My Kidnapper's Sin



HAIR-RAISING moans ricocheted around the well-tinted, maroon car which was parked along the high-end bar where loud and stimulating kinds of music were booming. It was mixed with unending gasps and groans making a piece of erotic music that keeps on burning the last strands of their sanities. Matthew's restless hands sought entrance inside her dress; each caress was scorching which leaves her breathless. As he roamed every sensitive part of her body, Anna can't feel any gentleness anymore. Gone the calm and collected Matthew. What's there were his hands that do magic in her every sense, the burning sensation is what's making her scream wildly. Anna has been wanting to do this with her dearest best friend for so long, she has no idea that it would feel this heavenly. She jerked a little when his restless hands found their way towards her delectable valley; he kneaded them with so much ferocity as his kisses on her long neck. "Matty~" she moaned it sexily. "Ahhh. Her sexual pleads heightens both of their libidos. No more friendly tones now, no more thoughts about friendship and boundaries. What matters at the moment is the heavenly sensation, the way he is starting to unclasp her vibrant red bra from her back. "I want you tonight, baby," Matthew declared in between their kisses. He sucked the small skin near her left valley, it sent her volts of electrifying waves which earned another loud moan as if she was being possessed. It is music to his ear and he can't stop smirking because of that. "I wanna make love to you. " He once again sucked the crown of her right mountain from outside the cloth that covers it. my Cherry. But. Wait!. Cherry? His fucking girlfriend? Did he just call her Cherry?. Out of so much frustration, Anna immediately cupped the bulging tent down on his faded jeans. The surprise made him freeze with eyes bugging like that of a cow, and they crawled down to her hand. Slowly, Anna made a rhythm that earned howls of pleasure out of the blinding sensations. "It is Anna, baby," she then whispered sensually while her right hand was making its way inside his pants, inch by inch. "It is Annaztaxia, baby. He is erotically grunting every after he sucks a breath. From his half-opened eyes; the hue of desire is quite visible in his dilating pupil. He's enjoying it, isn't he?. "You can't be serious, right? Can we just not mention her name here, baby~ Ahh!". Then, her hand successfully went in. She felt the warmth and throbbing sword from inside, his colossal and pulsating friend down there seems so prepared for a fight now. "But I'm serious, Honey. It is your sexy, gorgeous, and alluring best friend. Common, Matty~". "What?" His eyes widened, mystified as if he just woke up from some sort of sensual nightmare. Cherry never called him that way, there's only one person in the world who always calls him "Matty". it's Anna who gave him that nickname. Confusion glinted from his lustful eyes; his gaze slowly crawled towards her stunning face. The smile on her ruddy lips is really alluring but he should stop right there, they should stop this shit!. "No!" he said in a scream as if it were the end of the world. "No!". It was hard to do it for him because his burst is almost coming but this is a sin! Not just to his girlfriend but also to Anna who happens to be his best friend and has been trusting him all along. This shouldn't happen!. "You are just drunk, alright!" With a half-hearted force, he lifted her hand and pushed it away from his soaking wet shaft. "But Matty!" she protested and tried to insert her freaking hand on his pants again. But Matty has been alert this time— he's quick to close the gap between his thighs. Now, Anna can't stop rolling her eyes heavenward, this damn asshole is a freaking bummer! What's the difference if she's Anna and not that bitch? It's so obvious that he's enjoying the scorching heat they were sharing. "We are still having fun, common! Stop acting as if you hate it because I have seen and heard every bit of pleasure from your groans, Matty. Matty's weary eyes turned slits, he can't believe what he was just hearing from Anna. She must be very drunk and wild but to cross the line this way— she must be drugged!. "Can't you hear yourself, Anna? This is very wrong! This is. fucking wrong!" He walloped the steering wheel, so disappointed with what just happened between them. Of all people, he really did it with his long-time best friend— with Anna!. "Fuck! I'm so sorry, I was very drunk and —". "I love you," she cut him off just to whisper that word. She has been hiding her feelings for Matty for almost a decade n ow because she was afraid that he might avoid her or worst leave her after the risk. Anna knows that it is really a mistake, a sin, indeed! . Matty has a girlfriend, he has Cherry and he adores her so much . But deferring her confession feels like death; she's dying to keep her attraction when all she wants to do is to scream it in his face. Just how Anna assumed to see— his eyes turned as round as the full moo n. His lips were shaking and they kept on opening as if they had a lot to sa y but got no word uttered. He's turning to be the dumb himself again, tssss!

