Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved by Blue Tears

Chapter 15


Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 15 by Blue Tears. Barbara’s POV:. That bitch Jennifer just didn’t know when to stop, did she? She kept seducing my man over and over again! Thinking about the way Kevin looked at her, I gnashed my teeth with hatred. Why was he so drawn towards her? How could such a lowlife compete with me and my noble bloodline? : My anger was getting the better of me. I couldn’t stand the fact that we lived in the same dormitory building. Hell, I was so fucking furious I couldn’t fall asleep at night. Finally, one night, an idea suddenly occurred to me. I smiled with satisfaction as I drew up a plan in my mind, got out of bed, and snuck out. The dorm was quiet. When I arrived at Jennifer’s room, I pressed my ear against the door and heard nothing. The bitch was still asleep. Her room was locked. After trying to pick the lock, I finally broke it and pried the door open. By now, it was almost dawn. Didn’t this bitch plan to attend this morning’s training? If she cared so much about training, then I refused to let her go there without embarrassing her first. I crept to the bathroom. There were several washbasins and buckets inside. I picked out the biggest bucket and filled it with water. From unlocking the door to filling the bucket with water, I did everything without making a sound. That bitch slept soundly the entire time. Excited, I tiptoed to her bedside, bucketful of water in tow. Jennifer was still sleeping soundly. I had been so busy the entire night, while she slept peacefully. But not for long! Grinning widely, I poured the large bucket of water on her face. The feeling was exhilarating!. Jennifer’s POV:. In a vast open field, Anthony was trying his best to train me. I was so out of breath. I looked into his cold eyes…. “Ah!”. In the blink of an eye, I felt like I had fallen into an ice cave. It was freezing! I woke up from my dream with a start. I opened my eyes and saw Barbara standing over me with an empty bucket in her hand. She smirked at me smugly, eyes burning with hatred. I was furious! My hair and clothes were drenched and the water seeped into my beddings. “Barbara, are you crazy?”I asked in a hoarse voice. “Bitch! How does it feel? Cold?” Barbara burst into peals of laughter. Before I knew what I was doing, my hand acted on its own and slapped her across the face. “Jennifer, you bitch! How dare you hit me?!” Barbara was so angry that she stamped her feet. She raised her hand to slap me back, but I caught her by the wrist before she could do anything. As she struggled to break free from my grasp, I glanced out the window. The sun was slowly climbing in the horizon, which meant it was almost time for training. I had no time to fight with this bitch

I threw her hand back so hard that she fell to the floor. She landed in a pud dle and splashed wat er all over herself. I figured she d idn’t look much better than me. She looked at her wet c lothes in disbelief and screamed, “Go to hell!” . She angrily threw the bucket at me , but I dodged it. As she was trying to get back on her feet, I quickly sidestepped p ast her and slipped out the door. “Just stay here,” I said before shutting the door behind me. I wanted to lock her inside, b ut that was when I found that the lock of my door was broken. So that was h ow she broke into my room. That shameless bitch ! But I didn’t have t he time to curse her. I heard a whistle from the training ground, whi ch was the morning call. I decided to ignore Ba rbara and rush to the t raining ground instead. Because of Barbara, I didn’t have the time to dry myself first. I tried to wring the water out of my hair an d clothes as I ran to the training ground, l eaving a trail of wet footprints in my wake. When I got ther e, I awkwardly joined the team. The wind was stro ng today. Because I was drenched throu gh and through, I felt partic ularly cold as the wind blew. It felt like it pierced i nto my bones. Damn it! Even the weather w as against me. To my horror, Anth ony came to the tra ining ground today. I stood at the b ack of the line, trying to hide. However, his eyes roved over the crowd and stoppe d when they landed on me. Anthony seemed stunned to see me like this, but then he soo n regained his cold composure. I couldn’t help but lower my hea d to avoid his sharp gaze. I didn ’t want him to see me like this. “Are you okay?” asked Daniel, w ho was standing in line nearby, his brows furrowed with worry. His concern made me feel a bit better. “Yes. Don’t wo rry,” I replie d with a smile. Before the training started , however, Anthony spoke to an attendant in a low voice. Then, the att endant ran aw ay in a hurry. When he got back, he handed a bath towel to Anthony. Anthony then walke d over and threw th e bath towel to me. With eyes still icy cold , he muttered, “Go dry y ourself before training. In disbelief, I looked from the towel in my hand to him. I didn’t expect hi m to be so considerate. I was grateful. My cold bones couldn’t tha nk him enough. I quickly headed to the periphe ry of the training ground and fo und a place where the sun shone. Using the towel An thony gave me, I be gan to dry my hair. I felt muc h better a fterwards. When I joined the team again, I was no longer as disheveled and, consequ ently, not as embarrassed as before. When Barbara saw me like this, she snorted angrily

I looked a way from h er loftily. Barb ara’s POV: . How does Jennifer get so lucky every sin gle time? She must’ve seduced Anthony. Why else would the prince treat her so well? . “Sham e on her!” . Lily, my wolf, whispered to me in my mind. Of course I knew Jennifer was shameless. She jus t drove me so crazy. I needed to do something. When training was over, I saw Jennifer again in the dining hall. She was sitt ing with Daniel, chatting and laughing. “Barbara, you shoul d teach her a lesso n,” Lily suggested. “Daniel, how can you hang around such a lowly bitch? Don’t you know she’s a slut who seduces every guy she meets?” I told Daniel as I stood beside their table. Jennifer glanced up from her foo d. I must admit that I enjoyed th e way this bitch looked up at me. “Hey, don’t talk abou t her like that,” Dan iel said with a frown. “Daniel, you just don’t Know how much of a bitch she is. She’s j ust some slut who fucks any guy. Why did Daniel defend her? She must have hi m wrapped around her finger! “Barbara, that ’s enough! There is a limit to my patience. Before I knew what was happening, Je nnifer stood up abruptly with a bowl of soup and poured it over my head. The greasy liquid trickled down my f orehead and cheeks. My hair was covered in the goopy stuff and n ow I smelled like soup. “Ah!” I roared and t ried to slap her, but she caught my wrist. When I tried to pounce o n her, she tripped me and I stumbled to the floor. Damn it! I was no mat ch for her. Jennifer looked down at me coldly b efore walking out of the hall, with Daniel following closely behind her. By now, I was li vid. I needed to make her suffer. Just then, I saw Anthony passing by the dining h all with his attendants. My wolf whispered an idea in my min d, saying that I should go to the pr ince and ask him to give me justice. “Mr. Jones!” I cried, catching up to Anthony. He stopped in his tr acks and took a step back when he saw me. “What ?” he asked. “It’s about that lowly slave, Jennifer . She poured oily soup on me, beat me, and insulted me together with Daniel. Anthony frown ed at the ment ion of Daniel. But other than that, he had no other reaction. He looked at me as th ough I had spouted in significant nonsense. Then, without a word, he walked straight past me. I was stunned and stood ther e in disbelief. What the fuck just happened? Didn’t the pr ince hear me clearly? I said that that lowl y slave had done something very rude to me. Shouldn’t he punish Jennifer fo r me? How could he not react at all? This was fucking ludicrous!