Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved by Blue Tears

Chapter 24


Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 24 by Blue Tears. Jennifer’s POV:. After staying in the hospital for a week to recover, I was finally discharged and able to see the sun again. Breathing the fresh air outside around me, I couldn’t help but smile with satisfaction. As soon as I returned to the dormitory, Skylar greeted me with a warm hug. “Welcome, beautiful Jennifer,”she said, rubbing her cheek against mine. “I was almost bored to death while you were away. Thank God you’re back! Have you completely recovered now?”. “Almost. ”I nodded slowly. A bad feeling arose in the pit of my stomach as I remembered how I had fallen into the trap in the jungle. “But I suspect that someone set me up. There were so many of us who participated in the jungle exploration that day, but I was the only one who fell into a trap and almost died. Isn’t that weird? Besides, Marge Island belongs to the royal family. Hunters aren’t allowed there. So why was there a trap? It doesn’t add up. I have to carefully look into this matter. Whoever set this trap for me, I won’t let them go!”. “Jennifer, you suspect something too?”. Skylar’s expression suddenly became serious. “Actually, there’s something that has been bothering me. I wanted to tell you about it when I came to visit you at the hospital, but you were in poor health at that time, so I decided to wait until after you were discharged. Seeing her beckon me closer, I leaned in and let my ear hover in front of her lips. After looking around to make sure that no one else was around, Skylar whispered, “That day, I saw a she-wolf in the jungle. She was acting sneaky and vigilant, which I found a bit weird. I saw her wandering around a grassland for a long time. I didn’t pay much attention to her at that time. But after your accident, my mind kept going back to that scene over and over again. It couldn’t have been a coincidence. “Who was she?”I asked through gritted teeth. I couldn’t forget the pain of falling into the deep pit and being stabbed all over my body. “I think it was…Ella. Skylar’s face was scrunched up in concentration as she tried to accurately recall the details of that day. “I remember what she was wearing. I don’t think I’m wrong. Jennifer, you don’t look good. Are you okay?”. “I’m fine. ”I shook my head and sneered inwardly. So it was Ella. Her father had already committed unforgivable crimes against my family. How could she still not let me go? But it was not strange at all. She had wanted to kill me back then, but failed. Now that she had found out that I was still alive, of course she would try to eliminate me as soon as possible so that I wouldn’t do anything to get revenge

The two of us used to be good friends once, but now, there was a deep chasm between us that we could never cross. The important thing was, if Ella made up her mind to kill me, I would always be in danger from now on. In order to survive long enough to achieve my goal of taking revenge, I had to solve this problem first. But at the moment, I didn’t have any evidence that Ella had tried to kill me. And I myself couldn’t be sure that it was Ella just by listening to Skylar’s one-sided statement. No matter what, I would be car eful with Ella. And in case she did turn out to be the culprit, I w ouldn’t let her go easily. In order to verify Skylar’s w ords, I decided to set a trap for Ella to test her attitude. And luckily for me, th e chance for that came sooner than expected. The next day, the sun shone h igh in the sky. Carson took all of us to the seaside to st art swimming training. Since we always had to train on th e training ground, most of us were bored and found it to be a chore. This change of scenery tha t the seaside provided put everyone in high spirits. All the traine es were eager to have a try. After changing into swimsuit s and putting on diving glas ses, we walked to the beach. With warm sand unde r my feet, I squinte d my eyes leisurely. Under the bright sun, S kylar held my arm and b egan to speak endlessly. “Jennifer, do you like the sea and the beach? The water here is so bl ue, just like the sky. The breeze is also gentle and romantic. Jennifer, what’s wrong with you? It’s such a beautiful view. Don’t you like it?” . Skylar’s voice brought me ba ck to reality. I inadvertently glanc ed at Ella, who was s tanding not far away. She was wearing a black bi kini that showed off her fi gure and made her look hot. She seemed to sense my ga ze, because she made eye c ontact with me and smiled. There was no emotion in h er eyes, and her smile se nt a chill down my spine. I quickly turned away, not wanting to lo ok at her anymore. Instead, I began to si lently plan what I was going to do later. “Everyone, get ready to go i nto the water,” . Carson said loudly. Under his guidance, we a ll lined up and waded out into the sea one by one. Skylar was obviously eager to swim in the sea, because she was one of the first ones to enter the water, and even ur ged me when she saw that I was still standing on the shore. “Jennifer, come he re. Let’s go togethe r,” she called out. “Skylar, you go ahead first. I’l l join you soon. After hesitating on the shore for a wh ile, I pressed my lips into a thin lin e and slowly waded out into the water. I deliberately made my movements l ook clumsy, like this was one of m y first times swimming in the sea. It was only after seeing all the trainees swim far away that I gr adually began to advance forward. Except for me, all the werewolves participati ng in the swimming training seemed to be as c omfortable in the water as mermaids would be. Gradually, everyone els e was getting farther a nd farther away from me. I was left alone. Before that, Ella) who was swimming ahead with everyone else, looked back at me several times, but I pretended n ot to see her and simply swayed the water with my hands. Ella gradually slowed her pace, causing her to fall behind like me

