My Bossy CEO Husband by I. MALCOM

Chapter 9 by I. MALCOM


My Bossy CEO Husband Chapter 9 by I. MALCOM. “You! You’re perfect!” Carter was shouting as he got to his feet, fearing that Wendy might slip out of his hands. “What was your name again?”. “Wendy Finch. “That’s right. Wendy Finch, come here. ” He waved his assistant over. “Bring me the contract as soon as possible!”. His face was flushed with undeniable excitement. Mason and Carter had collaborated several times in the past, and they were quite attuned to each other’s minds. Seeing his friend practically jumping in joy, Mason couldn’t stop himself from teasing him. “There are still other girls waiting for their turn to audition. Aren’t you afraid of missing out on a better actress?”. “There won’t be a better actress than her!”. The truth was that shooting had already begun, and every role had already been cast. But Carter was not satisfied with the actress playing Lady Faye. He had searched through the roster of actresses the entertainment circle could provide, but all the women either had good looks with no skills, or passable skills with unacceptable looks. Even today, he had almost given up after seeing a horde of annoying performances. He had actually been considering holding another audition if today’s event had proven to be fruitless. Well, he was fortunate to have found a gem among the aspiring participants. Wendy walked up to Carter and he looked her up and down. The more he saw, the more satisfied he became with his decision. He hadn’t looked carefully before, but he was slowly recognizing just how beautiful this woman was. Her eyes, in particular, had a quality that hinted at temptation. Wasn’t this exactly the Lady Faye he had been looking for?. They chatted for a bit before the assistant returned with the contract and a pen. “Wendy Finch, please review the contract we offer and see if you are okay with the terMs. If there are no problems then we will proceed with signing you into the project. You will join the crew and start to shoot tomorrow. ” That gave Wendy pause. Did he mean to say that he had already made up his mind to give her the role just like that? Hadn’t Roger said that there was supposed to be two rounds of audition? And she had been ready for the second round, too. When a moment passed without her response, Carter stepped forward and placed the contract directly on her hands. “Look it over now!”. “Uh…Yes, thank you!”. The document had been prepared in advance, and only then did Wendy realize how big of a project the TV show actually was. The contract was quite good and generous, especially in terms of her commission. Considering that she was basically a newcomer, it was astounding to learn that she could earn nearly a million from this one show alone. She kept staring in disbelief at the numbers printed on the paper. So engrossed was she that it slipped her mind to actually sign the contract. Carter could only watch and grow anxious by the minute. “Miss Finch, are you perhaps dissatisfied with our offer? If there is anything wrong with the stipulations, we are very much open to negotiations!”. “Oh, that’s not necessary at all! I’m very pleased with the terms

Without any further ad o, Wendy grabbed the p en and signed her name. Then Carter took out the seal and stampe d it on the document. The cont ract was official. Carter found himself sighi ng in relief. “I’ve read your information. Y ou graduated from the New Yor k Acting College, didn’t you?” . “Yes. ”He n odded. “All right, give me your contact details. If nothing else comes up, we will start shooting tomorrow. Do you thin k you have some time to spare? We’re actually producing The Story of Concubine Ivanka here in Studio City. I wa s thinking we could ask the staff to take you to the site so you could familiarize the environment beforehand. The director was so straightforward with his approach that even if Wendy didn’t have tim e, she didn’t think she could refuse at all. “O ka y. When the deal was finally set tled, employee took Wendy and facilitated her early payment. She was well- acquainted with the salary setup in the co untry; she would get 30% of her fee at the start of film ing, and the rest would be paid after the shoot was over. While 30% may not be a significant portion, this time it was equivalent to more than three hundred tho usand, and it was more than enough to help her deal with her most pressing probleMs. Back at the office, Luke held a handkerchief to his bleeding nose, still staring in amazement at Wendy through the screen. Oh, God! He was the sort of man who enjoyed femal e company all year round. He had seen man y beautiful wom en in his time. But when he had watched Wendy Finch perform, h e had been reduced to a simpering young boy wh o had been struck with love for the first time. “Oh my God!’’ He had had to plug his nos e almost immediately. “Uncle Luk e, you’re d isgusting!” . Precious curle d her lip at h im in disdain. “I’m warning you though, d on’t even think about seduc ing this beautiful auntie!” . She gave him a l ittle push to emp hasize her words. “Precious, surely you know I don’t fall fo r a woman so easily. “Humph! You say that but you were all over the tabloids last time with a sexy star. And then there was the time you traveled with a model. And before that. In any case! You are not allowed to get close to the beautiful aunt. She’s going to be my mommy!” . “Mommy?” Luke wiped his nose. “Precious, ar e you serious about that?” . The little gir l shook her he ad and sniffed. “Did I ev er joke a bout it?” . I Luke’s hea d shot up to look at Ryan. His brother’s eyes were still on the screen , his face devoid of expression. To Luke, ho wever, that alone was a reaction in itself. “R ya n…” . “Tell Kane to si gn a contract wi th Wendy Finch. “ Uh …” . “Tell him to draw up a con tract that would remain val id for at least ten years

“O ka y!” . “Make sure there’s a condition forbidding her to get romant ically involved with any man within the time period. If this isn’t met, she will have to pay a penalty of one billion. Luke’s jaw hung open in shock. Wendy was ushered to the shooting site by an employee, the very same that ha d befriended her prior to the audition. He was obviously in a good mood, and he wa s blushing constantly. “Miss Finc h,”he said excitedly. “I knew you wou ld definitely ac e the audition!” . “Tha nk y ou. The young man smil ed shyly. They didn’t have to walk very far, and w hen they arrived, the camera was rolling with the assistant director at the helm. They presented their cards a nd were let in. The shoo ting was going on. The setting of the scene wa s in a palace bedroom, and Eris was the one in action. Wendy and the yo ung man looked on from a distance. “That is Er is Finch,”h e whispered. “She is the leading actress in the play. She has a beautiful face and good acting skills, but more importantly, she has a gentle character. She’s rather soft-spoken as well, and is renowned for her amicable temper. You’ll see this for yourself once you get to know her. Eris had a gentle character? She was amicable ? She was gentle? ‘Ha!’ Wendy sneered inwardl y as she stared at Eris through a prop window. She had been prepared to meet her stepsister on the way to the site, but despite that, Wendy found all her dark hatred bubbling to the surface when she finally saw Eris. Tragedy had struck her one af ter another all because of thi s woman! Eris had drugged her. Eris had s tolen her boyfriend. Eris was responsible for the death of one of h er children, and the fact that Wendy and Ray h ad been forced to stay abroad for three years. Wendy’s hands clenched int o tight fists. Eris Finch! Weren’t you always fond of acting innocent victim? You’re such an expert after all. Just wait for me to reveal your true face in front of everyone!’ ° Her gaze must have been too sharp that Eris’ senses picked up on it. While in the middle of the shoo t, she suddenly turned to the d irection of the piercing glare. Their eyes met. Wendy gav e her a s low smile. Eris paled in an in stant, as though sh e had seen a ghost. She got to her feet in one sudden motion, knocking over the teacup she was holding. The hot liquid splashed onto her hand, She gasped in pain. And just like that, the shoot was suspended, and everyone scrambled all over the place in a mess. Eris’ assistant rushed o ver with the ice bag to a pply on her scalded skin. “Are yo u okay, Eris?” . The actress’ heart was pounding furious ly inside her chest. She looked ba ck out of the prop window. No one was the re now. ‘Wendy Finch!’ Eris was certa in that the woman just now wa s none other than Wendy Finch