My Bossy CEO Husband by I. MALCOM

Chapter 60


Ryan’s mood only improved for a brief moment. However, it seemed as though something else occurred to him. He pursed his lips in disdain, and his face turned even colder. Everyone was terrified. ‘Help us!’ Without anyone noticing, Luke ran out of the ward and gave Wendy a call when he reached the corridor. “I’m an apple, an apple, an apple. I’m a banana, a banana, a banana…”. Meanwhile, Wendy’s phone suddenly rang. She was startled upon hearing the joyful ringtone. She was expecting a call from a specific person that she did not even bother to look who it was when she answered it. “Hello?”. “Wendy, Help!”. Help?! Could it be that Ryan…Wendy’s face turned pale at once. With her one hand clutching the phone tightly, she hurriedly put on her slippers and then got out of bed. “Luke, tell me what’s going on. Is Ryan…”she trailed off. Luke rolled his eyes upon hearing the anxiousness in her voice. All of a sudden, an idea occurred to him. He feigned a sad voice and said, “Wendy, Ryan is not in good condition. He fainted at home a few days ago and was then sent to the hospital. He has woken up from the coma, but he hasn’t slept since. Sad to say, but his insomnia is getting worse. I wanted to call you for help, but Ryan said…he said that you’re busy with your work and life and that he shouldn’t bother you all the time, so I decided not to call you. Wendy felt touched, at the same time, sad upon hearing this. There was also a tinge of guilt in her heart. Ever since her return, Ryan had been helping her a lot. Even when he was currently admitted to the hospital, he still ordered his servants to bring Ray lunch every day. Ryan had been hospitalized for days, yet Wendy had not asked about his condition until now. “Luke, is Ryan getting better now?”. “Truth be told, he isn’t,”. Luke answered with a stifled sob and continued, “Wendy, I really had no choice, so I called you without Ryan’s knowledge. He’s crazy! He’s seriously ill, but he’s still working in the hospital. If he goes on like this, this might be the end of him. “Nonsense!”. Wendy exclaimed. She strode out of the room and fetched her son. She then ran across the living room and quickly changed her shoes. “Which hospital is he in? Ray and I will go there to see him,” she said over the phone. “He’s on the 32nd floor of Hopewell Hospital in the inpatient department. “I’ll be right there. With that, Wendy hang up the phone

She did not even bother to change her clothes. She just wore her baggy white T-shirt, a pair of denim shorts, and a backpack. Then, she quickly put on a pair of canvas shoes and took Raymond with her. Wendy tied up her hair while she walked. In order to move fast, she picked her son up and then walked out. “Mommy, are we goi ng to see Uncle Ry an?” Raymond asked. “Yes,” Wendy a nswered. A hint of joy fla shed across the l ittle boy’s face. As his mother walked, he obediently leaned on her shoulder and said nothing. As soon as Wendy reached the street, she hailed a cab to Hopewell Hospital. She paid the fair the in stant the taxi stopped i n front of the hospital. Without further ado, she went s traight to the inpatient departm ent where Ryan had been staying. “Mommy, don’t we need to buy something bef ore we see a patient?” . ‘How careless was I ! Raymond was right. Th ey couldn’t just go to see a patient in ho spital without bringing any comfort gifts. “Yes, of co urse!” . Fortunately, there were stal ls that sold flowers and fru it baskets near the hospital. The latter looked very appeali ng, but the price of it was hi gher than in an ordinary shop. Through gritted teeth, Wendy bought two frui t baskets in courtesy. The products were worth 200 dollars, unbelievably expensi ve for a simple fruit basket. Although that gesture had a wonderfu l meaning, she was pained at having to spend so much money just for that. If only she had known about it earl ier, she would have bought the frui t basket at the fruit stand instead. That way, it would not have cost so much. “Let’s go, ” she said to her son. Wendy was familiar with the 32nd floor of Hopewell Hospital since she had be en there once when she saved Precious. Through that experience, sh e found out that the wards o n that floor were luxurious. The rooms on that floor had their own living roo m, bathroom, and kitchen. They even had two bedrooms! The two bedrooms made it convenient for the family to take care of the patient. Since some were worried that the food in the hospital wa s not nutritious enough, they were given the means to co ok their own nutritious soup or porridge in the kitchen. Because she had been there befor e, Wendy took the elevator to th e 32nd floor without difficulty. When she reached the floor, s he saw that several special se curity guards stationed there. Since Luke had already informed the guards, they let her in as so on as they verified her identity. Luke had already told Wendy wh at Ryan’s room was, so she wen t there straight with Raymond. Just as she was about to knoc k at the door, she heard a co ld, booming voice from inside. “Redo everything! The company has entrusted you with a high salary! You’re not working fo r free, so you should do your damn job well!” . Standing outside th e door, Wendy was a t a loss for words. Every room was equipped w ith a hand-size glass pane l on the door of the ward. This enabled the nurses to see the condition of the patient i nside without opening the door. Wendy peered through the pane l and swallowed hard when she saw what was happening inside. There was a group of i mpeccably dressed men and women in the ward. Their ages ranged f rom the late twenti es to early fifties

A few young talents who often appeared on financ ial news were also there. Fear and trepidation w ere apparent in everyo ne at that very moment. They just stood there , unable to say a wor d after being scolded. Wendy wonde red if she s hould go in. After all, she wou ld be reprimanded as well if she did. She was very conflict ed, and her heart was pounding in her chest. Knock knock! While she wa s in a daze, Raymond sudd enly knocked on the door. “Ray!” Wen dy exclaime d in shock. However, Raymond did not seem to feel her anxiety and he seemed rather calm. He lifted a fruit basket in h is hand and looked at Wendy w ith his black, innocent eyes. “Mommy, aren’t we here to se e Uncle Ryan?” . The corner o f Wendy’s mo uth twitched. Before she could even a nswer, the door suddenly opened from the inside. It was Luke. Seeing Wendy there, he almo st burst into tears. “Oh my dearest We ndy…thank God you ’re here at last!” . Wendy craned her neck to lo ok inside and asked, “Is it okay for us to go in now?” . “Yes , it is!” . In all honesty, everyone in the room was waiting f or someone to rescue them. Luke opened th e door wider an d let Wendy in. Because of this, she had no choice but t o go inside bravely. The people inside were so gr ateful that they even steppe d aside and made way for her. A deafening s ilence befell in the room. Everyone could say th at the atmosphere was extremely terrifying. With a fruit basket in her hand, Wendy walke d towards the bedside. The instant Ryan sa w her, his coldness dissipated at once. He pursed his lips an d cast a glance at Luk e with his sharp eyes. Then, from Luke, Ryan’s gaze shift ed to Wendy, but his eyes darkened upon seeing what she was wearing. Wendy was wearing a loose T -shirt and a pair of denim shorts with tattered edges. Her shirt was l ong that it cov ered her shorts. At a glance, it seemed as though she was weari ng that T-shit as a dress, which highlighted he r slender long legs that were as white as snow. She was not wearing makeup, yet her face was fair and bright. Also, her hair was tied into a h igh ponytail, which swayed side to side behind her as she walked. Pure! Enchanting! Two oppos ite temperament could be se en in her at the same time. Most of the senior executives wer e amazed by Wendy’s beauty that th ey could not help but gawk at her. Ryan noticed the looks on th eir faces that his eyes sudd enly turned sharp and fierce. “Ge t o ut!” . Get out?! Wendy st iffened and was pet rified on the spot. Her shoulders slumped, and she was about to tur n to leave when the group of senior executives rushed out of the room with their heads lowered. Wendy was at a loss for words