When I saw that she was close enough, I decided that it was t ime to put my plan into action. I covered my chest with my hand and splashed in the wat er, stirring a lot of water. “Help , it h urts…” . I tried to kick my le gs, but my body kept s inking into the water. “I can’t swim with my injury. Someone h elp me! Carson…Oh…” . While speaking, I ac cidentally took a bi g gulp of the water. My head was spinn ing because of the uneven sea waves. Among the ups and downs, I desperately sho uted for help, but the rest of the trainee s had already swum too far away to hear me. Of course, I was pretending to be injur ed and drowning in the water for a purp ose—to lure the culprit out of the dark. Wasn’t Ella secretly watching me? If she really wanted to kill me, she wouldn’t let go of any chance. Although it was dangerous for me to put m yself in this situation, it was the only way I could think of to lure my enemy out. Ell a’s POV: . Jennife r was s o lucky. I was sure that she would die afte r falling into the trap that I set for her, but she came back alive. But next time , she wouldn’ t be so lucky. No matter w hat, I had to kill her. Every day she lived in this world was a thre at to me and my father. During the swimming training i n the sea, I noticed that some thing was wrong with Jennifer. She was as clu msy as an idio t in the water. In a matter of time, s he was lagging far beh ind the other trainees. I thought tha t it was a goo d opportunity. If Jennifer drowne d in the sea, no on e would suspect me. While I was thinking about how to mak e Jennifer’s death look like an accide nt, I secretly observed her from afar. I slowed down deliberately to kee p a moderate distance from her, s o as to not arouse her suspicion. The she-wolf named Sky lar seemed to be a goo d friend of Jennifer’s. I was worried that she would get in the way of my pl an, but to my surprise, she swam far away with the re st of the trainees and disappeared into the distance. At last, Je nnifer was left alone. While I was thinking abo ut how to deal with her, I heard her cry for help. I knew tha t this was my chance. I swam over to her and saw her struggling de sperately in the water. It seemed that her injuries w ere acting up, and she needed help getting out of the water. God was helping me! I held Jennifer’s hand and pretende d to be concerned about her. “Jennifer, what’ s wrong with you ? Are you okay?” . “My injury h urts again. I can’t swim…” . Jennifer leaned a gainst me weakly with a pale face. “Can you ta ke me ashor e? Please…” . She was barely able to finish her words, because she was a ttacked by a bout of coughing. After that, she spat out a mou thful of water. As I looked at her pal e face, my determinati on to murder her grew. When she was off guard, I stre tched out my hands and pressed her head hard into the water. If she drowned here, people would think that sh e died because of a relapse of her old injury d uring the training, and no one would suspect me. Jennif er was doomed!