"And I know you also do. We both want this, right? We both l ove all the things we just shared, I'm pretty sure!" Anna took th e chance to talk more when Matty stayed muted. "I know you do. Despite the visible clue from his expression, he still managed to shake his darn head. Still got the fucking strengt h to oppose her claims and deny what was written in his eyes. "No, nothing is right about what just happened. This is not right, Anna. The night had deepened, they stayed inside his car both sitting with now deafenin g silence and strong disappointment for each other. No one bothers to speak again, the y just want their drunkenness to pass like how their lust extinguished just like that. "I'm really sorr y, Anna. Until Matthew broke the ice and apologized again for the record. He lifted his head from the backseat and opened his eyes, even though it's hard for him to look at her right now, he still managed to check on her. "I do really care for you but it's not like what you think. If it's m e who gave you a false sign? I'm really really sorry," the anger in his to ne subsided now. He was left with only dismay and sadness. "I'm so sorry. "Your sorry cann ot mend anything, Mat ty. You just hurt me—" . He tightly shut his weary eyes, feeling so down about the trouble he just created. But he won't let this night p ass without the two of them making things in between clear. "I have my girlfriend and I love her, I will never do anything that may cause us to part ways. I have been telling you that a lot, right? You're one of the living witnesses of how much I love Cherry. Well, that is the most bullshit of all the shits he told her so far. If he does love his girl, t hen why the heck is he treating Anna more special than Cherry? Just how he left the poor girl's photos hoot tonight just to drink with Anna in this loud and irritating bar— just how he used to describe it. He hates thi s place, but he s till joined Anna. Isn't it part of the signs? Was it a false sign all along? . Becaus e in her boo k, it isn't. Oh, what about the red stain on his face and bulging eyes when Anna confessed her hidden feelings? . That m ust be somet hing, right? . "You're just lying," she said in a croak. Anna freed every drop of her tears so that he would see ho w painful it was for her. She didn't bother wiping them away because she wanted her tears to be seen by M atthew. "You don't love her, you are just making excuses not to leave her because Cherry is a psychopath!" . "Anna, she's not. Will you please stop calling her that way?" . "Why should I? She's really a psychopath, she doesn't love you. She just wants your money, your bank account. Why can't you just leave her and have fun with me instead, huh? Surely, you will enjoy more of your friggin 'lonely life with me. It's quite obvious who's better between us? The prettier, the sexier, the hotter, and now you could tell who's really good in bed—" . "Anna!" He thundered all of a sudden. The loneliness written on his face was e xpunged by anger and annoyance. Now he can't dare look at her best friend anymore. "You are too drunk, surely it's just about the alcohol. I better take you home now. He placed his hands over the steering whee l again, he was about to start the car's engine when Anna cupped his right fist all of a sudden. Once again, her alluring warmth pene trated his hardly-saned nerves causing hi m another wave of hair-raising sensation. "No, please. I don't wanna go home yet. Mom, won't let me sleep with her n ags because I drank again. My head is hurting, Matty. Can you just let me stay in your room for tonight," she used the sweetest voice she's keeping to herself. Anna was con fident that he can 't say no to that. "No freaking way!" After what happened with them, that would be the last thing he will ever do in this life. "I'll take you home now. You should face the consequences of breaking your mother's rule, talk to her and apologize. That's what you should do. "So, you really can stomach to see me suffering now, huh? You do really cha nge, Matty. You're not the same anymore. Slowly, his expression softens and lightens this time. No, he really can't see her suffering, he can' t afford to let her down. He truly loves Anna, although sometimes, he was kind of wishing he didn't love h er so much so he would have the courage to let her suffer for her to realize every lesson she has to know. "No, Anna. You're very special to me. You are a very special woman," his voice softened and it went calmer this time

