My Unexpected Marriage to the CEO: A Sweet Second Chance

Chapter 17


My Unexpected Marriage to the CEO: A Sweet Second Chance Chapter 17 by Pumpkin Witch. I thought my heart had already grown numb, but I was still hurt by what I was seeing. My husband had never kissed me that passionately. I had even completely forgotten what day it was until I saw a man walk past with a bouquet of roses in his arms. Shane and Vivien must have come here to celebrate Valentine’s Day. He had never been one to remember this kind of occasions before. I had foolishly thought that he was just realistic and sensible by nature, and had even convinced myself that this made him a suitable partner. Needless to say, I regretted everything my younger self had believed in the past. Now, the realization that these two were always in heat for each other, no matter what day it was or where they were, made me sick to my stomach. “”Hey, isn’t that Doctor Hayes over there? What a coincidence! Are you here to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your mistress?”. Louise had shouted on purpose, effectively turning heads from the people milling about around us. The shameless couple finally parted their mouths and pulled apart. At first, Shane raised a sardonic eyebrow at Louise, but when he finally saw me, he froze. A strange sheen came over his eyes. “Eveline?” Vivien exclaimed in shock. She clearly couldn’t believe it was me. I knew why they were so surprised. I wasn’t the type to dress up. In fact, I only ever wore simple clothes. And as long as the garment was reparable, I never threw a single piece of clothing away. But every woman wanted new clothes every once in a while, everyone knew that. Every woman wanted to look beautiful. It was the painful understanding of my dire finances that held me back from such luxury. In the end, all I got in exchange for my prudence was betrayal. What bitter irony. Today, however, Louise had given me a makeover from head to toe. Even I had almost been unable to recognize myself when I’d looked in the mirror, let alone these two, who had always looked down on my paltry appearance. “I must say, Doctor Hayes has excellent eyes. Your mistress is really good looking. She has the standard face of someone who has gone under the knife. By saying this, Louise mocked both Shane and Vivien at the same time. In turn, they wore identical, sour expressions. “I can’t believe what you’re doing, Eveline. You’ve lost your job, yet you still have the gall to play around like this

It seems that you don’t even want to support your mom anymore. ” Perhaps Vivien had realized that Louise was not someone she could trifle with, which was why she had shifted her barbs over to me. The mention of my mother made my chest ache. Then, from the corner of my eye, I noticed Louise stepping forward in Vivien’s direction. My hand instantly shot up to stop her. I knew she was about to let loose on the enemy. And Vivien did deserve a beating, but all four of us would only humiliate ourselves if we took this any further. Knowing my intention, Louise sighed and cros sed her arms over her chest. She looked Vivi an up and down, her eyes filled with disdain. “Let me ask you, Miss Mistress, do you know how to make people know your name in a matter of moments?” . The sudden question t hrew Vivien off. She was visibly confused. Then Louise lowered her gaze to Vivien’s belly and scoffed. “It ’s when you walk down the aisle with a bulging belly, or worse, holding a baby. Everyone would know your name then, am I right?” . Vivian paled and seeth ed. But she continued to aim her anger at me. “So what if I do either of those things? The fact remains that Shane wants to marry me and create a family with our child. What about you, Eveline? You’re pathetic! Look at you, did you dress up today in an attempt to seduce some unsuspecting idiot? Who would be so blind as to marry a moron like you?” . To be honest, if Louise hadn’t calle d out to them first, I would have ju st pretended that I didn’t see them. But now that the bitch who had stolen my husban d was acting all self-righteous and putting the blame on me, I couldn’t hold it in any longer. “There was indeed an idiot who was so blind as to m arry a moron like me back then. But anyway, that idi ot had been taken over by another stupid woman now. As soon as I finished speaking, Louise fla shed me two thumbs up. Shane’s face t urned a shade of red deeper. Vivien, on the other hand, gaped and blinked at me. This was the second time the y had both been insulted in one breath, and it was obvious that she didn’t know h ow to retort. In the next second, she moved closer to Shane and clung to his arm. “Did you hear that, Shane? She was just preten ding to be docile in the past! It turns out sh e’s quite good at making insinuating remarks. I snorted, the corners of my lips lifting. Then, in a very calm voice, I said, “I never make insinuating remarks. My words are always said wi th intent. If you feel insulted, that’s because I meant to insult you. Louise’s eyes lit up with pleasant surprise

She leaned back against the wall and cocked her head at me with unmistakable approval. It was like s he was telling me I now had the ability to deal with this immoral couple. Well, it did feel much better to berate those who had wronged me instead of bottling up my anger. Inspiration struck me. I chuckled softly and sl owly walked up to Shane. “What are you doing, Eveline?” . Vivien tightened her hands around Shane’s arm, clearly afraid that I might snatch him away. Briefly, I thought of how ignorant and childish she was. Had she forgotte n that this man was still legally bound to me? Not that I cared about that anymore. I reached out and dropped a piece of mint gum into the p ocket of Shane’s suit jacket. “Chewing gum before kissing a woma n,” I reminded in a quiet voice, “ is a way to show her some respect. He scowled at me at onc e, as though I was the o ne who had betrayed him. I knew what kind of a person he was. E ven if he had abandoned me, he would st ill expect me to hold on to his leg and . beg for his affe ction just to sa tisfy his vanity . Well, I was done strokin g his ego. I wanted to sh ow him that I didn’t care . about him a t all. I was pleased with Shane’s reaction, so I tur ned on my heel and walked away. I didn’t want to stay in this place for even another second . “Who do you think you are?” Vivien screeche d behind me. “You’re just some washed-up wo man who was driven away by her own husband. That made me stop in my tracks. How dare she? She was t he whore who destroyed other people’s marriage. My wounds hadn’t even fully healed yet . If they continued to pick at it, I m ight just never move on from the pain. I gritted my teeth. My fists shook at my sides. Just when I felt like I would crumble, a strong arm circled my waist and pulled me against a broad chest. The next thing I knew, my back was pressed . again st the wall. “I have chewed gum,” Derek said in a hoarse voic e. His face was just a few centimeters away from mine, and his burning eyes were fixed on my lips