Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved by Blue Tears

Chapter 39


Jennifer’s POV:. “Don’t worry, honey. I’m going to give it to you. Anthony raised his head and licked his lips as if savoring the taste of me. I looked down at his cock and suddenly felt curious about its taste. I twisted around until my head was close to his lower body. I tentatively wrapped my hand around his cock before putting it into my mouth. The red tip alone filled my mouth, and my senses were flooded with his manly musk. My other hand teased his balls while I dipped the tip of my tongue into the slit of his penis. His penis was so big that I could barely breathe. “Babe, I didn’t know you were that hungry for my cock…”. Anthony groaned. He watched me and massaged my butt cheeks. This was my first time having oral sex, but I honestly didn’t hate it at all. I was willing to go down on him. I wanted to give him the same pleasure that he had given me. “Yes, that’s it…”Anthony gently pushed the back of my head, encouraging me to take his cock deeper into my mouth. His hot rod slid down my throat. “Oh…That feels amazing, honey. Can you go deeper?”. My tongue massaged the underside of his dick. When I heard how turned on he was, I felt indescribably satisfied. “Think of it as a lollipop and lick it. Anthony reached down to touch my breasts. His fingertips played with a sensitive nipple. I enjoyed his touch while I sucked on his cock. The stimulation made me wet. Noticing this, Anthony pushed a finger into my pussy and then pulled it out to show me how wet I was. Embarrassment made me close my eyes, but he lifted that finger to his lips and tasted it with relish. I let his cock slip from my mouth and arranged myself so that I was sitting on his thighs. I groaned and rubbed my pussy against his hard-on. “Anthony, I want so badly…”I looked at him desperately. “You want it now?” Anthony smirked before kissing my cheek. “Good girl, I shall satisfy you right away. He pushed me down onto the mattress and kissed me. We tasted our essences on each other’s tongues, and the cabin became filled with sucking and slurping noises. As we kissed, Anthony explored my pussy once more with his fingers. When he pressed one finger into me, my hips instinctively bucked up to meet him. “Oh, God…” I felt so good that one finger was not enough for me. I desired to be filled by something thicker as if to make up for the emptiness reassuringly. I nodded in excitement. He reached into the drawer of the bedside table, found a condom and then rolled it on. I became confused

Did he always have condoms prepared? Seeing my perplexed expression, Anthony gently explained, “This is our first date, but I wanted to be fully prepared. If my darling wanted me, I wanted to be ready to satisfy you anytime. His teasin g tone mad e me blush. Now that he had the condom on, Anthony lined up his cock against my lower lips. The heat of his my butt cheeks clenc h in anticipation. “Don’t move, okay?” . Anthony pressed one hand on my hip to keep me steady as he st arted to push his cock into me. “It might hurt a li ttle, but it will o nly be for a while. His thick cock slid further in, and my insides subcon sciously clamped down on it. I frowned in pain. I felt a weird pinching sensation deep inside me as he ripped through my virginity. Meanwhile, I felt so full. Anthony was incredibly gentle. He kissed me in reassurance as he it doesn’t hurt anym ore so you can move freely,” . I said as my eyes mi sted over. “Fu ck me. I never thought that I would beg a man so t hat we could have sex. But for some reason, shame wa s the furthest thing I felt b ecause my partner was Anthony. At that moment, I just felt unprece dentedly happy. My request, however, seemed to flip a switch in Anthony. With one more roll of his hips, he push ed the rest of his cock into me until I could feel his thighs against my bottom. “You’re mine no w. ” Anthony nip ped my earlobe. “I love you, Je nnifer. “I love you too, Anthony. ” My smile could barely contai n the happiness that I felt. “I’m g oing to move. Anthony kissed me as he groped my breast with one hand and clutched my hip with the other. He then began to thrust in and out. His forehea d became covered in sweat from how eagerly my body welcomed his cock. “Honey, you feel a mazing…” Anthony s queezed my breast. “You’r e so t ight. He rammed his c ock into me, for getting himself. I found it difficult to speak at the mad pace we were going and could only moan obscenely. The sound of skin slapping against eac h other combined with our groans sounde d like a wonderful symphony to my ears. “Oh my God! I can’t stand it any more. Anthony, you’re so big. I’m s o glad we’re finally having sex…” . I cried out in pleasure as I held onto him. My nails dug into his sh oulders and clawed his b ack over and over again. Anthony pushed inside me ha rder and harder as if he cou ld never tire of doing this. At first, his movements were a little clumsy, and I assumed th at he had never had sex before. This reali zation sur prised me

Anthony gra dually found his groove. Every time he shoved his cock in me, he hit the deepest and most sensitive part of my body. I wrapped my legs around his waist and rode out the force of his thrusts. His hips mo ved faster and faster. Eventually, my inner m uscles clenched and I screamed as I climaxed. “Antho ny, oh , God…” . I babbled nonsense , and my body shive red uncontrollably. It was as if fire works had gone of f inside my mind. I felt like I had jus t been shot to the cl ouds and found heaven. Anthony cam e not long after I did. His body curled over mine and he sucked on my lip. Pleasure surged t hrough the both o f us for a while. My brain still felt fuzzy by the time he finished ejaculating. “Are you okay , honey? How do you feel?” . Anthony kissed me on the cheek, bringing me back to my senses. I looke d at hi m shyly. “I feel great! ”I huddled even closer to him. “If possible, I want to do thi s all the time. “Then how about we do it again?” he asked and loo ked at the wet bed sheet. “Let’s do it somewhere els e. I want to make love in e very corner of this yacht. After declaring that, Anthony t ook me to the bathroom so that w e could have sex in the bathtub. We made lov e in differ ent places. Around noon, Anthony l ed me out of the yacht to his private island. We stayed in the vi lla, went fishing, and cooked together. I couldn’t really compliment Anthon y’s cooking skills, but seeing him p ersonally cook for me was so moving. I smiled as I ate the fish t hat he cooked. He had added too much salt, but for some strange reason, the food tasted sweet to me. In the evening, we had a candl elit dinner before having a cr azy amount of sex in the villa. It felt so go od to have sex with Anthony. I was get ting hook ed on it. We did it again and again as if we were trying to merge our souls together this way. This went on until late in the evenin g, but Anthony and I continued to lust for each other and satisfy our urges. However, all that time, we never m arked each other. Anthony told me before that t he royal family’s internal st ruggles were very complicated. He was afraid that I would get involved and become a target of public criticism. That was why we couldn’t make our relationship p ublic for the time being. I understood that Anthony was just tr ying to protect me. Making our relati onship public was just a formality. In my eyes, A nthony was al ready my mate. After a few more rounds of sex, we final ly fell asleep in each other’s arms arou nd three or four o’clock in the morning