Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved by Blue Tears

Chapter 150


Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 150 by Blue Tears. Skylar’s POV:. Although I pretended to be magnanimous and like it wasn’t a big deal at all, I was suffering a lot in my heart. I felt like I was about to be driven crazy by this love triangle that I was trapped in. As I watched Jerome and Linda dance together, I had a bitter taste in my mouth. The two of them looked like a perfect match. I felt as if a knife was stabbing into my heart, but something stopped me from competing for Jerome. The thought of taking him away from the woman who had met him first made me feel guilty. Just like Linda said, wasn’t I the home-wrecker here? But when I fell in love with Jerome, there were no women in his life. What was more, we were mates designated by Moon Goddess. How could it be wrong for me to be with him? On the dance floor, my mate continued to dance with another woman. With one hand on Jerome’s shoulder, Linda kept her back straight and moved gracefully. With her elegant posture, she looked like a beautiful red rose. The music playing in the background was slow and romantic, and the two of them seemed to be lost in the moment. Gradually, they became closer and closer. With a lump stuck in my throat, I quickly turned my head away from them. I couldn’t bear to watch any longer. There were a lot of guests at the dinner party, but I sat alone. I felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. I was not meant to be here. I took a bottle of champagne and hid in a corner, drinking alone. As my eyes started to become blurry, I saw Helen walk over. But why did was she wobbling on her feet?. “Helen, let’s drink together. ” I waved at her. She clinked her glass with mine and took a gulp. “Sure. Let’s get hammered tonight. Come on, pour some more. “You two, don’t drink too much,”. Daniel chided gently, joining us at the table. “No! I want to drink so much that I’ll forget those annoying things. As I spoke, I continued to drink crazily. “I’ll drink with you,”. Helen said with a cheerful smile. Unable to dissuade us from drinking, Daniel had no choice but to join us. Whenever Helen was distracted, he took the chance to secretly finish her glass of wine. I felt happy for Helen when I saw what Daniel was doing. She was lucky enough to find a good werewolf who loved her so much. “Helen, when are I was still sober. “In a few days. He’ll take me to visit his parents. Helen’s tone was shy, and a blush c olored her cheeks. “That’s the Black Stone Pack. T hat’s where I grew up. I miss i t very much,” I said wistfully. “You can go there wit h Jerome when he’s fr ee. There’s no hurry. Helen patt ed me on th e shoulder

She didn’t und erstand what I meant at all. Once I went there, maybe I wouldn’t come back anymore. After all, the B lack Stone Pack was my hometown. “Jerome is very busy these days. I’ll just go alone. I don’t want to bother him,” I said bitterly. “Skylar, it took you a lot of ef fort to be together. The two of g o. ” Helen bit her lip worriedly. By this point, I was s o tipsy that I couldn’ t see her face clearly. “Thank you, Helen. As I spoke, I c ontinued to gul p down the wine. “Let’s not talk about it anymore. Come on, l et’s have a good time. I raised my gla ss to the couple in front of me. The three of us drank a lo t of alcohol. All I could remember was h ow much my throat burned, and how dizzy my head felt. Daniel looked after us, secretl y grabbing our glasses and that Jennifer really liked children. She was very happy while playing wi th Andy, and looking at the smile on her face lifted my spirits as well. I couldn’t help but wonde r what would happen if Je nnifer and I had a child. Would she play with our child happily like this ? It would be wonderful. Scenes of how our life would be in the future flashed through my mind. We would have a chil d and enjoy each day as a family of three. In our spare time, Jennifer and I could take our child o ut for a walk or for a trip. “When are you going to have a child? You seem to be thin king about it a lot lately,” . Zane ask ed me in my mind. “Zane, don’t you t hink you talk too m uch?” I complained. “Come on, Anthony, don’t be shy. If you want a child, you should jus t hurry up and have one with Jennifer! Don’t you want to have sex wit h her tonight? It’ll be so easy to get her pregnant,” Zane suggested. “No way. I can’t get Jennifer pregn ant before marriage. I want to do th ings the right way,” I said firmly. I didn’t know why m y wolf was being su ch a bad influence. “Fine, then. It’s just a matter of time. Once you go ba ck home, you’ll be able to marry Jennifer. Then, you ca n get her pregnant without any scruples. ” Zane sighed. My wol f was right. Now that I had found Gar y and Dana, my plan was about to be carried out. I had not hing to wo rry about. All that was left for me to do was to propose to Jennifer and settle on a wedding date as soon as possible. “What you said mak es sense,” . I told Zane a fter thinking for a while. “Exactly. You should have already proposed to Jennifer. I don’t know what y ou’re waiting for. Take action as soon as possible to avoid anything unexp ected. And after the proposal, remember to make passionate love with her

“Zane , shu t up!” . I wouldn’t allow anything unexpected to happen betw een me and Jennifer again. “Anthony, you’re here. I’ve bee n looking for you for a long t ime. I want to dance with you. Jennifer’s voice came from behind me, followed by the touch of her hand on my arm. I turned around and found that she was no longer with Andy. How long had I be en standing here, lost in my thoughts? . “Where is Andy?” I asked her. “He went to dance with Jero me and Linda. ” Jennifer cluc ked her tongue in annoyance. “Skylar is such a fool. I tried my best to create an opportunity for her, but Linda is t he one who took it. Now, Linda is dancing with Jerome, and even Andy has joined them. The three of them look like a happy family, while the poor Skylar looks like an outsider. I knew that the thing that was bothering Jenn ifer the most these days was the shaky relatio nship between her brother and her best friend. “Hey, don’t think too much. No one can solve their pr oblem except them. Besides, a dance is not a big deal. Jerome will handle it properly. Don’t worry too much,” . I said, try ing to comfo rt Jennifer. “Now com e on. Let’ s dance. I held out my han d to invite her t o the dance floor. Jennifer smi led and foll owed my lead. With her hand on my shoulder a nd my arm around her waist, we danced to a smooth jazz number. Our bodies mo ved in perfec t cooperation. At the end of the song, the crowd applauded for us. Jennifer was immersed i n our dancing, but my m ind kept drifting away. At this moment, I didn’t just want to dance with h er; I wanted to kiss her. The urge grew stronger and stronger until I co uldn’t wait any longer. The lights around us flashed like th e stars in the sky. Tightening my hold a round Jennifer, I le aned in to kiss her. The two of us kissed an d embraced as if there was no one else around. The woman I loved was in my arms. What more could I ask for? I fel t deeply content. “What are you do ing? We’re surro unded by people,” . Jennifer hi ssed, loweri ng her head. Her chee ks had g one red. At this moment, she looked so beautiful that heat rose within me, and my cock jumped, as if it wanted to stand erect. I could only contin ue to hold Jennifer tightly in my arms. When the music ended, I walked o ut of the crowd with her in my ar ms. All the guests cheered for us. I knew that as soon as I got Jennifer al one tonight, I would make love to her un til we were both exhausted and satisfied. I had never loved anyone as much I as I loved Jennifer. I wanted to cherish e very single moment that I had with her