My Unexpected Marriage to the CEO: A Sweet Second Chance

Chapter 32


My Unexpected Marriage to the CEO: A Sweet Second Chance Chapter 32 by Pumpkin Witch. Every time I received a message from Seagull, my heart would turn into mush. I wrote and rewrote my reply several times, unsure of the right thing to say. Finally, I decided to just tell him the truth. “My mother is dead, and I’m finalizing my divorce tomorrow. I have nothing left now. Seagull replied with a row of question marks. I took it to mean that he was at a loss about my predicament. But it was quickly followed by another message. “If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new start. Was that true?. I didn’t know why, but I immediately thought of Derek. I shook my head in an attempt to collect myself. I had no business coveting someone who was already taken. The next morning, Seagull sent me a picture of the sunrise at sea. It was breathtaking. “Eve, we might be at opposite ends of the earth, but we still bask in the glory of the same sun. Open your windows and look up at the sky. I’m sure the sun is shining beautifully over there,. too. As if he had cast some magic spell with those words, I found myself walking over to my windows and pulling my curtains aside. The moment I did, a bright beam of sunshine entered my room, and a soft, comforting breeze blew in. Just like that, I felt the weight in my heart lighten. But then my phone rang, breaking the momentary peace I had. When I saw Shane’s name flashing on the screen, my distress came back at full force. I wondered how he had been last night. V ivien was a haughty and malicious person . It couldn’t have been easy to coax her. Shane offered to pick me up, but I firmly refused. “I don’t want to get in the car you r mistress has no doubt marked with her scent and God knows what else. Although my words were full of bravado, it still wrenched my h eart apart to say them out loud . Thankfully, this was all coming to an end today

I went about my morning rituals and freshened up at a deliberately slow pace. Before I left, I checked myself one last time in the mirror, making sure that I looked lively and nowhere near depressed. I spotted Shane before I even got off the bus. He was standing by the gates of the law firm, his eyes fixed on his watch. I could tell he was getting i mpatient, especially when he breathed a loud sigh of relief after seeing me. I smiled when he presented the terms of the divorce. The division of assets was clear and straight to the point– the house and car would both go to him, and I would receive none of the properties. On the flip side, I wouldn’t have to pay back all of the medical fees that had been spent on my mother’s hospitalization these past two years. It was all good. I had no intention to pore over the documents with h im and go over everything again. I grabbed the pen, signed my name, a nd turned around to leave. Then Shane spoke, stopping me in my tracks. “Eveline, stay away fro m Derek. He has no good intention toward you. “And you do?” . I countered sharply before I could stop mys elf. All of a sudden, I remembered the thre e million dollars he had lost at the casino. “How did you settle your three-million de bt?” I asked bluntly. I had completely f orgotten to discus s this with Derek. “You don’t know?” H e looked shocked an d somewhat alarmed. “Was I supposed to know?” I narrowed my eyes at him. My instincts were telling me that something suspicious had transpired behind the scenes. As if to prove my inner notions, Shane averted his eye s. I opened my mouth to ask him further, but we were i nterrupted by a punch that landed squarely on his face. Louise’s sudden attack naturally attracted attention from passersby. Shane straightened, his face flushed, though whether from anger or hu miliation, I didn’t know. Perhaps a mix of both. He glared at Louise. “I’11 let you go this one time for E veline’s sake,” he spat out. “But I’ m warning you, don’t push your luck. Louise sneered, “Oh, please. Don’t let me go, not even once

You’re more than welcome to settle accounts with me. I’m s ure my life would be boring if you didn’t. And did you seriously say you’re doing this for Eve’s sake? You’ve done noth ing for her in the past; what makes you think you can do anything for her now? Eve has nothing to do with you anymore. She came up to me and grabbed my arm. “See, Eve? Some people appear in our lives in order to let us learn a lesson. Now that you know better, you shouldn’t waste a ny more of your time talking to scumbags. I’m telling you, a piece of scum will always be scum, and they are destined to rot away into nothingness. They don’t deser ve any happiness in their lives. Come, let’s go and celebrate. I’ve made reservations to congratulate you on getting rid of a slime ball and becoming single again. I let Louise pull me forward a f ew steps before turning back to t he man who was now my ex husband. “Shane, if you ever find yourself feeling like no one in the world wants you, please think of me. Remember that I don’t want you, either. His face turned livid. I flicked my hair as I t urned around with my head held high. Louise lau ghed heartily beside me and gave me a thumbs up. I had been so used to receiving endless insul ts and suffering humiliation in silence. I ne ver knew it would feel so good to fight back. Experience truly helped people grow. At least no w, I know to never again submit myself to a man who didn’t love me back. It just wasn’t worth it. Louise drove us to a cyclist club. As soon as I got out of the car, I saw Derek and Felix in the distance. They were with other people who looked oddly familiar, probably ones who had drunk with me last time. “Everyone, listen up!” Louise called out in a loud voice as she put her arm around my shoulders. “From this day forward, I decla re Eveline to be a single woman, ready and available for a magnificent romance. To any of you who might be interested in taking a shot, I suggest you act quickly. And make sure to step up your game. As you may have already discerned, Eve is rather popular. I was mort ified. Little had I known t hat that day would ch ange my life forever