My Royal Kidnapper

Chapter 24


KENNEDY. I thought I went a little bit too far. Watching his reaction and the way how I treated him last night came back taunting me. What was I thinking? Of course, I wasn’t thinking at all. I was mad, and I let that emotion dominate me. The Princess didn’t seem to care, though. If I was right with her reaction, she was having fun seeing the discomfort on her son’s face. Was I still mad? Damn right, I was. After what he did to me, even if he would give me a thousand orgasms, it would not suffice. Satisfaction swelled in my chest as I walked away. I was not close to done. I just even barely started. If he thought his sorry would mean anything to me? He was mistaken. I just left my life—he took my life away from me, my friends, my family, and I didn’t even manage to say goodbye. “Madam?” The door creaked. It was Arina. Thank God, after I left that night, she still had her job. “I’m not hungry. “You have a visitor. I forced myself to sit on the edge of the bed before I stood up. Honestly, this was the first time I felt getting tired of lying in bed. “Who is it?”. “Me!” . Hmp! Air escaped my lungs as someone just launched into me, squeezing me into a tight hug. I remembered Arina say she would leave us alone. “I’ve been dying to meet you. ” She was beaming. Crinkles formed at the corner of her eyes—those eyes—seemed familiar. “Who are you?” My brows knitted together. “Ouch. ” She pursed her lips. Those eyes—these one were hazel with flecks of gold.  Oh, crap. “Oh, my God. Your Highness. ” I curtsied. She laughed out loud. “Silly. You don’t do that, and no need to address me. After all, you’re gonna be my sister. “What?” My eyes nearly popped out of its socket. She hit me playfully. “Oh, come on. I felt those raging sexual tensions and chemistry while you two were dancing. ” She held my hands as we sat back on my bed. “So, ready?”. “For what?” I was starstruck every time I met royals. I still found it hard to wrap around my head that I met and shared a meal with royalties. The door swung opened again, then two men in suits put down a couple of paper bags. “What are those?”. “We’re going out,” she announced gleefully. “Princess Carlott, I can’t. “Just Carlott, and I don’t accept no for an answer. My brother dragged you miles away from home. It’s only fair if you will go out and have fun. ” She pulled out what was in the bags one by one and threw them to the bed. “My brother sometimes is difficult, but he does have a huge heart. Right now, he’s busy with children with special needs. “I just don’t feel going out tonight,” I made another excuse. “Don’t worry, Kennedy. My brother won’t know. ” I was not entirely convinced. Thayer had men in every corner, guarding of this manor. “I know the feeling of being a little rebellious. Now pick up something to wear. ” Now, she shocked me.  A rebellious princess? Well, that's new. “You looked surprised. I blinked. “Yeah. Kinda. “Well, I still have my own official engagements and charities, but unlike my brother, the ever hard-working royal member, I do my it way. My boyfriend is also American. “Oh? What do your p arents say about you dating a commoner?” . &n bs p; . She laughed out loud. “Now, you s ounded just like Kadynce, but with a little sarcasm, not a disgust. &n bs p; . I swall owed har d. &n bs p; . “Uh-huh. Now I get it. ” S he sat back beside me. “Wh at happened at the party?” . &n bs p; . I looked up. It hurt a lot, and I expected to hear and read hurtful words, judgments, and cr iticisms if I continued doing this with Thayer. &n bs p; . “Kennedy? Oh, boy. I notice d this when I mentioned her name

