My Sweet Lawyer Wife

Chapter 571 Asking for clarification


"Yes, I'll take care of it right away. Hank took the order and immediately went to take care of the rest. Peter looked down, looked at the trench coat on the ground, leaned down and picked it up, fingertips gently rubbed the clothes, seemingly feeling the residual warmth that lingered on Adriana's body. Brushed the snowflakes on his clothes, shivered, dressed without disdain, and left the spot. He just didn't notice it himself, he was standing in a position where the ground was already overflowing with blood, leaving crimson blood with every footprint he took. In the end, they were all cleaned up by the people Hank got over, leaving no traces. Leaving the neighborhood, Peter called Zac and asked him to meet him at the hospital. When he took a taxi to the hospital, Zac sent him directly to the operating room. Looking at his injured arm, he couldn't help but curse angrily, "Peter, do you want to die? A few days ago, you drank until your stomach bleeds, and now you've got a gunshot wound? What's wrong, you think you have a big life, right?. With surgical forceps in his hand, Zac removed the bullet directly from his wound without injecting him with anesthesia. Snapped and dropped the bullet on the plate. Peter clutched the sheet with one hand, teeth clenched, and saw that the bullet had been taken out, the hanging heart fell. "Hoo~". Breathing a sigh of relief, he hooked his lips with a pale face, "Can't die. People who came through the gunfire, this injury is nothing. Lying on the operating table, Zac did his suturing, but still worried that it would be painful, he was given a local anesthetic. While stitching, he asked, "Who did this? How dare they do it to you, don't want to live. "It was just an accident. It was clear that Peter did not want to talk to him much about the matter. "I say big brother, can you take good care of your body, don't not love your life every time, okay? Originally there were not many days left, you are really want to rush to beg for death?". Zac really can't help Peter, and heartbroken and helpless. Naive no matter how to persuade, Peter did not listen, what else can he say. "I'll pay attention to it later. "Pay attention to my ass, your life is all your own making, who can be blamed? If we are not brothers, people like you, I will never save. As a healer, Zac has his own principles, that is, a person who is bent on death is never to save. Since the search for death, that save will also beg for death, why bother to save?. "Get out. Glancing at Zac and seeing that he had stitched up the wound, Peter said. "What, you're tossing yourself around blindly and you won't let me talk about it?". "I want to be left alone. "Jing . ?". Zac was confused, suddenly reacted, found that Peter did look preoccupied, nodded, "Okay, you lie down for a while

He put down his surgical scissors, took off his dispo sable gloves, and walked out. Inside the operating room, Peter lay alone on the operating table, his eyes unblinkingly looking at the i nstruments on the side, and then slowly closed his eyes. Lightly fluctuating eyelids seem to say that he is not sleeping at all, but just cl osing his eyes and staring, as if in thought. Recalling the scene that happened with A driana today, Peter's heart gradually became c old, cold he could not stop himself shivering. There are some t hings that he should ask for clarification. Get up and get ou t of bed and walk out of the operating room. In the hallway, Zac clutched a cigarette and smoked it silently. When he saw Peter come out, he immediately asked, "What's going on out here?" . "Take me t o The Alston fa mily old house. The tone of command. "N ow?" . "N ow!" . After getting Peter's order, Zac lift ed his wrist to check his wristwatch time, it was already two o'clock late at night. If you choose to go to the ol d mansion at this time, could it b e that something big has happened? . But looking at Peter's gloomy , ink-like face, he also knew that something big must have happened. On the way back to the old t he Atkins family home, Peter call ed Aaren, "How is she . doing?" . Adriana has been shot and wounded, and Peter is eag er to see it, but he knows that Harlee must be with Adria na at this time, and Adriana would prefer not to see him. So . Might as well n ot see it. "Out of life threatening condition an d under observation in hospital, she threw us all out and didn't want to see anyone. "Okay, contact Giovanny and keep a good watch on her. "Y es. Over here, Peter ha d just hung up the phone when Hank's call came in. Peter answe red at once, "Di d you find out?" . "Boss, we've got it. Two groups of people, one wave sent by Missy and one wave from the Atrorthe Griffin family. "Got it. Peter hung up the p hone and set it aside, f rowning in deep thought. Sloa ne, it's her again. One is Adriana, one is his own sister, things are really tricky for him. Just what is the Griffi n family's intention in makin g a sudden move at this time? . I'm afraid that behind this matter is less than H arlee and Brenden two secretly push to help, otherwise the Griffin family's hand is not to reach Waverly to

The Al ston family' s old house. In the middle of the ni ght, Peter arrived at the ol d house of The Alston family. Ben opened the door and w as surprised to see him, "Young master, why are you back now?" . "Ben, get Zac a room to rest in. I'm going to see Grandpa. Peter is also helpless about himself, because the past but some things have been forgotten, but th ose things about the Soto family, grandpa must know. Instead of asking someo ne else, why don't you start from your grandfather's side? . "Young maste r, the old man ha s fallen asleep. Ben expl ained with so me difficulty. Peter's cold eyes swep t and said in a deep voice: "Get up when you're asleep!" . There was no doubt about the att itude, the look seemed to want to mee t with Old Mr. Alston no matter what. "Then . I'll ask now, and you wait in t he parlor for a while. Ben said respectfully, then looked at Zac and said, "Mr. Cobb, come with me, I' ll send someone to arrange a room for you. "No need, you go to the old man first, and I will rest when he comes. "Ug h, that became. Ben tr otted off to the atrium. Peter an d Zac both wal ked in slowly. Because of the cold winter a nd the late night of snow, the win d was bitterly cold and shivering. Peter's aura was icy cold and seemed to have the words 'Do Not Ap proach' in big letters on his face. Rather, that bewildered look made Zac worried, "What is going on? Why did you come to see the old man late at n ight? You know that this is a critical period, you and Brenden two atmosphere of saber rattling, the slightest inadve rtence will set fire to themselves. Now The Alston family, seemingly calm and quiet, but in fact the wind is rising. He was really worrie d that Peter's wrong step was the land of the abyss. "I'm in charge of myself. Peter responded in differently. "Oh, you damn fart, w hat since the appropriate, the ghost to believe you. If it is set aside in the past, Zac to him that is cal led awe, but found that Peter is sick, know that time is not much, good temper, so Zac speak also hardened a few points. At the end of the sentence, a harsh gaz e was shot at his body. Zac inclined his head and instantly winced at the appalling look in Peter's eyes and grinned, " Hey, big brother, I just care too much about you