My Substitute Husband

His Memory


Eric POV. After that day we started meeting in the park often. Our mother and her mother developed a good friendship. Soon we came to know that her father works in our company. With passing time, a good relationship developed between the two families. Angela's parents changed her school. She started studying with us in our school. On the one hand, with time Angela and Erish became close friends, on the other hand, She and I always started talking according to formalities. We stopped fighting or arguing with time but we rarely talked to each other until we needed to. It is not that she never made an effort to communicate with me but it was me who always kept a distance from her. I only speak with her if there is any school work. She was one class behind us. So, sometimes Erish helped her with her studies and if he is not there then I was the one who helped her. Like this, our school days also passed, and gradually I started feeling my love towards her but by then it was too late. Because I was starting to realize that Angela already started liking Erish and he also treated her well. While the proximity between them was increasing, the distance between me and Angela was increasing equally. Whenever we are together she would give me a slight smile but I stupid always look at her with cold eyes or simply nods and responds! I never gently smiled at her. And because of my antics, we could never become ordinary friends ! . And after knowing my feelings, I was more afraid that I would be weak in front of her and expose my love without realizing it. So, this is the only way for me to ignore those circumstances. Sometimes It hurts me to hide my feelings like this but this is the only thing I can do for her and for her happiness which is not with me but with Erish. This way, finally our college days come to end. Angela in the second year of college where we both brothers completed our graduation. But I didn't know that he was planning to propose to her on our last day in college. He holds a red roses bouquet in his hand and kneels down on one leg in front of the whole college and asks her to go out with him. While She had tears of joy in her eyes and a broad smile on her face. Hearing his confession, she nodded her head and accepted his proposal happily, and hugged him. Her eyes were gentle and full of love for him, only for him and That time my heart ached, And for the first time, I wished to God. " Can I ever feel this feeling just like Erish feeling now ! " Thinking that I just laugh at myself. I also laughed like this many times in the past when we brothers liked the same thing in our childhood but never imagined that one day we would both fall for the same woman! What a cruel Destiny !. If someone asked me what is crueler, my love for Angela or Angela's love for Erish. So, I would answer Angela's love for my brother because I lost there. I didn't get one small chance with her to show my emotions, my love, my feelings, and my real self to her. I just lost without battling. That day I understood how long it took to know my own feelings! . Seeing both of them together, I came back home and locked myself in the room and for some days, I shied away from seeing them both. It is not that I was not happy for both of them. But it would also not be wrong to say that it didn't hurt me to see them together. I was angry and disappointed with myself. Because all of this I deserved. It's all my own foolishness and cowardice

Angela was always beside me and she tried to befriend me many times and extended her hand towards me! But that was me! Who never even tried to take a step towards her ! And neither could till today. This is all my own fault. I couldn't blame anyone for this. But now there is no turning back. Now I had become the third person, whi ch no one needed. I can only laugh sar castically at myself and my situation. It was the same day that I ha d decided that I would walk aw ay from here and stay abroad. And after a few days, I convinced my family members and went abroad for further studies ! Leaving my family, my friend and my love! . I lived abroad for 3 years. And all these years, I used to com e back home for just three or four days. Everyone wanted me to come back, but I used to convince them by making some excuse. One day, my mother called me and informed me that Angela and E rish are getting married after one month. Hearing this news my leg balance falters and my hand shakes while holding the phone. At that time, I felt as if something had broken in me. It has been 3 years since I lived here! But it seemed as if I was still living at the same time. Where I used to see her secretly. Where I used to help her in trouble without her knowledge and whenever someone used to bother her or bully her, I immediately blasted him and asked him to apologize to her the next day with the help of my brother. Because I don't want to show her my gentle side. And wherever she gets upset or sad, I used to send her favorite sweets for her through my brother. Do not know how many stor ies are buried in my ches t, Which does not count! . Even with tears in my eyes, I coul d not let her see this. I could ju st smile and wish her a happy life. My mother wanted me to come back for their wedding day. But how do I tell them that, from which I have come runn ing away. Now how do I get there to see the same thing? . When I came abroad, I thought that I would forget about her. But what I knew was that with each passing day both my memory and my lo ve would grow for her. My feelings still don't want to let her go. So, I just made an excu se and told her that I w ill be busy this month. Perhaps this was not our destiny which I thought it was because One night before her wedding, my mother informed me about Erish's accident. I was horrified to hear this news and without delaying even a moment, I immediately re turned from my private plane. I reached the hospital directly from the airport. It was past 5:00 in the morning. When I reached outside the emergency room, I saw my mo ther crying bitterly and my father sitting in shock. I had never seen both of them in this condition before. Where today the mother's wrinkles were very much visible which I had never seen before, While the father's shoulders were fully bowed as if he had no life left or he lost everything. Looki ng at both of them, it seemed that they had completed the journey of many years within one day. " Mom!!" I hesitan tly said. Hearing my voice, she weepingly calle d my name " Eric! " . I reached her and she hugg ed me tightly. Her crying became sorrowful and sh e mumbled with a choking voice " Er

Er. Eric. !! My. Erish. !!!. She again started weepin g and my heart aches to see my family like this. She was breathing hard, seeing this I tried to calm her down. " Mom! Don't worry! He will be fi ne!! I will never let anything happen to him! " . " No. son. ! You ca n not do anything! " She said, weeping. " What do you mean by this Mom? " I asked worriedly. " Erish has gone into a v egetative state. " she exp lained between her cries. Hearing this, My legs lost thei r balance and I held the chair to balance myself from falling. "How could this ha ppen? " I just th ought in my mind. "Mom, do you know?? What are yo u saying ?? " I held her shoulde rs and shook it with disbelief. "No son, this is true! I also don't want to believe it but th is is what the doctor told us. They said that they needed time to examine him " she became more miserable saying those words. "Mom ! Don't worry! He will wake up! " I said, hugging her. Slowly-Slowly her breathing became normal and I signed in relief. Only then my eyes reached Dad who still didn't show any reaction or I could say He didn't realize my presence. He was sitting absolutely unconcerned with a long silence. I went to him "Dad !" . He raised his head and said , '' Eric ! " . I kneeled an d held both of his hands. " Dad! Don't worry, everything will be fine! " I console . He nodded his head with heavy breathing and then added " Eric, I know this is not the right time to ask you thi s question but can you marry Angela in place of Erish? " . " What do you mean by this dad?! Do you know what y ou are saying? " My eyebrows twisted with a disdain ful face and I just thought I heard something wrong. "Eric, please hear your fathe r first before making any dec ision ! " Mom worriedly said. I nodde d in ag reement. And after that Dad told me how many business enemies Eri sh made in these few years and how many people are waiti ng for any misfortune to happen to him and the company. But I still refused them and their decision. I thought they would understand. But to my surprise, my dad held my hand and started begging me to say yes. And the ne xt second my mother was also ready to kneel in front of me to change my decision. Seeing their behavior, I was speechless. I'm not a selfish brat or son who wants to see their parents like this or begging in front o f their own son. So, I gave up my insistence and said yes to them