Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved by Blue Tears

Chapter 2 by Blue Tears


Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 2 by Blue Tears. Jennifer’s POV:. As I lay in the bed with the empty wooden box in my arms, hatred grew within me. “Jennifer, you will succeed one day. A voice startled me out of my daze. “Who’s there?”. I asked nervously. “Jennifer, I’m Eva. I’m your wolf. Happy eighteenth birthday!”. “Eva, I can finally sense you!”. I cried, feeling a huge sense of relief. It was not until now that I realized that it was past midnight. I was officially eighteen years old, and my wolf showed up. “From today on, I will always be with you. “Thank you, Eva. I won’t be alone anymore. I couldn’t help but smile at the thought. “You are never alone. And soon, you will meet your mate. “Yeah, you’re right! I’m an adult now. As soon as I get back the necklace my mother left to me, I’ll leave this place to search for my mate. Finding my mate was something that I was really looking forward to. I still remembered how much my parents loved each other. For some reason, I had a feeling that my mate would also be good to me. The wound on my hand still hurt, and thanks to Barbara, my quilt was damp. I was curled up in bed in this pathetic condition. Although I was cold and hungry, I fell asleep with bright expectations. Early the next morning, I went to Barbara’s residence in the name of cleaning her house. The pearl necklace she had snatched from me was very important to me, so I had to take it back at all costs. After entering Barbara’s house, I went straight to her bedroom. The door was ajar, but there was no one inside. Counting my lucky stars, I rushed in and rummaged through her dressing table as quickly as I could. Unfortunately, I didn’t find my pearl necklace. But what I did find was the necklace that Barbara usually wore. She had framed me and falsely accused me of stealing! And all along, her necklace was safe and sound in her jewelry box. It turned out that the bitch had made trouble out of nothing. I searched every inch and corner of her room, but I still couldn’t find my pearl necklace. Grunting in frustration, I left her bedroom to look for the necklace elsewhere. I walked inward, wanting to try my luck in her closet. The strong fragrance of lilies drifted towards me all of a sudden. As I walked forward, the smell became stronger and stronger. Somehow, as if by instinct, I knew that this was the smell of my mate. Who was my mate?. “No, I can’t hold on anymore…Your dick is so big. It’s so deep inside me!”. “You already can’t hold on? Babe, it’s just the beginning. “Baby, fuck me! Drive me wild!”. The woman’s lewd moans were accompanied by the sound of running water and the continuous sound of flesh slapping against flesh. My heart leaped into my throat as I followed the fragrance and finally stopped at the door of the bathroom. As soon as I saw the two people intertwined in the bathtub, I felt sick to my stomach. They were so engrossed in what they were doing that they did n’t notice my presence at all. There were two we rewolves having se x in the bathroom. One of them was the vicio us Barbara, and the other was the shameless Kevin

Kevin woul d be the fu ture Alpha. He slept with a lot o f women and harassed me from time to time. I hated him to t he core. I never expected that he and Barbara would be together, b ut they were a perfect match. Oh, my God! Was this jerk supposed to be my m ate? Bile rose up my throat as I stared at th e two of them with my feet rooted to the spot. Kevi n’s POV: . I was having sex with Barbara in her bathroom when I suddenly smell ed the sweet fragrance of flowers. I knew th at my mate had come. Sure enough, when I looked at t he door, I saw Jennifer standin g there. ”Jennifer, you’re here,” . I greeted, while continuing to thr ust into Barbara. The sight of Jennife r got me even harder, and I couldn’t stop. “Y es ,” . Jennifer choked out in a low voice, as if sh e was in physical pain. “Bitch, who allowed you to enter my place in the early morning? Get out!” . Barba ra ro ared. I saw Jennifer lift ing her foot to tur n around and leave. “Wait, do n’t go. C ome here,” . I said sternl y, pulling ou t of Barbara. Jennifer walked in slowly, as if she w as still hesitating. “Kevin, I still want to conti nue. Don’t let this bitch distr act you. Tell her to get lost,” . Barbara whined, rub bing her fair breas ts against my dick. She was acting as obscene as a prostitute. “Barbara, you should le ave. I need to talk to Je nnifer about something. I could barely hide the disgust I felt a s I pushed her away. Barbara was stunned for a mome nt, but she reluctantly got up and walked out of the bathroom. When she reached the door, s he raised her hand and slapp ed Jennifer across the face. “Bitch, you better behave. Ke vin is my man. If you dare to seduce him, I’ll kill you!” . “Miss Barbara, onl y you would treat trash as treasure,” . Jennifer spat, glar ing at Barbara while covering her cheek. “You’re just a slave doing housework. Why are you so arrogant? If you dare to gla re at me again, I’ll dig out your eyes!” . Barbara th reatened wi th a snort. “That’s all you can do,” . Jennifer taunted , fearlessly sta ring back at her. Listening to the tw o women bicker was g iving me a headache. “Barba ra, ge t out!” . I interrupted. After shoot ing one last glare at Jenn ifer, Barbara stormed off. Finally, I was all alone wit h Jennifer. I waved at her, b eckoning her to come forward. “Jennife r, come closer. “What ca n I do f or you?” . Jennifer asked, slo wly walking over wi th her head lowered. I walked out of the bathtub and closed the door. My wolf was madly scream ing at me in my mind, as king me to pounce on her. From the moment I turn ed eighteen, I knew tha t Jennifer was my mate. Of course, there wasn’t a single mome nt where I thought of accepting her, because her social status was too low

