Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved by Blue Tears

Chapter 6 by Blue Tears


Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 6 by Blue Tears. Anthony’s POV:. When Jennifer’s body tilted to the side, I couldn’t help reaching out to catch her. As soon as she fell in my arms, my heart throbbed with concern. Her body was covered with blood and mud, but strangely, I didn’t find her dirty at all. When coming to the Dark River Pack, I never imagined that I would meet my mate here. Today, I had seen her for the first time at the welcome ceremony. Although she was wearing old and torn rags, her beauty could not be concealed. The fragrance of mate bond coming from her hit me like a brick, Knocking the breath out of me. My heart beat violently the moment I laid eyes on her. However, I was careful not to show any reaction. After all, it was a public occasion, and there were many eyes on me. To my surprise, however, Jennifer’s reaction was also calm and collected. If any other she-wolf had realized that I was their mate, they would have been so excited that they would have jumped up on the spot and shouted it to everyone. Therefore, I was very satisfied with Jennifer’s reaction. Being from the royal family, I had seen a lot of beautiful she-wolves before, but not only was my mate beautiful, she was also smart, rational, and self-conscious. She had all the qualities that I liked and appreciated. Therefore, she would make an ideal partner. In fact, I had never been interested in finding my mate. A mate was just a weakness that my enemies could take advantage of. I had something important to do, and I couldn’t let a mate hold me back. However, my mother’s biggest wish was for me to find my mate. Ever since my father died in battle, my mother was in poor health because she couldn’t take the loss. Recently, her condition had worsened. No one knew how long she would be able to hold on. Now that I found my mate, I couldn’t let my mother die with regret. I needed Jennifer’s help to appease my mother. But it would be just be a favor that she would be doing me. I figured that I could talk to her about the situation and ask for her opinion. Even if we wouldn’t be mates in the future, Jennifer would still…. “Anthony, you obviously like her. Don’t restrain yourself. This is a mate bond. It’s not something you can control,”. Zane, my wolf, shouted excitedly in my mind, interrupting my line of thought. “I don’t want a mate,”I told him sternly. “Things are different now. You have feelings for her. Don’t try to deny it. And stop using your mother as an excuse. “I don’t have feelings for her. “Fine! Then at least accept her for the sake of your mother and me. Accept our mate!”. “Do you like her?”I asked curiously. “Of course! When was the last time we saw such a strong -willed girl? She is also good at fighting. She doesn’t look like an ordinary werewolf. And just now, I saw the determination in her eyes. She wants to be stronger. She is a perfect mate for you. I couldn’t deny that Zane was right. Jennifer’s abilities were indeed extraordinary. With the right training, she would become a force to be reckoned with. That was why I decided to make an exception and let her participate in the trials. I looked down at Jennifer, who was lying unconscious in my arMs. I had never held a girl in my arms like this before. I was not used to it, so I handed her to a servant behind me

“Take her to her residence. The next morning, I arrived at the trial just when it was about to begin. I glanced around eagerly to find Jennifer, but there was no sign of her. Yesterday, it seemed that she attached great importance to the trials, so it did not make sense for her to not show up. Was it because she was badly injured yesterday that she couldn’t come on time? Everyone was looking at me , waiting for me to announce the start of the trials. I cleared my throat and said, “The trial is delayed. Let’s wait until everyone is here. Dissatisfaction cros sed everyone’s eyes when they heard this. “Why should we wait fo r a slave?” . The crowd began to whis per among themselves to vent their frustration. But I couldn’t care less wha t they thought. I was willing to give the talent I liked a chance, even if it me ant making everyone else unhappy. Finally, Jennifer ru shed into the venue, panting for breath. As soon as she appeared, all eyes t urned to her, and countless curses and accusations were thrown her way. “You lowly sla ve! How dare y ou come late?” . “You don’t hav e the right to make us wait!” . “You better knee l down and apolog ize to everyone!” . Surrounded by the crowd’s insults and taunting, Jennifer’s face we nt pale. I couldn’t help but frown. These peopl e were bein g too noisy. “Those who make noise will be disqualified from participatin g in the trials,” I announced. As soon as my voice fell, ev eryone shut up. “You are late, ”I said, looki ng at Jennifer. “If it happens again, you wil l be punished. “Yes, Mr. Jones,” Jenni fer replied respectful ly with her head down. In fact, I was lookin g forward to her perf ormance in the trials. I hoped that she wouldn’t let me down. “The trials begin!”the emcee announced loudl y under my instruction. All the participati ng werewolves were divided into pairs. Each pair of werewolves would figh t against each other, and the winn er would advance to the next round. In the end, only three werew olves would be selected to e nter the elite training list. In order to be ranked among the top three, everyone foug ht fiercely and desperately. Sure enough, J ennifer didn’t disappoint me. At the beginning, she defeated a b ig and rough she-wolf, who soon kn elt down and begged for her mercy. After that, she con tinued to defeat eve ry opponent of hers. None of the we rewolves were a match for her. The more she showed her strengt h in the competition field, the more the crowd warmed up to her. They began applauding and cheerin g for her, as if they had forgott en the fact that she was a slave. Jennifer fought like a warr ior, without making any soun d even when she was injured. With narrowed eyes, she attack ed swiftly and brutally, witho ut caring about her own safety. I didn’t condone this sort of de sperate fighting, but it proved t hat she was fierce and tenacious. At the end of the firs t round, there were onl y four werewolves left. “Kevin Brook, Barbara Lively, Linda Miller, and Jennifer Smith! Congratulations, you four have held on to the en d. The second round will be a group battle. The four of you will compete in the circle, and the first to fall out of the circle will be eliminated. The other three people will enter the elite training list,” the emcee explained. Soon, the four of them stood in the competition field. While all the four participants had been wound ed in the previous battles, Jennifer also carri ed the wounds that she had sustained yesterday. Out of the four of the m, she was obviously i n the worst condition. And during this round, t he other two she-wolves ganged up to attack her. Jennifer’s face was de athly pale. There were several times when I was afra id that she would collapse, but she held on and calmly responded to their attacks. After several conf rontations, she was at a disadvantage. But just when she was about to be knocked out of the circle, the only male competitor in the field attacked the other tw o she-wolves, causing one of them to fall out of the circle. Jennifer d idn’t disa ppoint me

