Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved by Blue Tears

Chapter 30


Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 30 by Blue Tears. Jennifer’s POV:. Today was Valentine’s Day, and it was the first Valentine’s Day in my life that I truly enjoyed. I spent the whole day wandering the streets with Prince Anthony. He bought me roses and took me to eat my favorite strawberry cake. I couldn’t remember when the last time I had felt this happy was. In return, I gifted the prince new underwear. I couldn’t forget his reaction when I told him what the gift was. He looked a little taken aback, but he thanked me warmly. In the evening, we went back to the cabin in the forest. It was only yesterday that we had faced off against a group of vampires. There were too many vampires in this area. It seemed that things were not so simple. In order to make sure that the vampires didn’t cause trouble again, we decided to go back to the forest and inspect the whole area to see if there were any vampires that had escaped. For werewolves, vampires were the worst enemies. So, to ensure the safety of our species, we had to be cautious. After returning to the cabin, I sank down on the sofa and stretched my arms. “Mr. Jones, would you like to try on the underwear?”. I asked Anthony with a mischievous smile. “Jennifer, do you need to remind me about the underwear again and again?”. His face turned pink, which I found quite interesting. “Mr. Jones, I’m just worried that I bought the wrong size,”. I said in an aggrieved tone, pouting my lips. “After all, it’s the first gift that I’ve given you. Hearing this, Anthony reluctantly walked into the room with the shopping bag. I couldn’t believe that he was really going to try on the underwear like I asked him to. I couldn’t help but burst out into laughter. I didn’t expect that the proud prince would also have a soft side. After a while, he walked out of the room with a long face. He threw a tag in front of me, pursing his lips with displeasure. “Jennifer, do you really think this size would fit me?” Looking at the tag, I smiled awkwardly. “I’m sorry, Mr. Jones, I don’t know your size. “Maybe you can find out. Anthony suddenly put one hand on the backrest of the sofa and bent over me. His voice was low and hoarse, with a magnetic charm that pulled me to him. His warm breath sprayed on my face, making me shift nervously. Our faces were so close to each other that I could see every pore on his skin. Oh my God! Was this still the same prince that I knew? My heart was beating so fast that I was afraid it would jump out of my chest

“Mr. Jones, I’m going out for a walk. I stood up in a hurry and rushed to the door of the cabin, as if I was fleeing. “Jennifer, where are you going?” . “I just want to look around nearby. Don’t worry, Mr. Jones, I will protect myself. Please let me go out and practice alone. I opened the door of the cabin and patted my chest to c alm down my racing heart. In front of me lay the dense fo rest, lit up only by the dying light of the setting sun. “Be careful. If yo u are in danger, ask me for help. Anthony’s voic e came from in side the cabin. I looked b ack and nod ded at him. He just stayed in th e cabin, not making a move to follow me. I breathe d a sigh of relief. I didn’t know wh at was going on in his mind now. But these days, h e always made my heart beat wildly. After getting out of the cabin, I inspe cted the path the whole way, not daring to slack off for even a split- second. At the same time, I fanned my face, whi ch was terribly hot. Ever since the intimacy in the cave l ast night, the atmosphere between me and the prince was somehow different. Even his attitude towards me seeme d to have changed. Although I kept reminding myself that h e and I could never have a future toget her, I still couldn’t resist his charm. Every time I recalled how he had taken a silver bullet f or me, I couldn’t calm down. How could I not be moved by a man who had risked his life to s ave me? These were the thoughts that plagued my head as walked through the forest, while keeping an eye on the surroundings. Suddenly, I found a be autiful natural hot sp ring pool not far away. The hot spring pool w as steaming, and the water was very clear. I didn’t expect that there would be a hot spring in this forest, and it was a pleasant surprise. I quickly walked over and tested the temperature o f the water with my hand. It turned o ut to be per fectly warm. There was no hot water in the cabin, so I had been worryin g about how to take a shower. Luckily, I happe ned to find this hot spring pool. Since I had come across it, I decided to take a bath here b efore going back to the cabin. I looked around the area once more and f ound nothing unusual. After that, I quickly took off my clothes and sank into the hot spring pool, letting the water cover m y body up to my shoulders and wash away my fatigue. In the comforting warmth of the water, I raised my wrists and leisurely played with the water. I hadn’t felt this relaxed i n a long time. The happiness in my heart made m e hum to myself. Anthony POV: After returning t o the cabin, Jennifer volunteer ed to inspect the surroundings. I didn’t want to let her take such a risk, but she was righ t about needing some practice. Besides, I believed in her ability

She would only gro w stronger through real-life practice. After Jennifer left, my mind k ept going back to the way she b lushed in front of me just now. She had a lovely face and an even lovelier demeanor. Looking at the red roses on the table, I remembered how happy Jennifer was to hold them as we walked down the streets. The memory b rought a smil e to my face. As time went by, how ever, I began to get restless with worry. Jennifer still h adn’t come back to the cabin yet. Could she have come acros s a vampire? Damn it! Thi s forest was so dangerous. I shouldn’t have let her go out alone. I couldn’t hel p but feel a li ttle regretful. After taking a look at my watch, I decided to go out to look for her. These days, whenever it came to Jennifer, I co uldn’t stay calm at all. Staying calm in any situation was one o f my best qualities, but I seemed to for get it whenever Jennifer was in trouble. I quickened m y pace as I l ooked for her. Her scent lingere d in the air, so I just followed it. Soon, I arrived at a hot spring pool , where I could hear the sound of wa ter, as if there was someone inside. Sure enough, as I walk ed closer, I saw Jennif er bathing in the pool. The sight in front of my eyes knocked t he breath out of me. Jennifer was submerged i n the hot spring pool, wh ich was shrouded in mist. Her skin was fair against t he water, and her face was s lightly red from the warmth. She looked as beautif ul as an angel that h ad fallen from heaven. She didn’t seem to notice my presence and continued to enj oy bathing in the hot spring. I couldn’t bear to interrupt her happ iness, nor did I want to peep at ner l ike this, so I turned around to leave. As long as Jennif er was fine, noth ing else mattered. Even after I took a few step s, the ethereal scene just n ow continued to fill my mind. Ever since I was a chil d, I had never been int erested in any she-wolf. I didn’t understan d why I was so att racted to Jennifer. At this time, a strange smell drifted to me. it was not the smell of werewolves. Was it possible that it was the smell of a vampire? I stopped in my tracks at once a nd perked up my ears, listening carefully. I heard a rush of footsteps fr om not far away. And these footsteps were getting close r and closer to us. From the sound, I could estimate that were even more vampires th an we had come across yesterday. I still hadn’t fully recovered from my injury. Obviously, w e were no ma tch for them. I wanted to get Jennifer out of here, but she wa s naked in the hot spring right now, so it was u nrealistic for me to pull her out just like that. The footsteps w ere getting clo ser and closer. I couldn’t put Jennife r in danger. There was only way to tackle this to hide temporarily and act in accorda nce with the changing circumstances. Taking a deep breath , I walked right into the hot spring pool. I kept my footsteps light for fear of a lerting the enemies