Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved by Blue Tears

Chapter 27


Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 27 by Blue Tears. Jennifer’s POV:. Oh my God! How could Prince Anthony stand behind me to shield me from the bullet? Didn’t he know that it was a silver bullet? Didn’t he understand the damage that a silver bullet would do to a werewolf? Once hit by it, a werewolf was likely to die on the spot. “Mr. Jones, are you okay?”. Seeing the wound on his arm made me inhale sharply, and my hands reached out in a hurry to hold him. “You are bleeding. If he had gotten shot by an ordinary bullet, his injury wouldn’t have been this serious. For werewolves, silver bullets could do deadly damage. Anthony’s drained of color, and he fell into my arms. When he saw that I was fine, his lips curved up into a small smile. “It’s good that you are fine. After uttering these words in a shaky, barely audible voice, he fainted. My eyes turned red and my heart ached. I choked with sobs. The vampires who were about to retreat surrounded us again after seeing that Anthony was injured. They held their pistols and stared at us coldly, waiting for the opportunity to kill both of us. In the face-off, a bolt of lightning streaked through the sky, followed by the rumble of thunder. The next moment, heavy rain poured down from the heavens. I had to protect Anthony, so I couldn’t turn into the form of a wolf now. Holding Anthony with one arm and a pistol in my other, I stood in the rain facing a group of vicious vampires. As if making up their minds at the same time, those vampires charged forward in unison. Their eyes shone with a murderous glint. I tried my best to keep calm. Holding Anthony tightly to make sure that he didn’t fall, I desperately pulled the trigger of the pistol, shooting bullet after bullet at the onslaught of vampires. They grimaced and fell to the ground one by one. I roared wildly in the rain as I shot at them, ignoring the blood splattering violently on me. Since they had dared to hurt the prince, I would let them pay the price. This single thought filled my mind, making me go berserk and fight ruthlessly with my enemies. I didn’t know if I looked more like a devil from hell, or a lunatic desperately hanging on for dear life. But after a while, the fierce battle finally came to an end. I had single-handedly taken down all the vampires, but my whole body was drenched with blood. My shoulders heaved up and down as I tried to catch my breath. I looked at the corpses lying all over the ground and sneered. Then, I turned around and left with Anthony. Since he was unconscious, I had to carry him on my back as I traveled through the forest, albeit with much difficulty. The rain was still pouring down with great intensity. I had to find some shelter for us as soon as possible and check his injury first. With every step I took, I left a deep footprint in the muddy ground. Walking amidst with the rain with a full-grown male on my back was such a struggle that veins stood out on my forehead, and I had to grit my teeth. After a long walk, I finally stumbled upon a cave. I knew that there might be more vampires lurking nearby, so the cave was a good place to take shelter in. At least I could temporarily avoid danger in here. After carrying the prince into the cave, I set him down on a slate. The cave was n either too big nor too small. It was just big e nough for the two of us to hide in