H e moved closer to her with eyes filled with affection, it chases her wet eyes. "That's part of the reason why every boy arou nd adores you, admires you. Please, stop comparing yourself with Cherry. You two are different and special in your own ways. There's an assurance in his tone. Although, that assurance doesn't give her any reason to feel good. Matthew re fused her for Pete's sake! A woman as hot as her, adored by every boy in town got rejected by this stupid nerd? There's nothing that can make her feel good tonight! . "But she's more sp ecial to you!" She stil l insisted on her drama. She's starting to hate the drama she created , but she gotta do this now to stop these crazy he artbeats she used to feel whenever Matty's around. "She's a chocolate cake with a cherry on t op while I am just a simple buttered cake for y ou— a plain dessert you don't wanna try, right?" . "Ann a. "It's the truth, Matty! If you find me more spe cial than her, it should be me you are with right now . It should be me who you choose as your girlfriend!" . Anna looked away while trying to gasp some air, this scene was making her feel suffocated now. Her face was dry now but her heart wants to continue thi s crazy conversation, she was enjoying being this dramatic with Matthew anyway. Kind of finding joy in seeing the wear iness in his eyes. This is her sweet reveng e for making her feel like nothing tonight. "Listen, Anna," authority is in his voice. "I love you, alright. I've been doing all the p ossible ways to make you feel that, but I can't cross the boundary between us. I respect you a l ot, your father, and all the things we have been together. Don't make this hard for me, please. His eyes are slowly getting blood shot, and the exhaustion in him is get ting visible with each passing minute. If she just doesn't feel inferior to Cherry, she might give him some pity and let the poor boy go. But , No! Of all people, Matty should know better, she doesn't want the feeling of being unwanted. It's been th e biggest nightmare of her life and to experience such rejection tonight makes her despise her best friend. If Matthew can be this tir ed and frustrated, Anna can sur ely equal it with so much more. "If she didn't come in to your life, would you love me like how you loved her?" . They stared at each other's eyes for a couple of minutes. His silence gives so much a way, so much to make Anna confident of her gut feeling. But Matthew cut their connection by looking away, once again he shook his head but Anna won't believe it was for her question. Somethi ng might be b othering him. "You're just drun k!" he said instead. "I 'll take you home now. He once again tried to start his car' s freaking engine, it was roaring to life when Anna pulled her most desperate stunt. Anna pulled herself up a little, then she gave his c hin a tight grip before she dived her lips into his. Their kisses are starting to get deeper and electrifying again. It feels funny to think of how he cou ld easily label her as his best friend, yet he finds no strength to resist her kisses. Almost losing themselves in the ecstasy of their fiery kisses when they got shocked due to the few blasts of horn from som ewhere. Matthew spit curses after he pulled himself back into the world, his heart hammered against his ribcage when he saw his car about to collide with an only-heaven-knows car! He violently pushed Anna just to save their asses from a goddamn accident. Still catching breaths, he can't believe what just h appened. He's still taming his heartbeat when his eyes fi nd Anna in the corner, very awake and dumbfounded. Great! . "Do you really wanna die, huh?" he screamed in her face, gone controlling now. He's been so kind to her and this is what he gets— his almost death. "Are you that desperate? If there's someone who really changed here, it's none other than you! I've been aware of all your bullshits and I dealt with all of it through the years, Anna! But treat me this way. Instead of finishing his sentence, he bit his next words b ack and chose to just wipe his lips for any possible stains from Anna's lips. He did that while disgust was flaring in his eyes. "Get out of m y car. The struggle of shooing Anna away was written in his face, yet he still pushed it through. He needs t o do it before her aggressiveness can do more damage. "Really?" But Anna never felt any bits of fear, she even let a smirk on her lips. "You want me to go out in that dangerous—" . "Yes," his voice i s full and sounds seriou s. "I want you out now!" . Anna gave him a look of disbelief for a few minu tes. His jaw remained locked, he never bothered himsel f taking his decision back nor throwing him some pity. She slowly moved to unlock her door and push ed it to open. Feeling all the disappointment in her chest, she went out with a super heavy heart. The sound of her five-inch platform can do nothing with the loud bangs of her frustrated heart. She wav ed her hand as she saw an available taxi coming. Anna opened the damn door the moment it stopped, she let her self fall down on its soft seat as she closed her eyes and lifted a finger to give her temple a hard massage. She can't believe this happened! She just can't believe she took Monet's dare j ust to let herself stoop this low tonight…