Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved by Blue Tears

Chapter 49


Jennifer’s POV:. After getting separated from my brother, Jerome, I had been missing him every day. Many years had passed with no word from him. I had resigned myself to the reality that I was never seeing him again. Who knew that he would turn up as Anthony’s secret guard and Skylar’s savior? Maybe this was fate. My brother and I had been apart for so many years, but I still recognized him. This man who called himself Dylan was Jerome. I was sure of it. However, his reaction was disappointing. He didn’t hug me or look excited to see me. He was surprised by my outburst, and he shook his head. “Miss, you must have mistaken me for someone else. My name is not Jerome. I’m Dylan. “That’s right, Jennifer,” Skylar chimed in. “He told me that his name is Dylan. “Dylan…” I murmured the name. Was I really mistaken? How could two werewolves be so similar and not be the same being? Not only did this Dylan look like my brother, but they also smelled the same. Werewolves were very sensitive to smells, and I had a keen sense of smell. How could I be wrong? Before I could interrogate Dylan further, Anthony stopped me. “Jennifer, let’s talk about it later. I looked back at him, nodded and dropped my questions. Maybe Anthony could straighten things out for me. After all, my brother was his secret guard. I accompanied Skylar through a series of examinations and watched the doctor treat her wound properly. Skylar needed to stay in the hospital for further observation. Anthony made sure that the best nurse was assigned to her. We could finally leave without worry. “Rest well, Skylar. I’ll come to visit you very soon. I waved at Skylar, who was lying in the bed. “Just you wait, Jennifer. I’ll be out of this hospital in no time. Skylar blew me a kiss. I knew then that Skylar would be all right and back to her usual lively self. “Dylan, you have to come visit me too!”. Skylar waggled her eyebrows at Dylan. Dylan wordlessly stepped behind Anthony. I couldn’t help laughing at this amusing scene. After leaving the hospital , Anthony arranged for Dyl an to stay on Marge Island. Dylan followed his or der and temporarily r esided in the castle. Anthony held my hand and led m e to the forest. We strolled alon g a path and tal ked about Dylan. “Jennifer, I know you ha ve questions about Dylan . ” Anthony looked at me. “Is he really yo ur older brother ? Are you sure?” . “I’m sure, Anthon y,”I replied and grabbed his wrist. “I can’t be wrong . There’s something I must tell you

“Jennifer, you know you ca n be honest with me. ”Antho ny hugged me reassuringly. His hug m ade me fee l at ease. “Actually, I’m not from the Dark River Pack. ”I hugged hi m back and told him my story. “I’m from the Rainbow Pack. My father, Lewis Smith, was the Alpha and my mother, Doris, was his Luna. My mother died of an illness when I was seven. Not long after, the pack’s Beta, Arthur, rallied with some traitors and killed my father. My older brother, Jerome, and I managed to escape from the pack. But we got separated somewhere along the way. Later, I went to the Dark River Pack as a refugee and was taken in by Luna Debra. I later heard that Arthur had become the Alpha of my pack. Afraid that he would send people to kill me, I didn’t dare to reveal my identity. Since then, I worked as a slave for the Dark River Pack. Anthony, I miss my brother very much, but I don’t understand. Why couldn’t he recognize me?” . Saddened by the thou ght, I buried my face into Anthony’s arms. Anthony patted my shoulder and gentl y stroked my back. “Jennifer, I’ve always wondered about your past. I just did not expect it t o be full of tragedy. Please trust me. Those who have done you wrong will ge t what they deserve, and you will get back everything that is owed to you!” . “I be lieve you. I nodded firmly , tears welling up in my eyes. “Honey, since Dylan is your older b rother, I will find a way so that he remembers you as soon as possible. Anthony wi ped my tea rs gently. “You’re upset because Dylan didn’t recognize you, right? Actually, he has amnesia. Many years ago, while I was inspecting the packs, I passed by a river and came upo n an injured werewolf. Since he was unconscious, I took him back with me to Osman Kingdom. When he woke up, he lost all his memories. He did not even know his own name. I named him Dylan, and in order to repay me, he has been serving me as my right-hand man. Don’t worry. I will definitely find a way to help Dylan regain his memories. “Oh, I see. You saved my brother! Anthony, you saved my brother and gave me a new life. What a stroke of good fo rtune! Thank the deities for guiding us to each other. I hugged him tightly with m ixed feelings. “By the way, Anthony, do you still remember what I told you the other day? I saw someone suspicious in the royal palace, but his smell was familiar. Now that I think about it, that person felt similar to my brother. Since he is your secret guard, was the person I happened to see that day my brother?” . “I su ppose so. Anthony pat ted me on t he shoulder. “What was my brother doi ng in the palace? Did yo u send him on a mission?” . I was conf used. “Jennifer, the royal family is complicated. You will understand in the fut ure. For the time being, I don’t want you to get involved

But now that I kn ow Dylan is your brother, I won’t send him on dangerous missions anymore. Anthony di d not expla in further. He just gripped my hand an d looked at me, hoping for patience and understanding. I stoppe d questio ning him. After all, I trus ted him from the b ottom of my heart. We continued o ur stroll thro ugh the forest. We talked , kissed a nd hugged. We only pa rted when night fell. Anthony’s POV: After Jennifer told me her story, we talked for a long time in the forest. I did not know that the current Alpha of the Rai nbow Pack was a traitor. To think that I had let h is daughter, Ella, stay on Marge Island for so long. Arthur used to tell the public that the former Alpha, Lewis, and his s on, Jerome, both died of an illness. Because he was the Beta, he claimed to have no choice but to step up to the position as Alpha of the Rainbow Pack. He said that regardless of how sad he was, he would fulfill the former Alpha’s dying wish. For so many years, no one had doubte d what Arthur said. He dece ived ev eryone. Ella was th e daughter o f a traitor. She took away everyth ing that should have belonged to Jennifer. I asked J ennifer a bout Ella. Only then did I learn that E lla was hostile and had atte mpted to kill her many times. Ella’s father was the one who killed Jennifer’s father. For Jennifer’s sake, Ella could no longer stay on Marge Island. I had to find a way to s end Ella back to her pac k as quickly as possible. Anyone who had ill intention s towards Jennifer could not be in the same area as her. Not too long ago, Ella and Skylar had taken on the mi ssion of escorting Sherman. I called all the werewolves and lyc an attendants involved and asked the m about what had happened back then. It was Ella who suggested they g ive up on Skylar. When Skylar got inj ured, Ella didn’t e ven try to save her. She even encouraged their companions t o leave her behind. After conducting an investigation, I cal led Ella to my place. She looked uneasy because it wa s her first time coming to the p alace where I currently resided. “Mr. Jones, what can I do for you?” . “When the team returned from the Red Sun Pack’’s territory, every one came back except for Skylar. I wasted no time and went straig ht to the point. “I have looked into the matter. It was you who suggested that the t eam should abandon Skylar, right?” . “Mr. Jones, the situation we were in at the time was very dangerous. If we went back to save Skylar, we could have all been killed,” . Ella replied in an effort to jus tify her actions. “Si len ce,” . I inte rrupte d her. “You don’t care about the safety of your companion. You have no sense of team spirit. Werewolves like yo u are not qualified to stay and train on Marge Island. Leave this instant. If you don’t, you will be thro wn out. If you have to be forced off the island, I’m sure that both you and your father will lose face