Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved by Blue Tears

Chapter 26


Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 26 by Blue Tears. Jennifer’s POV:. Ever since I discovered Ella’s evil plot during the swimming training, the atmosphere between the two of us became tense. I beat Ella up in the sea. I thought that she drowned, but apparently, she had been able to swim ashore and survived. I thought that she would finally give up, but things just got worse. Every day, even while we were training, she kept trying to pick fights with me. Luckily, I was set to leave the island with Prince Anthony. We were leaving Marge Island to go on a difficult mission to launch a counterattack on vampires. Anthony wanted a trainee who could fight alongside him and expel the vampires who were invading the werewolves’ territory. During combat training, the prince decided to bring along whoever turned out to be the strongest among the trainees. I managed to defeat all my fellow trainees during the sparring session so I got chosen. The day we left the island was a very windy one. I boarded Anthony’s private plane under the envious eyes of the other trainees, and we flew out. We went to the Red Sun Pack’s territory. I recalled that Barbara’s friend, Anna, was the daughter of that pack’s Alpha. The Red Sun Pack lived close to the vampires’ territory, so their border was often invaded by vampires. Our task was to annihilate this group of greedy vampires. Anthony’s private plane landed in a clearing in the middle of a forest. After getting off the plane, we then walked over to a small log cabin. Although the architecture of the cabin was simple, it looked very cozy. “Mr. Jones, do you also have your private land in the Red Sun Pack’s territory?”I joked as I put my luggage down. “This forest is located along the border of the pack’’s domain. Vampires often cross the line and bother them. I come here occasionally to inspect the place. And every time I visit, I stay in this log cabin,” Anthony explained. “When will we start our mission?”The thought that I would be able to use my combat training in real life made me excited and eager to fight. “I can’t wait. “Don’t underestimate the enemies,”. Anthony reminded me coolly. “We are no longer on the training ground. This mission is very dangerous because vampires are quite ferocious. “Don’t worry. I can protect myself against them. Mr. Jones, why didn’t you bring some attendants with you? Why am I the only one accompanying you? Do you have that much confidence in my strength?”. “I believe in your capabilities. Anthony looked at me and spoke in a gentle tone. “After all, you are the mate that Moon Goddess has designated to me. My mate is supposed to be strong. His reply made my heart clench in denial. We were not real mates. We both knew that we were not really fated to be together. “Take it easy for now, but be prepared to leave at any moment. ” A little later, Anthony looked at his watch

“It’s about time. He looked down at me and said softly, “Be careful. You’re not allowed to get hurt. The magnetism in his voice made my heartbeat race. My cheeks felt warm. Why couldn’t I stay calm? “Understood. We then changed into clothing tha t gave us good mobility, armed ou rselves with weapons, and set off. When we stepped outs ide the cabin, Antho ny held out his hand. I looked at him in surprise; I didn’t know what he wanted. “Our mission is a dangerous one. We should ho ld hands so that we don’t get separated. If yo u get lost, the consequences will be severe. Anthony’s explanation w as a little awkward, but he boldly took my hand. The idea of two werewolve s holding hands while fig hting vampires was weird. But before I could question it, his large hand wrapped around my own, and his temperature put me at ease. My heart skipped a b eat, but I instantly felt warm all over. I swallowed back what I w anted to say. Anthony and I walked th rough the forest with o ur fingers intertwined. We kept our guards up and scanned our surroundings for any sudden movement. We could not b e careless for even a moment. My hand was still joined wi th Anthony’s, but my free ha nd stayed close to my waist. If I saw any vampires, I c ould quickly turn into a wo lf and kill them in one go. As we walked to a bushy area, a str ong gust of wind swept through the place, blowing leaves into the air. I had to squint because of the wind , and the slight vision impairment— although temporary—made me _ frown. Suddenly, a ru stling noise ca me from behind. I turned around quickl y just as a pale-faced vampire pounced on me. “Wat ch o ut!” . Anthony wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me aside. We changed into our wolf forms a t the same time. However, th at vampire h ad a weapon. It was a silver pistol. He fired two sh ots at us in qu ick succession. Eva and Zan e reacted j ust in time. They both rolled on th e ground and successfu lly dodged the bullets. Eva pounced on t he vampire and b it his head off. Zane sighed in obvious relief. ”This is my firs t time killing someone!” . Eva excla imed. “You killed a vampi re, the sworn enemy of all werewolves,” . I told h er reass uringly. “That was amazing, Jennifer!” . Anthony praised me when he returned to his human form. “That’s how you should do it. Show no merc y. If you hesitate, you will get killed. On the battlefield, it’s either us or them

I finally realized h ow difficult the mis sion was really was. I became so nervous t hat it felt as if my h eart was in my throat. We continued to walk t hrough the forest, nev er dropping our guard. After a while, another vampi re popped out. He also took a silver pistol and pointed it at me and the prince. Just as we were about t o get out of his line o f shot, we heard noises. Dozens of vampires app eared out of nowhere i n the blink of an eye. They must have been hiding in the bushes, waiting fo r an opportunity to attack. The prince and I must have walked into their trap. Even though my hand was sweaty, Anthony held onto it tightly. We turned to face the vampi res, and observed them just as they were observing us. Based on my estimation , there were about twe nty or thirty vampires. Anthony and I had an obvi ous disadvantage because there were only two of us. I was surprised by how many vamp ires there were. “Mr. Jones, they’ve got us out numbered. There’s no way we ca n beat them all by ourselves. “Don ’t pa nic,” . Anthony replied in an effort t o calm me down. Seeing that we were outnum bered, those arrogant vamp ires began shooting at us. Gunshots c ame one aft er another. We turned in to our wolf forms again. With Eva and Zane’s agi lity, we managed to avo id the spray of bullets. One of the bul lets passed cl ose to my ear. At that mom ent, my bloo d went cold. When I got a closer look at t he bullets, I realized that t here were all made of silver. Werewolves were weak against an ything made of silver especiall y silver bullets. A melee began. This battle wa s a matter of life and death. We could die i f we were not careful enough. My eyes focused on the vampires and th eir ferocious faces. Blood spill ed all over the ground. Although Anthony and I were the only werewolve s present, Eva and Zane were clearly better at attacking and defending than our enemies were. At some point, seven o r eight vampires fell t o the ground in one go. Some di ed on t he spot. Two of them whine d with their hand s on their chests. Eva gasped for breath as her e yes turned red. Suddenly realizing how powe rful she was, the remaining vampires began to retreat. The leading vampire wave d his hand, indicating th at they should fall back. Anthony and I returned to ou r human forms. Just when I thought the battle was ov er, one of the vampires on the ground aimed a pistol at my back and fired. I heard the sound of a pistol going off, but i t was too late to dodge. In a split second , Anthony gathere d me in his arms. He twisted our bodie s so that he could ta ke the bullet for me. The bullet went throu gh his arm. I couldn’t help but scre am in horror when I smel led the stench of blood