Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved by Blue Tears

Chapter 3 by Blue Tears


Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 3 by Blue Tears. Kevin’s POV:. Jennifer’s tone was calm, and there was a happy smile on her face. On the other hand, felt like I was struck by thunder. At this moment, her smile was too dazzling for me to look at. What was she talking about? How could she be the daughter of the decreased Alpha Lewis Smith of the Rainbow Pack? Wasn’t she just a lowly slave? How could a slave be from an Alpha bloodline?. My wolf screamed painfully in my mind, “You idiot! How could you reject a mate with Alpha bloodline?”. “Rainbow Pack already has a new Alpha. This girl is just a lowly slave now. She doesn’t deserve to be my Luna at all. It was right for me to reject her,”. I stubbornly told my wolf. But then why did I feel anger rising within me?. “You are such an idiot. You’re regretting it now, right?”my wolf taunted. “Damn it! Shut up!”I told him. Regretting it? I was the future Alpha. All the she-wolves in the pack would die for a chance to be with me. Why would I regret rejecting a slave? It made no sense. “Can I leave now?”Jennifer asked, interrupting my thoughts with a smile. There was obvious disdain and impatience in her eyes. I wanted to grab her and fuck her violently to punish her for her rudeness. But the mocking eyes of this bitch was too annoying to look at for even a moment longer. “Fuck off!”I snarled. Jennifer shrugged and walked out of the bathroom without looking back. It seemed that she had no intention of staying at all. In fact, she avoided me like the plague. Despite that, looking at her slim and graceful back made my desire increase. With no way to vent it, I roared and punched the wall. Anger was threatening to burst out of me. How could that bitch be so indifferent towards me? I couldn’t accept it at all! Barbara’s POV: That bitch, Jennifer, interrupted me and Kevin while we were having sex. What was worse, Kevin seemed to be interested in her. How could I take such an insult? I had the noble Beta bloodline, and I had grown up with Kevin. I had already made up my mind that I would be his Luna one day. Alpha Norman always treated me well. If I complained to him about Jennifer, he would punish that bitch for sure. Thinking of that, I quickly rushed to his office. Just before I entered, I gathered all the aggrieved emotions that I had and squeezed out a few tears. Then, I walk ed in with a pitiful face

“Barbara, what’s wro ng? Why are you cryi ng? Who bullied you?” . Alpha Norm an asked wi th concern. “It’s nothing,” I m umbled, lowering my head respectfully. “I’m sorry to worry you like this. “Who bullied you? Don’t be a fraid to tell me. Whoever it i s, I’ll teach them a lesson!” . Alpha Norman sto od up and gently touched my head. “It’s…Jennifer. ”As I s aid her name, tears we lled up in my red eyes. “She stole my pearl necklace yesterday. I asked her to give it back to me, but she refused, and even said that she w ouldn’t mind fighting me for it. I finally managed to get the necklace back, but she threatened me and almost slappe d me! And what’s worse, she even seduced Kevin. She told me that she’s the only one who’s qualified to be his mate…” . I paused, as if I couldn’t bear to go on. “I’m sorry, Alpha Norman. I shouldn’t have come to both er you with such a trifle…” . When I raised my gaze and snuck a look at Alpha Norman’s face, I saw that he w as on the verge of exploding with anger. “It’s not a trifle! How dare a lowly slave threaten you? And she even covets the position of Kevin’s mate? Who does she th ink she is? Such a shameless and evil slave must be punished!” . Alpha Norman told me seriously before turn ing to his bodyguards. “Bring Jennife r here!” . Soon, Jennifer walked into the room. Dressed in a shabby white shirt and torn pants, she looked poor. Watching Je nnifer walk up to the sofa, Alpha Norman waved his hand. Two tall and strong she-wolves ca me from behind Jennifer, grabbed h er, and slapped her several times. The sound of the slaps hitting he r face filled me with joy, althoug h I didn’t show it on the outside. “Alpha Norman , why are you doing this?” . Jennifer asked in shock, covering h er swollen cheeks. “This is the pu nishment for bu llying Barbara!” . Alpha Norman scowled, sitting straight in a domineering posture. “Remember your identity. Next time you dare to cross the lin e, I won’t be so nice to you. Jennifer scoffe d in anger and t ried to explain. However, Alpha Nor man didn’t give her a chance to speak. “In two days, Mr. Anthony Jones will arrive here and select a few elite werewolves to attend the training at the royal training ground. Jennifer, you better prepare f or the welcome ceremony and the trials. Don’t screw it up, or I’ll skin you alive!” . “Can I part icipate in the trials?” . Jennifer aske d with her eye s lighting up

It was as if she had tempora rily forgotten the humiliatio n that she had just suffered. Her crazy antics made me almost bu rst into laughter. Alpha Norman looked Jennif er up and down, with undisg uised contempt in his eyes. “You? Who do you think you are? How dare a slave expect to participate in the trials? Stop having ridiculous fantasies like this! You are not qual ified. Just do your job well. Don’t let your thoughts run wild,”he snarled. Watching Jennifer being taken down a peg made me feel very satisfied. “Only a werewolf with a noble bloodline is qualified to pa rticipate in the trials. Do you think you deserve that oppor tunity?”I added mockingly, looking at Jennifer’s pale face. “What if I qua lified?”Jennif er said firmly. “In your dreams !”I retorted, r olling my eyes. “Jennifer, a lowly slave li ke you only deserves to be trampled on by me forever!” . “Do you think you are noble? What gives you the guts to talk nonsense in front of Alpha Norman? If I’m just a slave, why do you always make things difficult for me? I look down on you from the bottom of my heart!”Jennifer glared at me. “You look down on me?”My temper got the better of me, making me f orget to act civilized in public. I charged at Je nnifer regardle ss of anything. “Bitch, I’ll tear your m outh apart!” . At that moment, I j ust wanted to tear J ennifer into pieces. Pouncing on her, I grabbed hold of her hair and tried t o scratch her flawless face. Unexpectedly , Jennifer wa s I prepared. She blocked my attack wit h her elbow, kicked my be lly, and scratched my arm. Groaning in pain, I covered my belly and looked at the bloody scratches on my arm. I was almo st driven mad by her. “You bitch! How dare yo u hurt me?!” . I didn’t even c are that my hair was disheveled. I knew that my appearance must be terrible at th is moment, but it was all because of Jennifer. I d idn’t expect that I couldn’t even defeat a slave. “Miss Barba ra, you ask ed for it. Jennifer looked at me coldly. Finally, Alpha Norman let out a growl, putti ng a stop to our fight. “Jennifer, prepare for th e ceremonies. I don’t want to repeat my order again. It seemed that Alpha Norman was n’t going to give Jennifer a se vere punishment like I expected. My goal was not a chieved. I wasn’t satisfied at all. It seemed that I would have to find another way to punish this bitch. It would be the b est if I could make her life a living hell. All of a sudden , a perfect idea occurred to me