” . His voice was firm , domineering and, honestly, arrogant! . “But why me?” . Wendy asked in a weak voice, “We literall y just got in contact less than ten days a go! If this is because Precious likes me-” . “No, no, no, no! That’s not it! I didn’t like you because of Preciou s I liked you because you’re you!” . Wendy didn’t think sh e could be more stunn ed, but here she was. After a long while, she pointed at Ryan with her trembling fingers and sa id, “I’ve…I’ve heard rumors, you know. They say you like men! You don’t li ke me. You’re just using me to try and hide your true sexual orientation!” . I Ryan’s expr ession darkene d immediately. As his eyes narrowed, he whispered in a t hreatening voice, “It seems that I have to prove my sexual orientation to you, huh. “Ok ay, no,” . Wendy qu ickly bac ktracked. “I just saw that on the news, heard it on the streets. If you have to prove anythin g, you have to prove it to them, not me. She then pushed him a way and rushed into t he corner of the room. “Hey, c ome bac k here!” . “ No !” . Her speed, however, was no match again stRyan’s long legs

He easily caught u p to her, effectiv ely cornering her. She, however , was not af raid anymore. With a determined look on her face, she hissed, “And even if you like women, why me? Don’t tell me that you’ve fallen in love with me at first s ight! You know that’s bullshit and eventually it’s all just because of lust! You are Ryan Oliver, the CEO of Oliver Group. I’m sure you’ve seen, met, and—I don’t know—had “interactions” with all kinds of exceedingly beautiful women! Why are you chasing after me? I’m not even that pretty!” . “Why are yo u so self-d eprecating!” . “I am not! I’m just being real here, Ryan! You are the CEO of Oliver Group, one of the biggest and richest companies in t he entire world! Everybody wants you! And you know what? You don’t even need the CEO of Oliver Group—you are fit and hand some enough that the most beautiful women from Ywood to the US will fall to their knees just to beg you to be with them!” . “What about you?” . “ Me ?” . Ryan’s previously intimidating stan ce became relaxed. A smile spread across lips as he m uttered, “Are you one of those gir ls? Do you…want to sleep with me?” . After everything Wendy said this was what runn ing through Ryan’s mind. It was the first time We ndy saw Ryan smile that w asn’t mocking or a sneer. It was smal l, but it w as sincere. And though it wasn’t muc h, it softened his cold and hard features a lot. Ryan, in his normal state could already be considere d as a man who could easily entrance anyone he came across with, but now that he was sporting this smile… . Wendy felt her throat drying up. Ryan was d oing somet hing toher. The sound of her swallowing came so s uddenly and so loudly that Wendy was immediately shook back to her senses. Ouch! ‘This man is nothing but trouble! He’s fascinating, but I’m definitely no t into him!’ “C’mon Wendy, don’t be shy. You don’t even have to answer the ex pression on your face just now has r evealed everything I needed to know. Ryan was now donning a smile full of naughti ness and determination. “Sh ut up!” . Wendy was so ashamed that she wanted to slap herself twice! Ryan was now, once again, inching closer and closer to her. He was moving in very, very slowly, but his moves were firm and powerful, as if he was a snake wrapping around her heart. Wendy was so scared that her breathe star ted becoming shallow. “Alright then, I will make it short and easy for you to understand, Mr. Oliver. It ’s impossible for us to be together. Regardless of our status, do you really know me? I’m a single mother with a child. Do you think your family can accept that?” . “A relationship does not mean everything goes right in one day. Wendy, it’s a process! We’ll get to know e ach other slowly and we’ll fix issues along the way!” . He cupped her fac e and looked strai ght into her eyes. “Never worry about my family. You don’t have to th ink about whether they like you or not, whether t hey accept you or not. Let me handle all of those. A certain tenderne ss colored his dee p, luscious voice. “Look, you’re a single mother with a son, while I’m a single father with a daughter. We are meant to be together. Wendy could no t believe what was happening. ‘What…is…happening…’ She swallowed and sa id in a very silly way, “You are quite ope n-minded about being a stepfather, ha ha…” . “No one can be yo ur lovely son’s s tepfather but me