She was selected! But for some rea son, when I saw the male competito r help her out, I flew into a rage. Jennifer panted and looked straight at me, standing in the middle of the competition field in ragged clothes stained with blood. I walked up to her and congratulated her on her victory. “You did a goo d job today. I appreciate it. “Thank you . I gave it my best. Jennifer smiled and w iped the blood off th e corner of her mouth. Kevi n’s POV: . At the trial s, I saw Jen nifer again. Although she seemed to be in bad shape, she still looked charming. No matter how shabbily she was dressed, she could al ways attract my attention. To be honest, I hoped that she would be selected to enter the elite werewolf training list, so t hat I would have more chances to be close to her. Although there were only three spots o n that list, I knew that as the future Alpha, I would definitely be selected. Before the competition started, when I learned that Jennifer hadn’t arrive d yet, I was really worried about her. Fortunatel y, she show ed up soon. For some reason, her bruises made her lo ok hotter than usual. I wanted to pin her down and fuc k her like crazy. “Kevin, you still have a chan ce. Take the initiative to win her heart. You will succeed,” . Leon, my wolf, tried his best to urge me. I was a li ttle annoyed to hear that. Why did I, a future Alpha, have to put effort into winning someone’s heart? It was like an insult to me. “Shut up. I just want her body. I don’t want her to be my mate,” I retorted. “Really? Then why are you so concerned about her?” Leon pointed out. I was so embar rassed that it made me angry. Did I really regret it? Would I take the initiative to ask Jenni fer to be my mate again? No way. When the trials began, I kept an eye on Jennifer. To my surprise, she perform ed exceptionally well and be came the focus of the crowd. But in the final roun d, Barbara and Linda attacked her together. At first, I just stood aside and watched them fight it out, but at the last crit ical moment, I decided to help Jennifer. I attacke d Linda an d Barbara. In the end, Linda was eliminated. “Kevin Brook, Jennifer Smith, Bar bara Lively, congratulations! The three of you have been selected. Now let’s welcome Pr ince Anthony to awar d the elite medals,” . the em cee ann ounced. The three of us stood in the mid dle of the competition field, wa iting for the prince to award us. Jennifer was heavil y injured. Although her hair was disheveled and she was ble eding here and then, her aura was so dazzling th at everyone couldn’t help but gape at her in awe. Looking at that, I had to accept that I had made a mistake. The girl I had a bandoned was act ually excellent. “I told you not to re ject her in a hurry,” Leon complained again. He had been ag ainst my decis ion back then. “You were too impulsive at t hat time. Kevin, you have to find a way to win her back. “Fine, I’ ll give i t a try,” . I agreed, gritting my teeth. Although it would be beneath my dignity to pursue a girl, she was both beautiful and powerful. What was more, s he was the daugh ter of an Alpha. She was much better than that bitch, Bar bara, in all aspects. Thinking of that, I rea lized how much I regret ted rejecting Jennifer. Fortunately, now that we were going to the royal training ground together, there woul d be a lot of time for me to win her heart. Sooner or late r, I would get Jennifer back