My Husband Is Royalty

Chapter 21


"Mother f. !". Thad Gu was shocked by the sound and was about to curse out. But when he turned back and saw this scene, his pupils immediately constricted and he couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air. He forcefully held back that dirty word. "Hey bro, did you go the wrong way?". Thad quietly took out a dagger from the bottom of the table and asked. Having been in the underworld for over twenty years, he had seen all kinds of people, so he was extremely accurate in distinguishing people. He could know at a glance which could be messed with while who could be not. The man with a calm look in front of Thad was one of the few people who made Thad afraid to offend!. Robin ignored Thad. At this moment, only June was in his eyes. Seeing that June was fine, Robin was finally released. "Brother, did you have a crush on her?". Thad tentatively asked. Since Robin entered the door, Thad began to observe Robin's expression, so now, Robin's appearance made him have an illusion. In his opinion, Robin had a crush on June. It never occurred to Thad that the man in front of him was the wimp in his mouth that he didn't even want to see. "If bro doesn't mind, you can join me. "Swoosh!". A flash burst out!. At the moment of approaching Robin, Thad's expression suddenly became ferocious. He drew out the dagger hidden in his belt and pierced fiercely towards the main artery on Robin's neck!. Thad smugly smiled as if he had already seen Robin's blood spurting out. Thad's action was really fast. If there was an ordinary person, he might have died under this unexpected stab. But Robin was not an ordinary person!. From the age of six, he began to receive the hell training by his mother, including combative, assassination, body quenching. Day after day, year after year!. At the age of ten, Robin was able to fight three strong adults without defeat. Slaughtering wolves at thirteen, fighting tigers at sixteen. During the first half of Robin's life, he was in battle and trained almost every day. Because his mother told him that to survive in this jungle world, he had to have a hundred times more power than ordinary people!. Only those who endure the most could become the strongest!. Robin suffered countless hardships to be the strongest to protect his mother from being bullied by Zhou's Family. So now, Thad's movement seemed ridiculous to him. As slow as a snail!. Robin smiled disdainfully and stretched out two fingers. The cold light-filled dagger stopped an inch in front of Robin's neck, unable to advance. Thad blushed wi th horror. "Cl ick" . Robi n pressed lightly. The iron-mad e dagger broke off like a wood chip

Tha d was dum bfounded. "Are. you a martial artist?!" Thad blurted out . There was no way for him to explain why Robin would be so terrifying except that he was a martial artist. Robin sneer ed and punched T had in his face. Thad vomited a big sip of blood and instantly languished. "Bro, let's talk it over. I don't wa nt this woman anymore. " Thad stumbled u p from the ground, knuckling under to say. Robin looke d stern and kicke d on Thad's calf. "Cr ack" . Crisp bone-cracking sou nds rang out. Thad howled an d half-kneeled on the ground. "Bo ss!" . At this m oment, a loud voice sounded. Hearing this voice, Thad shouted as if he grasped a str aw in water, "Howard, save me!" . Robin turned his head with his ey es squinting and immediately raised hi s fist to smash towards a black figure. That figure wasn't will ing to show weakness either, and fiercely punched Robin! . "Bo om!" . After a loud noise, Rob in just took a step back. How ever, that figure took three! . Under the light , the man's face bec ame clear gradually. The man named Howard was thin and slend er. In terms of the figure, Howard couldn't compare to any of the several men behind him. But these men were hea ded by Howard because he was full of bloody temperament. Robin was ve ry familiar with this temperament! . It was the murderous look that only the strong man who ki lled a lot of people could have! . Howard m ust have kille d many people. "Howard, kill him. Kill this bastard for me. " Seeing Howard, Thad immediately felt confident again. Howa rd was a talent he had found seven years ago from an underground black boxing market in Europe. The fights in the black-boxing market there were different from the fights at home. Every fight was a gamble on life there! . Once in the ring, one part must die to end the fight, not even allowing to admit defeat! . At the time, Howard won seventeen in a row! Almost swept that ring! . Thad spent more than twent y million dollars on buying How ard from the boxing ring owner. After backing China, Howard never let Thad down. Over the y ears, Howard fought for him all over the world and helped Thad f ind most of his industries. To Howard, Thad had blind confidence. Even if the Robin in front of him was indeed a martial artist, Thad felt that Howard could fight! . Howard didn't move, but loo ked at Robin with a dreadful loo k, "Aren't you going to explain?" . "What explanat ion do you want?" R obin faintly spoke

"You broke into our Go lden Time Club for no reaso n, and also hit our boss. "For no reason?" Howard was interrupted by R obin's sneer. "Do you know who she is?" Robin ask ed, pointing at the unconscious June on the sofa. Howard looked back at Thad. He didn't k now what happened, only knowing that someone broke into the Golden Time Club and hit Thad. Now it seemed that the matter w as something else. "She. she is mine," Thad said sternly. He did not know who Robin is, only regarding Ro bin as the mysterious master of Brown's family. "P ah. Robin slapped Thad across his face. In an instant, several bloo dy teeth flew out of Thad's mouth. "Yours?" Robin sneered, "What do you think you are?" . Thad was humiliated. Being beaten in front of so many heelers, he felt all his majesty was lost. But at this time, he did not dare to say anything. He was not stupid. Just now, Howard was not there. It was normal for him to be hit by Robi n. But now Howard was in front of him, Robin could still beat him in front of Howard. Even Howa rd had no time to react, Thad instantly realized that even Howard might not be Robin's opponent! . As Thad expected, Howard's muscles were tig ht at this time. If Robin just made him afraid j ust now, but Robin was enough to scare him now. Too fast! . Robin's speed wa s so fast that Howard hadn't responded yet. If he and Robin fought, his chances of survival wou ld be less than ten percent! . "Say it, bro. What will yo u take to spare my boss. " Howar d took a deep breath and asked. Even though several strong men were standing behind him, he knew very well that he had no chance to beat Robin. In front of a martial artist like Robin, the number of people was just a joke. No matter how many people there were, they could not pose any threat to Robin. Thad was utterly dissipated. Even Howard had to compromise, which proved that he indeed met a hard target today. Thad smiled miserably. The person he most wanted to kill now was Marcy Brown. Because i t was Marcy's assurance that there wouldn't be any problem with fucking June, he was bold. B ut now, he hadn't even touched June's hand, and there was such a fierce man looking for him. Robin laug hed. Howard was quite sensible. "Left hand or right hand, choose one yourself. " Robin gl anced at Thad and faintly said