My Bossy CEO Husband by I. MALCOM

Chapter 57


My Bossy CEO Husband Chapter 57 by I. MALCOM. Weston’s eyes widened in shock. It seemed as though he wasn’t expecting to hear such bold words coming from a lady like Faye. After a long while, he stumbled over his words with his fingers trembling, “Miss Miller, you’re a lady. How can you say such a thing? Have you no shame?”. “Are you saying that I’m shameless?”. “That’s…That’s not what I…”. He couldn’t look her in the eye, so he averted his gaze. When she rested the palm of her hand on his chest, Weston trembled all over once again. “I don’t care what you think. Anyway, you are the man that I like. If anyone dares to get in my way, I will get rid of her first!”. “You, you…”. “And! You have to behave yourself at all times. If I find you seeing other girls behind my back like this again, I’ll tie you up and drag you with me to my home so we can instantly get married. “Faye, why are you being so unreasonable?”. “Unreasonable?”. Faye jutted her chin asked. It was easy to tell from the look in her eyes that she wanted to keep him all to herself. “Being reasonable isn’t going to make me full or rich, is it? Either way, if you dare to cheat on me, I’m going to kill you!”. “Cut!”. Carter was really satisfied with this take. After watching the playback over and over again, he had no doubt that their actions, facial expressions, and pace were perfect. They were expecting the shoot to take an entire day, but they managed to finish it in just two hours. Needless to be said, Carter was over the moon. The stellar performance of Wendy and Jeffrey took his breath away. The characters that Jeffrey usually played in TV series or movies were very similar, domineering and possessive! For this reason, Carter didn’t think he would be able to pull off being such a feeble scholar. But, to his surprise, Jeffrey’s acting was first rate. And so was Wendy’s. Wendy was an exceptional beauty. And her good looks were her main asset. Be that as it might, this had caused her some problems as well, because when people looked at her face, they had this stereotype that she would be better suited for roles like a girl with exceptional beauty like no other or a femme fatale who would wreak havoc and spell ruin for the people around her. But today, Wendy had shown him her true potential. Wendy stayed with the crew all day long and had to send Raymond a message, because she had to shoot a night scene. And they didn’t finish shooting until the following morning

Everything went smoothly for the shoot, and they had done a lot after a day and night. So, as soon as they were done shooting the night scene, Carter decided to give them a well-deserved two days off so they could get some rest. It was alr eady the br eak of day. The artists who w ere shooting a mo rning scene came. Wendy yawn ed, feelin g so tired. However, she turned down Jeffr ey’s offer to send her home and was about to leave on her own. The moment she walked out o f the set, she saw Eris and Brian walking side by side. Suddenly, all of th e tiredness Wendy f elt had disappeared. “W end y…” . Pretending not to see t hem, Wendy walked past t he two and ignored them. Brian gripped her wr ist really hard afte r calling out to her. “Wendy, Eris wants to say hello to you. Acting as though she just touched something a wful, Wendy quickly shook off his hand and sa id, “Get your hands off me! It’s disgusting!” . “W end y!” . Brian gritted his teeth, fum ing with anger. Wendy glanc ed at them and sneered. As usual, Eris was still wearing a white knee-length dress, with her long and strai ght black hair hanging over her shoulders. With her light makeup, she looked so delicate and charming, which could pro bably make men grow protective of her. On the other hand, Brian, who had a black suit on, intimately wrapped his arm around Eris’ waist and looked at her so tenderly just like he always did. Thinking of how he also hel d her in his arms once, Wen dy felt sick to her stomach. So, she took two steps back to keep a distance between them, as though she would throw up if she got any closer. “We ndy !!! . “What? Did I say somet hing wrong?” . Eris bit he r lip and w alked over. Then, she said, “Wendy…I know you hate me. If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have suffered so much these past couple of years. I have told dad that you are still alive, and he was s o happy when he found out. He asked me to tell you that our family will always welcome you. “H uh ?” . How could Ruben possibly say such a thing to her? How ridiculous! As far as Wendy could remember, he had n ever been a good man, nor was he a good father to her. Wendy lost he r mother at t he age of six. When she was a child, she had pleasant memo ries with her mother and sister, but as for Ruben, all she knew about him was his name. He left early and came back late every day. And as soon as he got back, he would start drinking and the house would be filled with the smell of alcohol. After getting drunk, he wou ld go up the wall and beat and scold the three of them. At some point, h e started coming home less often

They were mu ch happier w ithout Ruben. Unfortunately, their mot her passed away when Wend y was only six years old. Wendy’s mother was a local in Ywood , and her father was the one who mov ed in with her as a live-in husband. After his wife’s death , he naturally inherit ed all the properties. At the time, they owned a total of three houses, a nd he didn’t waste any time selling two of them to fritter away, and use the rest to support himself. Soon after the funeral, Ruben threw his two daug hters to the countryside. Their grandfather died early, le aving only their grandmother to l ook after them in their hometown. Since their grandmother wa s already old and in poor health, she often got sick. In spite of this, their grandma s till did her best to shower Wendy and her sister with so much love. No matter how difficult it was, she did everythi ng she could to support the two of them and send them to school, even if she had to pick up trash. They stayed in the countrys ide for five years until th eir grandmother passed away. Ruben had to take Wendy and her sis ter back to Ywood. At that time, he was already remarried to a w oman named Cacia and had already ran through all the money he got from selling the houses. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Ruben thought it wo uld be a good idea to make use of his eldest daug hter, so he married her to a middle-aged man! Now… . Eris told her that Ruben was happy to hear that she was alive and even wanted her to go home! : Home? That was Eris’ home, not hers! “Wendy…” . “Sh ut up!” . Eris wanted to play affectionate sist ers with her, but Wendy had no intent ion to play along with her whatsoever. Instead, she yelle d at her, and Eris trembled with fear. Standing in front of Eris to comfort her, Brian glared at Wendy in disgus t and said, “You’ve become even more heartless than you were three years ago! Three years ago, you stabbed Eris, but she has already forgiven you. Even now, she still treats y ou as her own sister and wor ries about you all the time. Why do you h ave to be so ungrateful?!” . Wendy was lef t at such a l oss for words. It was clear as day that he had completely been brain -washed by Eris. Without giving him any response, she snorted, walked past the two, and was about to leave. “Stop! W e need t o talk!” . Without turning back, Wendy yawned lazily and replied, “I’ve been working all night. I’m very tired and not in the mood to talk right now! Do you really think it’s a good idea to talk to me right now?” . “Y es !” . “I don ’t have time!” . Hearing this, Brian st rode toward her and st opped her from leaving. “We need to talk today!” . Slowly raising her eyebrows, Wendy sneered, “Brian! Do you think I’m still the same idio t from three years ago who would listen to everything you say? Or do you think that even if you were two-timing me and kept hurting me, I would still love you after three years?” . Brian opened his mouth and looked like he wanted to say something b ut didn’t say anything in the end. With her eyebrows deeply knit, Wendy went on and added, “Or do you perhaps think that I came back for you and joined the crew of the “Story of Concubine Ivanka” o n purpose? You think I just want to get back together with you again, don’t you?”