My Bossy CEO Husband by I. MALCOM

Chapter 4 by I. MALCOM


My Bossy CEO Husband Chapter 4 by I. MALCOM. Wendy immediately understood what was happening in the room. The man and the woman were probably on a blind date, and the little girl holding her hand was the man’s daughter. She did not like her father’s date, so she pulled her over to ruin their lovely dinner. Now that Wendy had finally made sense of everything, she felt a surge of headache. She obviously wasn’t expecting to be in this kind of situation right now. Squatting down to level with the kid, Wendy uttered, “Little girl…”. “Mommy, I know you are wronged,”the young girl interrupted, evidently too involved in the story she made up. Then suddenly, her eyes turned red, and she threw herself into Wendy’s arms. “Grandpa and grandma don’t like you, and they won’t allow you to marry daddy. So, you and daddy can only be together in secret. Don’t worry. They may not like you, but I love you, and so does daddy! You are the only one he loves. I promise the three of us will never be separated. We are a family. The poor girl cried against Wendy’s chest as she spoke, damping her clothes with the warmth of tears. Undeniably, her heart ached as she listened to the child’s sentiments. What a poor girl! Her father wanted to find her a stepmother, but she was afraid he would treat her differently once he found a woman. That was why she was this indifferent to her father’s date. Realizing this, Wendy held the little girl in her arms lovingly, patting her back for comfort. “Honey, don’t cry. “Waah…Waah…”. Meanwhile, at the table, the woman’s pale face was contorted into a grimace of displeasure. That was reasonable. No one would be happy to be called ugly by a little girl. “Ryan…I know your daughter doesn’t like me, but she is too impolite,”the woman uttered, grazing the man’s hand with her palm. Hearing this, the girl cried even louder. But Wendy didn’t mind this. What bothered her was the drastic drop in the temperature of the room. On such a hot day, she felt chills down her spine. “What did you just say?”. I The man finally started to talk. His low and baritone voice was unexpectedly pleasant. Yet, it dripped with such an intimidating aura. With evident fear in her face, the woman swallowed before saying, “I…I mean, Precious is too impolite. Ryan, your daughter is already four. It’s time you start disciplining her. The man pulled out his hand from the woman’s grip. Then, in a stern voice, he uttered, “This is how I spoil my daughter

Do you have a problem with that?”. The woman was rendered speechless. “Ryan…”. “You can leave now!”. The woman was stunned. It took her a lot ju st to get a blind da te with Ryan Oliver. The man was ju st too elusive around women. But now he was kicking her ou t just because she said his d aughter was impolite! “Ryan…” . “Get o ut of here!” . Seeing how angry h e was, the woman im mediately trembled. She didn’t dare to say anything more a nd instead quickly grabbed her belongi ngs before walking out of the VIP room. As the woman passed by Wendy, she glar ed at her fiercely. Although Wendy saw it, she ignored it and instead just rubbed her nose innocently. Bang! A blaring sound echoed in the entire room, signaling that the door had been shut. Wendy was about to comfort the li ttle girl when the man suddenly t urned around, revealing his face. Instantly, Wendy’s heart skipped a beat! What a handsome man! He sported a jet-black suit, e mphasizing his wide shoulders and narrow waist. By Wendy’s esti mate, he was aro und 6 foot tall. He towered over her so easily that Wendy suddenly felt small. His sharp jaws, thick black ey ebrows, and dark eyes all high lighted his well-sculpted face. The moment his brows furrowed , Wendy realized how authorit ative and domineering he was. But more than that, she thought he seemed oddly familiar! If she had seen such a handsome man be fore, surely, she should not have forgotten him. While she was disrupte d with those thoughts, the man suddenly spoke. His voice was low and full of warning . ”Precious Oliver. “Yes, da ddy. I am coming!” . The little girl happily answered and jumped out o f Wendy’s arMs. Meanwhile, Wendy looked down and sa w that tears were still on the little girl’s face. And although she was suppo sed to be sad, the kid pla stered a smile on her lips. ‘‘Was she just acting?’’ Wendy thoug ht to herself, quite stunned at how fast the girl changed her expression. “Come here,” th e man commanded emotionlessly. The little girl ran over and held the man’s leg fawningly. “Daddy, don’t be angry. I didn’t mean to ruin your date. But you said that you would ask for my opinion before finding a mommy for me. Th at woman is so ugly! She didn’t deserve you at all! Look at her! It was her only first date with you, and yet she already dared to sco ld me for being impolite. If she really becomes my stepmother, do you think she will treat me well judging from her behavior just now?” . “Then wh at do yo u want?” . “I lik e this lady!” . The little girl suddenly point ed at Wendy, making Ryan shift his entire focus on the latter

The moment he saw her, a glimmer of amusement flas hed through his deep eyes. But it only lingered fo r a few seconds as his e yebrows twisted tightly. Why did he seem to be so hostile to wards her? “My friend is waiting fo r me. I won’t disturb you. Goodbye, ” . Wendy said, preparing to leave as she sensed tha t he was not very welcoming. The man was silent, b ut his daughter was reluctant to let Wendy leave. “Good-bye, beautiful aun tie!”the girl eagerly sai d, waving her tiny hands. “B ye !” . As soon as Wendy left, Ryan’s ey es became colder. The little girl had long been u sed to her father’s cold face, s o she was not frightened at all. “Who bro ught you here?!” . Ryan asked, wonderi ng how the hell his daughter got there. “Unc le L uke!” . The little girl answered without any hesitation. Outside the VIP room, Luke Olive r couldn’t help but push the door open as soon as he was revealed. “Precious Oliver! Do you have a conscience? Didn’t you say that you w ere the closest to me and loved me the most? Why did you tell on me t o your daddy? You bad girl! I will never take you out for fun again!” . “Uncle Luke , don’t be like this…” . “H ump h!” . Luke Oliver turned his head arrogant ly and ignored her. But then, Precio us climbed up al ong Luke’s thigh. Afraid that she would fall, Luke hurriedly grabbed her buttocks while she wrapped he r arms around his neck and gave him a kiss. “Humph! Don’t think that a kiss can make up for what you did!” . The little girl rolled her eyes, turned her head, and kissed him again and again on his cheeks. Not being abl e to resist her cuteness anymore, Luke grinned widely. “That’s my goo d girl!” . With that, they all resumed their dinn er in the VIP room. Precious, a typical lazy girl that she was, fell as leep right after her meal. Ryan quickly took off his jacket and wrapped her in his arms, looking at his daughter with soft eyes – much different from his usual expression. However, when he shifted his gaze to Luke, his eyes had returned to cold as usual. Luke’s heart sank instantly. ‘‘Damn it! How could he treat us differently? I’m his broth er!’’ Luke thought to himself. “L uk e!” . “Y ea h?” . “Get some information about that woman! I ne ed it within an hour!” . “The woman who wa s pulled into thi s room just now?” . Luke asked, confused as t o why his brother wanted t o know who that woman was. But after realizing something, he added: “Do yo u suspect that she deliberately approached your daughter and used her to get involved with you?”