My Sweet Lawyer Wife

Chapter 570 - A Big Misunderstanding in Heaven


Snap--. Adriana struggled out a hand and slapped him hard across the face, "Shut up! What's real? It's all fake, what I saw was all fake. You are all liars, all liars!". She was trembling, because the movement was so great that the trench coat draped over her shoulders fell to the ground, and Adriana staggered back a few steps, stepping on the clothes, but was unaware of it. "From the moment I was born I fell into the machinations of your The Alston family. Until I grew up, got married and had children, all were firmly in your hands. Even the existence of Luis and Helen was a deliberate act on your part. Adriana couldn't help but shake her head, her voice hoarse from the extreme pain, "Tell me, what's true? Which thing is true?". Think carefully. I used to think that my life was incredibly bad, but until now I realized that it was not so bad, but everything was under the control of others, and Peter was also the one who made the plans. It was also the person behind the scenes who played her for a fool. Seeing her mood swings greatly, her eyes were bloodshot, dense tears swirled, and even clearly felt her non-stop trembling body, Peter heart gripped with pain. "I'm sorry, Adri, maybe everything is as you say. But those are the past tense, and we should let go of the past. "No way!". She shook off Peter's hand, "In this life, it is you, The Alston family, who have caused me so much pain, and you, The Alston family, are my sworn enemies. Peter, I admit that I loved you, but at this moment, my love for you is as deep as my hate is strong. "Well~". She couldn't help but cry and immediately reached out and covered her mouth, not wanting to expose her soft side in front of Peter, letting her shoulders cower incessantly, sobbing and holding back her tears to keep them from spilling out of her eyes. Pain, heartbreaking pain deep into the bone marrow, spread to the limbs and bones, like ants gnawing on the general, pain near spasms. Such a look of despair was something Peter had never seen before. Peter's eyebrows wrinkled and his hand went out, Adriana took a few steps back at the sight, he stepped forward and she stepped back. Solely, the man stood still, "Adri . As he spoke, Peter's eyes lifted and glanced behind him toward Adriana, immediately taking her into his arms and spinning her around in a quick circle. Bang--. A gunshot, cut through the silence of the long night, but soon drowned in the ghost-like cold wind. "Well . Adriana's body went limp and she fell into Peter's arms, unable to resist a cry

Peter sensed that something was wrong and immediately asked , "Adri, what's wrong with you?" . "Huh . She smiled coldly, her red lips hooked up, blood stains spilling from the corners of her lips, "Peter, is this . what you call 'love'?" . She slowly ra ised her hand and s pread out her palm. The palm is filled with crimson blood , and even in the extremely cold weather of ice and snow there is a faint light smoke. Peter pupils suddenly shrink, the right h and in her back touched, he found a wet back, l ifting his hand to see, has been full of blood. She, shot. "The truth is out, no . need to hide, so the life an d death situation let me block the gun for you . ? Oh, Pet er, I really see through you. Back then, I was too stupid. Even though she was injured, Adria na felt that no injury was as painful a s the heartache she felt at this moment. Back then, s he was really too stupid and naive. "Ms. Hale, I'm sorry I'm late, the m an is taken care of. At that moment Aaren ran over, s till holding a dagger in his hand, th e glittering blade stained with blood. Looking at Adria na's pale face, she a sked, "Are you hurt?" . Peter's long, narrow ph oenix eyes narrowed slightly , "Send her to the hospital. Handed the man to Aaren and hande d him the car keys. Aaren carried Adriana and ran towards the outside, brushin g against Peter for a moment, Adriana looked at Peter weakly, h er lips smiling even more, and then slowly lowered her eyelids. Under the dim light, the tears that slowly slipped fro m the corners of her eyes were extraordinarily crystal-clea r, shimmering with starbursts, and extraordinarily striking. Peter stood still until he heard the car engine start out side and then he turned around. " Come o n out. Faintly, he said and turned around. At that moment, a person not far away came out and looked at him with an indifferent smile, "This is not even dead? What a pity. However, I rea lly did not expect that you would even dare to risk your life for Adriana. At that moment, Adriana was standing with her back to the door, while Peter was standing opposit e Adriana, facing the entrance to the neighborhood

Harlee had almost arrived at his villa after leaving Ad riana's house, when he received a temporary message that som eone was trying to get at Adriana, and he rushed over first. Only he hadn't had time to finish the man of f, who had already fired. Just when he was worried, but found that Peter to lightning speed and Adriana changed positions, hard to carry the shot. Just never thought that today actually ca me two sets of people, one set of people agains t Peter, and one set of people against Adriana. The man who wanted to kill Adriana w ore a gun without a silencer, and when the gun went off, it startled the four sides. The man who wanted to strike at Peter also subconsciously fired a shot , but the shot was blocked by Adriana. Aaren showed up first and kille d the man who shot Adriana, and Harle e knocked out the man who shot Peter. "Mr. So to, what abo ut this man?" . Colin st epped forward and inquired. Harlee said without looking back, "Take it away and ask carefully who sent it. " Dare to lay hands on his sister, will not tolerate. "Y es. Colin nodded a nd instantly carrie d the man and left. Harlee stood in front of Peter wi th a cold smile on her lips, "I'm curi ous, why don't you explain to Adriana?" . That moment just n ow was really a big misu nderstanding in the sky. Originally Adriana stood well, suddenly held b y Peter, a hundred and eighty degrees of rotation, t he two positions switched, she was immediately shot. A fool can see that it w as Peter who 'did it on purpos e' to let her take the bullet. How cou ld Adriana n ot see that. "Isn't that exactly wha t you want to see happen?" P eter responded indifferently. Harlee's smile froze and she collected her laughter and stood in front of him, facing him with a sharp gaze, and warned in a deep voice, "You have self-awareness. From now on, stay away from my sister, or I, Harlee, will never let you go easily!" . Leaving a mes sage, Harlee turne d around and left. The next moment, Hank came out and stood in front of Peter with a r espectful bow, "Boss, I'm sorry. The other side came more than one person , I fell into the tiger diversion scheme, willing to receive punishment. "Go and find out who the ot her party really is. Deal with th e scene, don't leave any traces. Peter did not get angry, because this situation he should have be en aware of, only because of the personal feelings with Adriana let hi m deep into it, has long forgotten to see the surrounding environment