A woman like her couldn’ t be my Luna. However, I couldn’t deny that s he was beautiful, with an hourg lass figure that drove me crazy. Although I couldn’t make her my Luna, I could le t her be my sex partner. I I had long wanted to sleep with Jen nifer, but she had always be on guard against me, so I hadn’t succeeded yet. But if I remembered correctly, t oday was her birthday, so she pr obably knew that I was her mate. And in that case, there wa s a chance that her attitu de towards me would change. After all, there was no she-wolf who wouldn’t jump at the chance t o be the mate of the Alpha’s heir. “Loo k at me. I pinched Jennifer’s chi n with my fingers, forci ng her to raise her head. The cold aura aro und her made me w ant her even more. But the disgust in her eyes was something tha t I couldn’t look past. “Who did you just call tra sh?”I growled. “Not you,”J ennifer rep lied coldly. “Do you know something? You look so pure and innocent all the time that I just want to fuck you to death,”I said, letting go of her chin and caressing her cheek. “Jennifer, y ou are so fu cking sexy. “What are you doing?”Jenn ifer snapped, pushing me a way and avoiding my touch. “What? Can’ t Barbara s atisfy you?” . “She’s not as attractive as y ou are. Every time I fuck her, I imagine you in her place. The thought of actually getting to have sex with Jennifer turn ed me on, and I licked my lips. “Come on, be with me. I can support you, and you don’t have to be a slave anymore. After saying that, I held her shoulder a nd tore her short skirt. She struggled de sperately, as if trying to get rid of me. “Don’t pretend to be innocent. In the Dark River Pack, every she-wolf wants to sleep with me. ”With my left hand, I grab bed Jennifer’s hair, while my right hand slid to her thigh. “Don’ t touc h me!” . “You’d better know what’s good for you. You must have alrea dy sensed it, right? We are mates. Sleeping together is not a big deal for us. If you keep resisting, I’ll reject you! ” . That was my final card. I was sure that s he wouldn’t dare to resist after this. Su re enough, Jennifer paused for a moment. But just when I thought that she was scared, she suddenly raised her hand and slapped me hard across the face. Caught off guard, I lossened my grip on her h air. She took that chance to escape from my gr ip and retreated to the door of the bathroom. “How da re you h it me?!” . As I touched my burning cheek with my hand, ang er swirled up within me. What a shameless bitch! I h ad been planning to sleep w ith her and then reject her. But this bitch was ruining everything by pretending to be a pure virgin! Wel l, I would make her regret her actions. “I, Kevin Brook, the future Alpha of t he Dark River Pack, hereby solemnly re ject you, Jennifer Smith, as my mate,” . I sa id co ldly. I thought that she would imme diately fall at my feet and b eg me to cancel my rejection. But to my surp rise, she smil ed with relief. “That’s great. I was waiting for you to reject me. Just n ow, I was wondering why the Moon Goddess assigned a scu mbag like you as my mate. Thank you for setting me free. What was this bitch talking about? Shouldn’t she be heartbroken after being rejected by me, t he future Alpha? How could she smile like she was having the time of her life? A bad feeling rose in my heart, but before I could say anything, Jennifer opened her mouth in high spirits. Her tone was full of joy, a s if she had gained a victor y instead of being rejected. “I, Jennifer Smith, the daughter of the deceased Alpha Lewis Smith of the Rain bow Pack, hereby accept your rejection