Did she confront you?” . &n bs p; . My gaze sn apped to h ers. “Who?” . &n bs p; . “Kadynce? She’s arranged to be engage d with Thay. ” Oh, God. I didn’t think I would be ready to hear about this. &n bs p; . “Then why am I still doin g here?” My eyes blurred with tears. I felt stupid. &n bs p; . “Because it’ s not gonna h appen. &n bs p; . “Oh. ” My chest filled w ith hope.  There yo u go again—the oh word. &n bs p; . “That’s the only reaction I want t o see. ” She smiled from ear to ear . “Now, get dressed. Arina?”  . &n bs p; . Arina b arged i n. &n bs p; . “Tell t hem to c ome in. &n bs p; . “W ho ?” . &n bs p; . “The guys t o make us l ook pretty. &n bs p; . I decided to change my hair color. A little lighter this time. I also told the hairdresser to trim my hair. &n bs p; . “What’s the plan? How do I get out?” . &n bs p; . She chuckled. “Through the door. Duh. I've tried sneaking through the window, though . But leave it to me. Did he talk to you?” . &n bs p; . “Your brother? No. I mean, i f you count that I told him to get out, then we talked. &n bs p; . “Great! Give him a hard time. He’d been an ass. So, you don’t have any idea who he was when you two met?” . &n bs p; . I remembered how we met. I thought Thayer was the most striking man I’d ever met. &n bs p; . “You’re in love with my brother. ” Carlott giggled. “Glad to know that yo u both feel the same. Crazy for each other, but what’s stopping you?” We both felt the same? That was impossible? Then explain how he lied to me. &n bs p; . The makeup artist came next, brushing my eyebrows. &n bs p; . “Just a little touch on her fac e. She already has amazing skin ,” the woman with a brush said. &n bs p; . I eyed Car lott. “You know why. &n bs p; . “You’re scared that your life is changin g drastically? Well, it already happened. Anita, can you bring today’s newspaper?” . &n bs p; . “I have a life back in States. I love my job. I love what I do. I have family and friends. And this life? Me and Thayer? This won’t work. ” I shook my head . “How many royals fell in love with commoners? None of them had lasted long. &n bs p; . “Will you please stop using the world commoner? And s top comparing yourself with them. My brother will do e verything in his power to protect and make you happy. &n bs p; . “We’ve barely starte d. Look what happened ? And he lied to me. &n bs p; . She rolled her eyes and looked like an ordinary woman when she did that. “In my brother’s defense, he did not lie. He just concealed his t rue identity. And I was actually on his side with this one. How many women wanted to catch his attention? Not because he’s good-looking, bu t because he’s loaded and a royal member. He’d been in relationships, but it’s because gossips and rumors spread saying my brother is gay

&n bs p; . I burst out laughin g. I quickly covere d my mouth. “Sorry. &n bs p; . Carlott looked amused than ever. “Keep that to y ourself. I don’t wanna—oh, my God. Don’t ever gi ve me an idea. ” She gave me the newspaper. &n bs p; . “Oh, God. ” I cov ered my mouth wi th the newspaper. &n bs p; . “See ?”&n bsp; . &n bs p; . “I can’t believe this. This is ridiculous. ” I looked at the photo that seemed taken through the CCTV camera—me and Th ayer dancing. Only half of my face was exposed, but if people close to me could see this, they would recognize me rig ht away. Then my picture as I climbed out of the car. Good thing one of the security details managed to cover my face. &n bs p; . “Watch the news. ” Anita turne d on the TV. Then Thayer’s fac e flashed on the screen. &n bs p; . My jaw dropped. Damn it. When was ever the time he d id not look this ravishing? He was smiling and waving at the camera as he walked effortlessly magnificent. &n bs p; . Carlott had been watching my rea ction with a smile on her face. She then sighed in satisfaction. &n bs p; . Thayer was already in front of many report ers, asking him questions. Anita raised th e volume so that we could hear his answers. &n bs p; . “Who’s the mystery g irl?” the reporter i n a red jacket asked. &n bs p; . “I believe she’s a fine w oman. ” He did a little em phasis on the word woman. &n bs p; . “Is it true that th e engagement is fast approaching?”  . &n bs p; . I felt a twis t of the knif e in my chest. &n bs p; . “I can’t confirm nor deny. Why won’t you all as k about the upcoming events with our heroes in t he military? Guys, ask some relevant questions. &n bs p; . “People love juicy gossips,” Anita commented. I understood if she was protective over her employer. &n bs p; . “Prince Thayer, can you tell us now if she’s the future Princess of Guar dion?” the woman in dark hair asked. &n bs p; . I suddenly stopped breathing, but my heart was hammering. I could ev en feel it against my dress. &n bs p; . “Time will tell. &n bs p; . “Is that a yes?” the dark-haired w oman followed up. &n bs p; . He smiled—really smiled. I didn’t know I was also grinning back until they gushed at me.  Jeez, I’m screwed in the head. &n bs p; . * * * . &n bs p; . “Are you sure we won’t get into trouble?” I asked Carlott one more time as we stepped downstairs. She was wearing a glittery black mini dress with high knee boots, while I chose a red chest splice mini dress. &n bs p; . “We won’t as long as w e don’t plan on escapi ng the guys in suits. &n bs p; . “Where do you think you tw o are going?” . &n bs p; . I almost dropped my purse. My legs sud denly weighed tons. &n bs p; . “Stay out of our way, Ludov ic. Shoo. ” The Princess swat ted her well-manicured hand. &n bs p; . “Did you tell your brother that Miss Gilby is coming with you, Princess?”  . &n bs p; . “Why? Is she a prisoner?” She raised a brow at Lud. I st arted to feel that this night would not end well, but I wouldn’t let Thayer stop me from having fun either. &n bs p; . “Ke nne dy?” . &n bs p; . I shivered at that vo ice—the same shiver wh en he was close to me. &n bs p;