Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved by Blue Tears

Chapter 12


Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 12 by Blue Tears. Jennifer’s POV:. Elizabeth was wearing a gorgeous gown, but she looked thin and haggard. Obviously, she had been ill for a long time. Nevertheless, she looked like an amiable woman. She was probably in good spirits after finding out that Prince Anthony had found his mate. “Are you Jennifer?” Elizabeth asked excitedly, getting up from her seat and rushing towards me to receive me. The maid next to her reached out and supported her in a hurry. “Mrs. Jones, you are still sick. Please take care of yourself. “It doesn’t matter. I know what I am doing,” Elizabeth said sternly, pushing her hand away. “Nice to meet you, Mrs. Jones,” I greeted, curtsying to her. “Don’t be so formal. ” She grinned from ear to ear, holding my hand. “Are you hungry? Delicious food is being prepared. You must stay for dinner. It was very kind of her to say that, but I didn’t want to agree rashly, so I turned to look at Anthony, who gave me a nod. “Don’t look at him. I make the decisions,” Elizabeth said, winking at me. “You don’t have to go back tonight. After so long, he’s finally found his mate. You have to stay with me for a while. “Mom, Jennifer needs to train tomorrow,” Prince Anthony reminded her. “Let’s have dinner first. With a big smile, Elizabeth held my hand tightly and ignored her son. I felt relieved. She was way kinder than I thought she would be. I liked her not because of her status, but because of her warm demeanor. If my mother was still alive, she would be at a similar age. The royal dinner was not as stiff and formal as I thought it would, but maybe it was because Elizabeth was an open -minded person. I talked a lot with her until dusk. After dinner, the sky was completely dark, and it began to rain. Prince Anthony insisted on taking me back to Marge Island, so we bid Elizabeth goodbye and walked to the car. But just as we were about to set out, Elizabeth’s maid ran over with an umbrella and stopped Anthony, who already had his hands on the wheel. “Mr. Jones, your mother is not feeling well. Please come and have a look. “What?”

Anthony and I got out of the car and rushed back into the palace. Elizabeth was lying in the bed in her room, and the court doctor was examining her body. After a while, he came over and said, “Mr. Jones, your mother is fine. It was only then that Anthony and I let out a sigh of relief. “You can stay here tonight ,” Elizabeth said in a fra il voice, holding my hand. I couldn’t bear to refuse her, and it s eemed that neither could Anthony, becaus e after pausing for a moment, he agreed. In order to take care of her, A nthony and I stayed wanted to s tay as close to her as possible. Unexpectedly, the mai d arranged only one r oom for the two of us. “Mr. Jones, don’t you want th em to arrange another room f or me?” I asked in confusion. “No need. ” Heari ng that made me b lush immediately. “W ha t?” . “My mother speci ally arranged th is room for us. It was said that a mother knew her son better than anyone else , but the reverse applied, too. Anthony knew that Elizabeth was deliberately mak ing us sleep in the same room, so he didn’t want to refuse her, and just followed her arrangement. Although he always acte d cold, he was actually a warm- hearted person. So I stopped struggling in my heart. After entering the room, I walked ar ound and looked around to ease the e mbarrassment of being alone with him. It was a large room with an attached bathroom, a w ashstand, large French windows, and a walk-in close t, in which there was a variety of women’s clothes. All the clothes were brand new, and some of them were so sexy a nd revealing that they made me feel embarrassed. “These are all your size. I guess my mother asked someone to buy them for you,” . Anthony remarked. He was sitting on the so fa and looking at me. The big bed next to him was decor ated with roses strewn around the bed in the shape of a big heart. On the floor, there were candles, and the chand elier hanging above his head emanated a dim haz y glow that could leave one feeling intoxicated. All in all, the room was decorated as if i t was for newly- weds. Coupled with what Prince Ant hony said about the clothes, I felt even more embarrassed. When I looked over at him, I s aw that his ears were also red , and he was avoiding my eyes. Obviously, he fel t as uneasy as I did, if not more. At this time, fa int footsteps ca me from outside. “My mother is outsi de,” Prince Anthony said in a low voice. “She’s eavesdro pping?” I could n’t believe it. How could she do such a thin g? But Prince Anthony just g ave me a nod of confirmation. “Then wh at shoul d we do?” . By this point, I was so embarras sed that I wished the floor would open me up and swallow me whole. “Go to sleep. ” Prince Anthon y lay down on the sofa, obvi ously offering the bed to me. Of cours e, it ma de sense

From what I knew about Prince Anthony, tolerating staying in the same room w ith me was already a big deal for him. How could he really do something else just to let his mother overhear it? Shaking my head, I went over to the bed and lay down. The bed was big and comfortable, but I was afra id that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep knowin g that I was in the same room as Prince Anthony. To my surprise, I dozed off quite quickly, and I had a very good sleep. It seemed that staying in the same room with Prince Anthony was actually comforting for me. The next morning, Prince Anthony a nd I left the royal palace and ret urned to Marge Island before dawn. He was afraid that his mother would come up with some excuse or another to retain us longer. After slipping back in unnoticed, I rushed t o the training ground. Today was offic ially the first day of training. Carson asked us to divide ou rselves into pairs and pract ice attacking and defending. I teamed up with a werewolf calle d Daniel, and the opponents assig ned to us were Barbara and Kevin. It was said that enemies were bound to meet, and i t seemed that it was true. It was because of Barbara that Skylar and I had been late yesterday, and I hadn’t settled accounts with her yet. Today, I could tak e this opportunity to get back at her. Since it was a training match between teams that each consisted of a male and a female, Daniel wo uld fight against Kevin, while I took on Barbara. I was confident t hat I could beat Barbara to a pulp. I wanted to teach h er the consequences of bullying others. Before each match, the members of the two teams were supposed to int roduce themselves and shake hands. “Hello, I’m Da niel from Blac k Stone Pack,” . Daniel said, ho lding out his r ight hand to me. “I’m glad to be in y our team. I shook hands with h im, and we exchanged smiles of greeting. Daniel was handsome with delicate facial features, especially his eyes, which we re as beautiful as shining black pearls. He had a smiling face , which made me feel warm and comfortable. “I’m Jenn ifer,” I told him. At that moment, Barbara rudely chimed in, “She is a slave from our pack. Everyone knows that she’s a bitch. Daniel, I heard that you are the heir of an Alpha. Why waste your time with a bitch?” . Hearing that, Daniel looked at me i n astonishment. I turned red and loo ked away, hating Barbara even more. “The team training start s now!”Carson announced, blowing on his whistle. “This is an attacking and defending training. Everyone sho uld be mentally prepared for getting injured. But remember to control yourself and not hurt the opponent too badly. “You don’t have to take others’ words se riously, Jennifer. My intuition tells me that you are not that kind of a person, ” . Daniel said comfo rtingly, patting m e on the shoulder. I shot him a gra teful look, and he smiled gently. Hearing Carson’s whistle, I clenched my fists and pu nched Barbara in the face