Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved by Blue Tears

Chapter 35


Jennifer’s POV: Anthony picked out a wine red dress with an open, crisscross design at the back. The hemline was embroidered with large lilies in a lighter shade of wine red silk, adding a touch of awe to the dress without taking away from its elegance. The dress was particularly light and airy. It was cinched at the waist, outlining my curves. Moreover, the silver-gray high- heeled shoes that Anthony had chosen for me earlier drew attention to my slender legs. I tried to pull up the zip that was at the back of the dress, but it was hard for me to do it by myself. I had to ask the sales assistant for help. “Excuse me, can you help me zip up this dress?” I asked. “Yes, miss,” the sales assistant answered. After a pause, I heard the sound of the door opening and closing. “Let me help you,”. Anthony said in his magnetic voice. I almost jumped in surprise when I heard his voice. Before I could even take a look at his face, he pressed me against the wall and kissed me, swallowing the words at the tip of my tongue. His tongue entered my mouth and tangled with my tongue, leaving me feeling out of breath. I felt like all my senses were on fire. His hands restlessly wandered around my body, from my swaying breasts to my navel, and then further downward. “You’re wet. Anthony’s low and hoarse voice brought me back to my senses, and I grabbed his hands to stop him. He stared at me with blurred eyes. His desire was clearly written on his face. “I’m sorry, Jennifer. I forgot myself. He leaned forward and bit my collarbone lightly. Then, he wrapped his arms around me and finally zipped up my dress. I was so light-headed that I could barely registered what was happening. As soon as he finished zipping up the dress, I rushed out of the fitting room with a red face. The next evening, Elizabeth held the masquerade. All the trainees had been invited to attend it. It was a rare entertainment activity for us, so naturally, everyone was in high spirits. Since it was a masquerade, all the guests were required to wear masks. This was great for me, because my mate bond with Anthony couldn’t be made public for the time being. Anthony was wearing a black and golden mask, but everyone could recognize him at a glance, because there was no one else whose aura could match his. Under the longing gazes of the she-wolves in the hall, he walked straight to me and held out his hand. “Miss, may I i nvite you to d ance with me?” . The other she- wolves looked a t me with envy. From where I was standing, I could he ar them whispering heatedly amongst th emselves, trying to guess my identity

However, my face was covered tig htly by the mask. I didn’t thin k anyone could recognize me. With that confidence, I pl aced my hand on Anthony’s, accepting his invitation. I was wearing the wi ne red dress that he had bought yesterday. After leading me to the dance floor, Anthony w rapped his arm around my waist and began danci ng with me, much to the awe of the whole crowd. Standing in the center of the ballroom, Anthony s pun me around and lifted me into the air every no w and then, evoking cheers from the other guests. But the whole time, the two of us stared into each oth er’s eyes, as if the lively atmosphere around us didn’ t exist, and we were the only two people in the world. Just when the song was about to end, I felt someone sudde nly bump into me from behind. I looked up subconsciously , but at this time, I felt a light breeze on my face. My mask was to rn off. I could only helplessly watch i t fall to the floor before it wa s picked up by that bitch, Ella. She shot me a vici ous grin. “Oh, I’m so sorry. I took off your mask by accident, ”she said in mock apology. Then, she pretended to widen her eyes’ in astonis hment and deliberately raised her voice so that it was loud enough for everyone in the hall to hear. “Oh my Go d! It’s J ennifer!” . Her voice drew the others’ attention, an d sure enough, the other she-wolves also joined in the exclamations of surprise. “It’s r eally Je nnifer!” . “How could it be Je nnifer? Is she Mr. J ones’ date tonight?” . “Oh, so Jennifer really has seduced M r. Jones! I thought they were just rum ors. Uh-oh…Did I say something wrong?” . As soon as Ella finished speaking, she ga sped and covered her mouth with her hand, as if she had said too much by accident. Of course, I knew that th is was all part of her pl ot to ruin my reputation. I really wanted to tear her hat eful face apart. “Ella, wa tch your language,” . Anthony war ned her in a low voice. But Ella just pretended to be fr ightened and replied, “Oh, I’m s orry, Mr. Jones. I said too much. Her words thrust me and Anthony into the center of attention. Previously, Barbara ha d spread a rumor that I had seduced Anthony. Although the prince had promptly driven her away, the rumor had already spread among th e other trainees and affected my reputation. Now, Ella’s words were adding fuel to the fire. All the traine es were discussing in whispers. “Is Mr

Jone s defending Jennifer?” . “Jennifer is such a cunning woman! As soon as you look at her, you can tell that she’s a s eductress. Who knows how she seduced Mr. Jones. “What a shameles s bitch!” . Some of the she-wolve s began to attack me with malicious words. They didn’t dare to badmouth Anthony, so they all targeted me. Their words were ge tting more and more unpleasant to hear. Only a few trainees like Skylar and Daniel were on my side, but they couldn’t do anything at the moment to stop these she-wolves from abusing me. I glared at Ella with undisguised anger and hatred. She had tried to hurt me again and again these days. The only reason I hadn’t exposed her yet was that I didn’t have any evidence. However, this was the l ast straw; I couldn’t t olerate her any longer. “Don’t be impulsive. We have to wait for the rig ht time to get revenge,” . Eva reminded me, sensing ho w angry I was. “Yes, Eva. I will make her pay the price one day,” I told Eva in my mind, clenching my fists. Even Anthony noticed the fury on my face and loos ened his grip on my hand. I watched in a daze as he walked away f rom the dance floor. “Is he an gry?” . Eva asked worriedly in my mind. My heart ached, but I still said, “Eva, don’t talk nonsense. He won’t be angry wit h me because of a petty issue like this. Anthony didn’t walk of out of th e hall, but walked up onto the st age and picked up the microphone. “Jennifer is indeed the woman I have feelings for, but she has never seduced me. So if I hear anyone insult her, slander her, or spread rumors about her again, I won’t spare them. The crowd instantly sto pped talking, and their jaws dropped in shock. “How could Mr. Jones have feelin gs for that bitch? Did I hear i t wrong?” a she-wolf complained. After Anthony cast a cold g lance all over the hall, no one dared to speak anymore. As for me, I didn ’t care about anyt hing else anymore. The hall and all the other guests around m e seemed to disappear. Only Anthony’s powerful words reached my ears, filling my he art with unprecedented warmth. Ever since I lost my parents and brother, I had forgotten what it w as like to be protected like this. It turned out that b eing protected was s uch a precious thing