My Husband Is Royalty

Chapter 19


Marcy Brown stunned. A moment later, he realized that Thad Gu wanted to take a cut from the Project of Spring Hill. A thirty percent cut!. After thinking about it, Marcy's forehead was instantly covered with cold sweat. Thad was so greedy that he asked thirty percent directly in the first place, which valued more than one hundred million. "Lord Thad, are you kidding me?" Marcy confused with a smile that was even uglier than crying. It should be known that although the project of Spring Hill was a grease project, Brown's Family had a total of several hundred people, and it wasn't much when spread out to everyone. To exaggerate, he and his father combined would share less than thirty percent. "Do you think I'm kidding you?". Thad gave Marcy a light glance. Marcy shuddered and suddenly felt a spine of coolness rising from the end of the spine. Thad wasn't an ordinary social thug. He killed several people before. Marcy suddenly regretted that he shouldn't have sought cooperation with a jackal like Thad. After being beaten by Robin Lin in public, Marcy only thought of revenge in his mind, and he couldn't wait to bruise Robin immediately, so he came to Thad without stopping. It was completely unexpected that in the eyes of people like Thad, he was a lamb. "Lord Thad, thirty percent. it's too much. I can't take that much. " Marcy said weakly. "Ha, ha. " Thad suddenly smiled. He patted Marcy's shoulder and said, "Marcy, don't be so nervous. Am I look like a greedy man, I'm just kidding, ha, ha!". Marcy squeezed out a smile, "Lord Thud, you are so humorous. "Come on, how can I deal with the bitch June Brown?" Thad asked seriously. Marcy smiled and answered, "Use your favorite way to deal with her. "My favorite way?" Thad looked at Marcy with confusion and suddenly understood, "You want me to fuck her?". "Yes, Lord Thad, haven't you been thinking about June? The other day I sent someone from Thailand to bring a few bottles of magic potion from the black market. The drug properties were extremely fierce, as long as they drink the water, whether they are chaste ladies or gentlewomen, all of them will become sluts and be manipulated, and they can do all the shameful things you want!". "Is June, this stinking bitch, always likes to pretend to be noble? I'd like to see her after drinking this water this time, will she still be noble in front of you?". Thad rubbed his hands in excitement, the lustful evil in his eyes not concealed. The women he had played with were many, including students, nurses, white-collars, young ladies. all kinds of them. Those women, beautiful as they were, without exception, they all had a dusty air about them. They always made Thad unhappy. And June was different, not to mention her perfect face and body, her elegant temperament was simply like a fairy in the sky. Even in his dreams, Thad wanted to fuck this kind of fairy. In the past, afraid of the Brown family's power, he didn't dare to do anything to June. But now, someone from Brown's family brought June to him. If he didn't fuck her, he would be a little sorry for himself. "If I fuck her, nothing will happen, right?" Thad asked. "Lord Thad, don't worry, absolutely not! When you fuck her, you can make a video. After finishing, you can use the video to threaten that little bitch. She doesn't dare to say anything more. As for her useless husband, you may not know, Lord Thad. Yesterday, he knew that little bitch June was having sex with Cheney, but didn't dare say anything. " Marcy replied. "What a fucking waste!" Thad scolded, "If my wife dares to give me a cuckold, I'll break her legs and cripple the bastard who dares to give me a cuckolded. "Lord Thad, not every man is as bloody-minded as you. I won't lie to you, that trash, married to June for three years, haven't had sex with her. Before yesterday, June was still a virgin

