Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved by Blue Tears

Chapter 7 by Blue Tears


Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 7 by Blue Tears. Jennifer’s POV:Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 7 by Blue Tears. I made it! My knees were ready to give out at any moment, but when I saw Prince Anthony’s gaze of approval, I felt that everything was worth it. I sincerely thanked him again and again for helping me. Now, I could attend the elite training. I had finally taken the first step on the path of revenge. After the trials were over, I lingered behind in the competition field for a while and silently watched Prince Anthony. Standing in the distance, he just glanced at me and left. I was confused. Didn’t he know about our mate bond? After the ceremony, the crowd dispersed. I left the competition field with wounds all over my body. Werewolves recovered at an extremely fast speed, so I didn’t care about these injuries at all. Besides, I wasn’t afraid of pain. The only thing I was afraid of was not being able to avenge my father. On the way back home, I was walking past an alley when I heard a voice from behind. “Bitch, do you think you’re all that just because you got selected? I’ll make it impossible for you to attend the training!”. It was Barbara. When I turned around to face her, I saw that she was accompanied by four other she-wolves. These she-wolves were her lackeys; they would do whatever she ordered them to. The five of them seemed to be waiting here for me. Barbara pointed at me and ordered, “Don’t show any mercy. Beat this bitch to death!”. As soon as she finished her words, the four she-wolves pounced on me at the same time. My leg was injured, so I couldn’t dodge them in time. Damn it! Wasn’t Barbara tired of picking on me like this? The she-wolves scratched my skin and hit me everywhere. Their expressions were ferocious, and they had crazed looks in their eyes. Blood began dripping from the scratches on my face, and I felt a burning pain. Barbara didn’t join them. She just stood aside and appreciated the miserable situation I was in. “Beat her! Beat this bitch to death. How dare she steal the show? She deserves it,”she snarled. I refused to give up. I couldn’t let them bully me like this. The pain made me break out into a cold sweat, but I endured it and fought back with all my strength. However, I couldn’t change the fact that I was outnumbered. Moreover, I had used up almost all of my strength during the trials. Gradually, they overpowered me. One of them kicked me in the abdomen, making me recoil in pain. The whole time, Barbara was laughing wildly as she watched the show. But all of a s udden, her lau ghter stopped. Through my blurr ed vision, I saw her running away. What was going on? Why was she running away so abruptly? A t all man appeared into my view. The four she-wolves who had been beating me up suddenly froze, a nd their faces went deathly pale. “Mr…Jones,” one of them called out. “Fu ck o ff!”

Prince An thony sai d coldly. The four she-wolves didn’t have to be told twice; they bolted away from the scene immediately. At this moment, my head was he avy, and I was hanging onto th e last shred of consciousness. When II looked up at Prince Anthony, who stood there with a noble aura, I felt as if I found a glimmer of hope. “Ge t u p. Prince Anthony stretched out his hand to me. I struggled to raise my wr ist and slowly approached h is hand with my fingertips. At this moment, he wa s like an angel sent f rom heaven to save me. Anth ony’s POV: . Jennifer didn’t l ook well. After the trials, I wanted to escor t her back in person, but I knew th at it would draw too much attention. So after taking a lo ok at her, I left th e competition venue. But on the way back to my residence, I was still worried about her, so I dismissed m y servants and went back to find her alone. It turned out that my gut fee ling was right. When I found Jennifer, I sa w her being punched and kick ed by a group of she-wolves. Although she was still trying to fight back, I could see that she was drained of all her strength. Those she-wolve s ran away at t he sight of me. Jennifer fell to the ground, a nd her eyelids kept fluttering , like she was about to faint. I held out my hand to pull her up. It seemed that my mate was in a lot of trouble. Holding my hand , Jennifer stoo d up unsteadily. I hesitated for a moment before picking her up in my a rMs. After all, this was not the first time I had held her in my arms, and I was gradually getting used to it. “Prince Anthony, I…I can walk by myself,” she protested weakly. But I ignored her words and carried her all the w ay back to her residence. After setting her down on the bed, I stood by the si de, not knowing what to do. I had never taken care of anyone else before. Was I suppo sed to get her a glass of water? I looked around and fou nd that the room seemed to have been rummaged violently. Broken objects were strewn all over the floor. I couldn’t even f ind a glass that was still intact. It seemed that Jennifer’s life here was even more mis erable than I had imagined. No wonder she wa s so desperate to become stronger. “Anthony, please a ccept our mate!”Zan e urged in my mind. “No. I can’t accept her yet. I just want her to cooperate with me and visit my mother together with me. “I don’t want to expose your feelings like this, but I have to say, it’s obvious that you like Jen nifer! You’re just too embarrassed to accept her. “Sh ut up. I blocked Zane fro m my mind. I didn’t like th e feeling of bei ng seen through. “Mr. Jones”, than k you for your h elp these days,” . Jennifer murm ured, struggl ing to sit up. I raised my hand, s ignaling to her to continue lying down. There was no one else here, so it was the perfect opportunity for me to talk to her about our mate bond

“I think you alre ady know that we a re mates,”I began. Jennifer nodded withou t saying anything. I ra ised my eyebrow at her. “Aren’t you excited abou t it at all?” . “Mr. Jones, I’m already very grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to participate i n the trials. I don’t have a high status, so I don’t think you will accept someone like me as your mate. I’ve already been rejected once, and I’m ready to be rejected a second time. “You have been rejected?” Jenn ifer didn’t speak, but bit her lower lip and nodded her head. “I’m not going to r eject you. My mothe r is seriously ill. Her last and only wish is for me to find my mate. If y ou don’t mind, I want you to cooperate with me. We can maintain our mate bond in order to fulfill her wish. I didn’t dare to look at Jennifer when I s aid that. I didn’t know why, but I was worr ied that Jennifer would refuse such a plan. After all, deep down, I knew tha t Zane was right. This was not fai r to her. “I don’t mind,” Jennifer said wi thout hesitation. “You have helped me so many times. It’s m y duty to repay you. It was only after heari ng those words that I br eathed a sigh of relief. But hearing that she was agreeing to m y plan only because she wanted to repay me made me feel a little disappointed. “I don’t want to make our mate bond public for the time being. I onl y want my mother to know it. I hope you can keep it a secret. Also, d on’t expect to receive special treatment as my mate,” I said firmly. “Okay,” Jennif er agreed with out hesitation. It was as if she rea lly didn’t expect to get anything from me. Every time I saw th is girl, my impress ion of her improved. “Do you have anything you want to ask me for? I’ll grant it to you a s long as it’s within my capacity. “Mr. Jones, I just want to become str onger as soon as possible. The stronge r, the better. ” I nodded in approval. Since that was her request, I could give her some special treatment during the tr aining, but she had to hold on till then. “We can go to the royal training gro und after three days. You need to tak e that time to recover,” I told her. We could have set off right away, but considering her wounded condition, I decided to wait for a few more days. There was no way Jennifer wou ld be able to start training in the state that she was in. Jennifer thanked me again. The room was thick with the attrac tive scent of our mate bond, which made me want to get close to her. Afraid that I wouldn’t b e able to resist it, I qu ickly left her residence