My Sweet Lawyer Wife

Chapter 569 The Truth


Why?. Why is this happening? Why?. Adriana was chilled, a chill down her back, she hugged her shoulders, rubbed her arms one by one, and couldn't get herself warmed up for a long time. In the end, she walked helplessly to the living room, took down a bottle of red wine from the wine cabinet and returned to the room, drinking alone. Pulling open the curtains, he found that snowflakes had fallen outside. And there is still a person standing under the street light, despite the distance is a bit far, but can still find that figure is so familiar. He, not yet gone. A glass of wine into the belly, can not be a solution to the heart of the sorrow. Adriana drank a few more glasses, but in three or two shots, a glass of wine was finished. She was dizzy, talking about going to the living room to get the wine, but walking, she walked out of the living room, took the elevator downstairs and walked to the small area. Slip on slippers, wear a thin sweater, and even leave your jacket at home. Standing in the open air, the cold wind was bitterly cold and snowflakes were flying all over the sky, falling on her hair, shoulders and neck, shivering with cold. One step, one step, go over there. The man wore a trench coat, one hand placed in the pocket of the suit, one hand holding a cigarette, leaning on the lamppost, dim light, snowflakes flying, his clothes flying, is very beautiful a painting. But how could Adriana be in the mood to enjoy a beautiful painting?. Stumbling and stumbling, he walked up to Peter and grabbed him by the collar. The man is looking up at the sky, contemplating. The little woman suddenly appeared, so his heart was immediately happy, but looking at her all drunken, wretched appearance, suddenly face gloomy down. "Why are you wearing so thin?". Peter disregarded the collar that she grabbed, and instead put the windbreaker over her body and gathered it together, "It's cold, you wear less, easy to catch a cold. Adriana didn't struggle and let him wrap her in the trench coat. The eyes unblinkingly looked at the handsome and peerless man in front of him, with a well-defined face, deep features, handsome like a man who came out of a picture scroll in the English style. A knitted brows, a smile, a hand are deep into the bone. Naive, it is such a man that she can not love and suffer. "Adri, what's wrong with you?". Peter saw that Adriana was a little out of sorts and asked with concern. Adriana raised her hand, her fingertips trembling slightly, over his cheek, her index finger rubbing his contours, her eyes moistening a little. Swallowing, she asked, "Was it a conspiracy when you appeared before me with injuries nineteen years ago?". At the abrupt question, Peter frowned and shook his head, "I forgot. "Ten years ago, you approached me with two mill ion dollars to give birth to a child for you, why was it that I was the one you chose in a sea of people?"

Adriana's hand clutching his collar tightened a little, unable to suppress the tension with each of Peter's mood swings. "Why don't you say anything? Answer me, answer me, huh?" . Although Peter was silent for only a few seconds, it se emed like centuries to Adriana. "Forge t it. The same a nswer as the pr evious question. Peter didn't cheat on Adriana, he really forgot. There are all the memories of Adr iana, all forgotten. With an accident a few years ago, forgotten cleanly and completely. Unbiased, only forgetti ng her Adriana. "Really, all the memories of me you have forgotten. So let me ask you again, did Ryland and his wife Courtney of the Soto family kill you, The Alston family? Did The Alston family carry away their newly born child twenty-seven years ago?" . These are questio ns that Peter could no t have been unaware of. He was a few years older than her, and the most promising heir to The Alst on family, wise, intelligent and gifted. In the mall, everything is pl anned, this kind of man can not be ignorant of his family's affairs. Adriana e xpected that P eter must know. If he still say s he doesn't know, t hen he must be lying. Despite having some wine, the head is a little groggy, but the thoughts are as clear. Peter converged his eyebrows, hesitated in this question for a few seconds, his thi n lips lightly opened and said, "Yes, it is. A simpl e answer tha t is concise. No other wise, admit i t truthfully. Adriana jerked her eyes up to meet his gaze and abruptly st iffened, "What did you say? Yes?" . Unbelievably wide-eyed, un blinking look at the man in fron t of him, kept shaking his head. How did thi s happen? . Ho w can t his be? . Just at the moment when Old Mr. Soto a nd Harlee told her the truth, she kept tell ing herself that it was all fake and a lie. This matter ha s nothing to do wit h The Alston family. But now eve n Peter himself has admitted it. At this moment, Adriana does not kno w how she should react, but she really fe els the feeling of her heart like a knife. The heart seems to be a sharp knife, one by one cut, blood dripping, language is not enough to describe the pain there

She shook her head, extremely res istant to the truth. The slow m otion, as if a s low-motion play. "So it was The Alston family's idea to g et close to me nineteen years ago? Was getting me to have a baby part of your calculations?" . Why is that? . Adriana had her han d over her heart, tearin g her heart out in pain. The drunkenness th at was still slightly i ntoxicating is now gone. W hy? . " Adri, I . Even though Peter didn't understand why Adriana looked like this, he heard wha t she said and could relate to everything. Just a f ew of Peter's own surprises. He stepped forward and took he r hand, "Listen to my explanation. I t's not what you think, Adri, I . "Get out, don't touch me!" . Adriana yelled, "What' s it like if it's not like t hat? Peter! Peter! Peter!!!" . She gritted her teeth and cal led his name, her hands hanging at her side clenched tightly together. The chest rose and fell in anger, and finally suppressed the ange r in his heart, his harsh eyes glared at him, and his tone was calm and low: "Stay away from me, and don't let me see you from now on! Never!" . Adriana t urned around a nd walked away. Peter stepped forward an d took her hand, "Why don't y ou listen to my explanation?" . The little woman turned back, her scarlet bloodshot eyes slightly narrowed , "Explanation? Sorry, there's no need. The matter has come to this, there i s no need to explain. How could Adr iana still have il lusions about him? . Only now did she realize that Peter had never loved her, but it was just a deliberate conspiracy. When you think about it, y ou still have feelings for him and how ridiculous, how comical. Whe w. The cold wind whistles, like the laugh of the late nig ht spirits, eerie and seeping. For Adriana, it was more li ke a relentless mockery of her, of how stupid and naive she was. "Adri, regardless of t he past, but the feelings I have for you now are real. Peter walked up to her and blocked her way, taking her hands and gazing at her with complicated and painful eyes, "The feelings for the two children are also true