" Marcy expressed. "Fuck!" Thad cursed, "Why is this trash still alive, why doesn't he go die!". Robin Put an excellent woman like June by his side for three years but didn't have sex, and other men took the first step. Thad now wanted to kill Robin. How could there be such a wimp in this world?. Seeing that he had succeeded in arousing Thad's anger, Marcy raised his lips with a smile of success, revealing his visit's real purpose, "Lord Thad, would you like to meet this wimp?". "Why do I see him? Seeing this kind of waste will dirty my eyes. " Thad scolded. "Lord Thad, you don't understand this. You have to meet him because he is the wimp Robin. "Think about it, when you have sex with June, let Robin watch from the sidelines. If he sees his wife, whom he hasn't even kissed in three years of marriage, transforming into a slut in front of you and being ravaged by you, what kind of mood will that wimp have?". "And that bitch June, doesn't she consid er herself noble? What would she look like if you fucked her in front of her husband, haha. Marcy laughed wickedly. This was the most painful way he could think of to take revenge on Robin and June. Marcy thought that Robin, you should have jus t settled for being a wimp, the price you pay for being impulsive was far beyond what you can afford! . Thad was dumbfounded and thought Ma rcy was really bad to the bone, how coul d he even think of such a vicious method. However, it was indee d exciting. Thad's face flushed red. He had played with many women, but n one, yet, in front of her husband. Thad's lower abdomen suddenly became hot, "Good , just do as you said, haha. After it's done, you wil l be my brother-in-law. I will not treat you badly! " . "Thank you, Lord Thad. " Marcy's face was crossed wit h excitement. With Thad as his backing and Brown's family , no one would dare to oppose him, not even Marcus Brown! . "Besides, Lord Thad, the wimp Robin is still a bit brute. For the sake of insurance, I suggest that you scrap him first, and then bring him over, so as not to disturb your interest when you have sex with June. "Marcy sinisterly said. Robin's two slaps made his face still sorely hot. At this moment, he just borrowed Thad's hand to give Robin a lesson. "Okay, no problem. " Thad waved his hand indifferently. Many of his brothers were ruthless men who licked the blood with their blad es. Letting them scrap one was no different from stepping on an ant. "Then Lord Thad, I'll call June right now and ask her to come over. " After Marcy sai d that, he walked out of the private box and took out his phone. He had already made some inquiries, June was at home at the moment, while Robin was still out delivering take-out. As long as June was called first, Th ad will handle Robin. Marcy dialed Ju ne's phone. "June Brown, I'll give yo u half an hour to come over to Golden Time Club right away!" . Hearing Marcy's voice, June hung up the phone directly. Marcy gritted his teeth, this b itch, shame on you! . "If you don't come over in half an hour, don't blame me for being rude to Robin!" Marcy sent another text message. June frowned, she couldn't igno re Marcy's threat. It's just that she didn 't know what Marcy wanted he r to do in Golden Time Club. Hesitantly, June still decided to get up and go there. She didn't think that Marcy would do anything to her. More l ikely, Marcy still wanted the engineering team in her hands. June soon took a taxi and arrived at Golden Time Club. After being led into the compartment by the wait er, she found Marcy sitting alone in the compartment, and a bottle of red wine on the table in front of him. "What are you looking for me for? " June spoke coldly

Marcy glance d at heer, and fa intly said, "Sit. June frown ed slightly and sat on the sofa. Marcy poured a c up of wine and pushed it in front of June. "Marcy, if yo u have something to say, just say it!" . "June, I'm your cousin, can't you talk to me a little nicer?" Marcy smiled bitterly. June gave Marcy a suspi cious glance: Why was Marcy' s attitude a little strange? . "Actually, it doesn't matter, June. At noon, Robin slapped me in the face of so many relatives. It's impossible to let it go," Marcy said lightly. "What do you want to do?" June gritted her teeth, asking. She was well aware of Marcy's persona lity that this man would definitely take revenge on his enemies. If Robin Zhou couldn't explain his reason for beating him up, Marcy would never stop and might come up with some way to deal with Robin. "It's simple, just return my dad' s engineering team!" . "No way!" . "No way?" Marcy sneered, "Aren't you af raid that Robin will suddenly be hit by a ca r and die when he walks on the road one day!" . June's complexion changed suddenly. Of course, she knew that Marcy was threatening h er, but she dared not gamble on Robin's life. "Fine, I can give you the engineering team, but you must promise not to trouble Robin in the future!"June gritted her teeth and said. Although handing over the engineering team to Marcy meant that she had lost the last bargaining chip in her hand, and the Pro ject of Spring Hill would be completely irrelevant to her, it had nothing to do with comparing to Robin's life, she could accept it! . "I promise, as long as you give me the eng ineering team, that wimp Robin, I will not look at him in the future," Marcy said with laughing. "You'd better do it!" June gave Marcy a cold look. "Don't worry, June, who can't get along with the money? Com e on, drink up. Let's forget all about our past grudges. " Marcy smiled and poured a glass of wine, pushing it in front of June. Without any dou bt, June took the win e glass and drank it. After finishing t he drink, she was read y to get up and leave. But at that moment, the door of the com partment was pushed open. A man wearing a flo wery shirt with a scar on his face walked in. June insta ntly felt somet hing was wrong. "My great beauty, how do es the wine taste?" Thad smil ed lustfully and walked over. "Marcy, wh o is he?!" June scolded angrily. Marcy got up, walking to June, and said with a smile, " M y cousin, he is the husband I found for you. How is it, is it ten times and one hundred times stronger than the wimp Robin?" . "You are shameless!" June's ches t shivered with anger, and then stretc hed out her hand towards Marcy's face. "P ah. It was Marcy's slap on he r pretty face first, and her pa le face immediately turned red. "Bitch!" Marcy smiled hideously, "Did I g ive you a fucking face? That wimp Robin hit me, and do you a stinky bitch want to hit me too?" . "Marcy! You destine not to die a natural death!" Tears twirled in June's beautiful eyes, her legs were soft, her feet were weak, and she couldn't even stand. "Marcy, how can you hit your sister-in-law, yo ur sister-in-law has such a pretty face, it would b e bad to break it. " Thad smilingly stepped forward. "Lord Thad, I' m sorry. " Marcy apo logized incessantly. Thad waved his hand and said, "It's fine, go on with your work. I'll make o ut with your sister-in-law first, haha!" . "Okay, Lord Thad, take your time. " Marcy bowed respectfully. After saying that, he closed the door and walked out. "My beauty, I 'm here!" . Thad smiled lustfully and pou nced towards June. June took two steps b ack in fear but tripped ov er the couch behind her