The ground was covered with we eds, and the raised slate was the only place that was clean. Anthony was lying on the slate in wet clothes, and his handso me face was stained with blood. “I’m so rry, Mr . Jones,” . I murmured as I began to take his clothes off. “This is the only way I can prevent your condit ion from getting worse. Since he was injured, it was all the more dangerous for him to co ntinue wearing these wet clothes. If he fell sick, his injury migh t worsen as well. I quickly took off a ll his clothes, incl uding his underwear. Then I tore the driest p art of his clothes and w rapped his wound with it. After that, I found some withe red branches from nearby and st arted a small fire in the cave. The temperatur e in the cave rose gradually. In the dim glow of the fire, I could clearly s ee Anthony’s naked body. His physique was so well-main tained that there was not an o unce of extra fat on his body. His wheat-colored skin shone attractively in t he dim light, and his chest and abdomen muscle s looked like they had been carved from stone. When my eyes wandered dow nward, I saw something th at made me let out a gasp. It was so big! St artled, I quickly tore my gaze away. My heart was p ounding hard ag ainst my chest. “Mr. Jones, d o you feel un comfortable?” . I asked worriedly, touching his f orehead. His forehead was practica lly burning. He must have a fever. “C ol d…” . It was the only word Ant hony was able to muster between chattering teeth. His eyes were still clo sed, and his long eyela shes quivered over them. I took a closer look and found that his whole body was trembling sligh tly, and even his lips turned blue. I desperately added more and mor e branches to the fire, but he s howed no signs of feeling better. He just kept sh ivering. I knew that the cold could leave irrever sible effects on him. No matter how much I thought about it, there was only one idea that I had to help him in this situation. It was st ill rainin g outside. And if more vampi res appeared, we w ould be dead meat. Since we couldn’t go o ut, I had no choice but to warm him up myself. Making up my mind, I strippe d down completely, sat on the large slate, and hugged him. It was the most primitiv e, yet the most effectiv e way to warm someone up. Since this was a matter of life or death, I couldn’t care about anything else. However, I coul dn’t help but f eel embarrassed. I could clearly feel t he heat emanating from every inch of his skin. He was ha ving a hi gh fever. But at the same ti me, he kept shiver ing from the cold. I had no idea wh at to do. “Mr. Jones, are you feel ing better?” . I hugged him tighter, trying to pass the h eat in my body to his. As if in response to my question, he w rapped his arms around my body and lea ned his handsome face against my chest

I knew he was unconscious, but the scene in front of m y eyes still made me blush. His face was burning, and when i t pressed against my bare chest, it seemed to start a fire there. My fair ski n gradually turned red. I wanted t o push his face away. This position w as too intimate for us to be in. I gently pushed his head away, b ut unexpectedly, his head turned back and fell on my chest again. I didn’t kno w whether to laugh or cry. Oh my God! What was going on? I had no choice but to maintain my current post ure, but I stayed as still as possible. I thought that I would have to spend the who le night in this position, but to my surpris e, something even more embarrassing happened. Anthony, who was still burning with fever, h eld me in his arms in a daze, with one hand a round my waist and the other lifting my chin. At this time, I saw his eyes open slightly. “Mr. Jone s, are yo u awake?” . I was so overjoy ed that I forgot everything else. As soon as I finished speaking, the prince pinned me down on the slate and pressed hi s soft lips against mine. He was kissing me. My whole body st iffened, and my eyes opened wide. The warmth on my lip s was real. The man in front o f me was as handso me as a Greek god. I was so bewitched by his face that, for a moment, I forgot to push him away. “Je nnif er…” . Anthony called my name affectionately, pullin g me back to my senses. His handsome face was flushed, and he seem ed to be in a stupor. Had he really called my name just now? Was he sleepwalking? Before I could figure ou t what was going on, his lips ravaged mine. The tip of his tongue stuck into my mouth, stirring, suck ing, and entangling wantonly. His scent was int oxicating, putting me under a spell. Our lips and tongu es continued danci ng with each other. I could feel my lips growi ng numb, as if they were a bout to be red and swollen. I opened my eyes and saw hi s lips glistening red, whic h made my heart beat faster. Sure enough, the temperature in th e cave was rising. While we were kissing, Anthony’s hands start ed to become restless. His slender hands wan dered around my body, taking me by surprise. In my head, I was shout ing for him to stop, bu t my lips didn’t listen. His hand hesitated on my waist for a moment befor e sliding up to my chest. He cupped my delicate breasts with his hands and stroked m y nipples with his fingertips. I couldn’t stop tremblin g, and had to suppress th e urge to let out a moan. “Mr. Jone s, pleas e don’t…” . I looked at him pi tifully as I begge d for him to stop. To me, this was s omething that onl y mates could do. But Anthony an d I were only nominal mates. We couldn’t do this . We couldn’t go on making this mistake. But I had to admit, it wa s no easy feat to suppres s my urges and refuse him. If his hands continued to r avage my body, I would lose my mind and give into him. Was I i n love w ith him?