Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved by Blue Tears

Chapter 9 by Blue Tears


Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 9 by Blue Tears. Barbara’s POV:. That bitch, Jennifer, really pissed me off. So what if I apologized to her? A slave was a slave. What about the qualifications to participate in the special training? How could she be better than me, a pure-bred noble? The royal training ground was built on Marge Island, which was located on the border of Osman Kingdom. Steep mountains loomed in the northern part of the island, and there was a large area of jungles and cliffs. It was the best choice for exploring and rock climbing. When I heard that there were going to be training programs for jungle exploration and rock climbing, a plan formed in my mind. Once we get to the royal training ground, there would be plenty of opportunities to teach her a lesson. But when I stepped foot on Marge Island, I was shocked. The royal family of Osman Kingdom had built a large training ground, and as if to show off how rich they were, they had also constructed a magnificent castle on Marge Island. The sight took my breath away. “Amazing! I didn’t expect such a beautiful castle here on Marge Island. “Oh my God! Is this where we’re going to train? It feels like a dream. Several inexperienced she-wolves laughed and chattered among themselves. They were werewolves from other packs. Rumors claimed that Prince Anthony had selected elite werewolves from each pack. “The royal family invested a lot of money to build this castle specifically for training elite werewolves. You are the first batch of trainees to participate. In the future, there will be a second batch, a third, and more,” announced Neil, one of Prince Anthony’s attendants. He was responsible for managing the trainees. As for the prince, I haven’t seen him since we got on the plane. I heard that he had gone ahead of us on a private plane to Marge Island. “This place used to be a forest, didn’t it?”. “Why did the royal family build a special training ground on Marge Island?”. A group of werewolves surrounded Neil and bombarded him with questions. Their eyes sparkled with curiosity about the things that they didn’t know. Neil patiently answered their questions. Meanwhile, I paid attention to that bitch, Jennifer. She was walking at the back of the line, wearing tattered clothing and carrying a shabby-looking suitcase. Even though she looked poor, many werewolves were attracted to her. She had been on their minds throughout the journey here. Some of them had accosted her on the plane. Now, they were trying to flatter her once more. “Jennifer, let me help you with your luggage. It looks quite heavy. “No, thanks. What could a slave possibly have in her luggage? It mostly likely contained a few worn-out clothes. How heavy could that be? The werewolves were obviously just trying to get her attention. “We are still some distance away from the castle. I heard you got injured. Let me carry you on my back. I’m strong, so carrying you would be an easy task,” one of the werewolves offered as he walked alongside her. “Thank you, but I can walk on my own. Seeing that bitch, Jennifer, tur n down potential suitors one aft er the other made my blood boil

Those werewolves were also partic ipating in the special training, and they were all of noble birth. Some of them were eve n next in line to beco me their pack’s Alpha. How could such high-class werewolv es lower themselves to flirt with a slave? It was disgraceful to see. But what pissed me off th e most was that all of th em had gotten turned down. That bitch was just a slave . How dare she refuse a futu re Alpha? It was ridiculous. Those id iots had no taste. If they wanted to court a s he- wolf, they should at le ast set their sights higher. They should be sucking up t o a sexy and beautiful nobl e werewolf like me instead. What was so good about Jennifer? Bec ause of her, those werewolves don’t even seem to be aware of my presence. I gritted my teeth in a nger and wished that I c ould just kill Jennifer. Jenni fer’s POV: . After several hour s, we finally arriv ed at Marge Island. I heard that the island was overrun wi th jungles, but the reality was complet ely different from what I had imagined. A magnificent castle and a vast t raining ground contributed to the beautiful scenery on Marge Island. Compared to the shabby room I used to stay in when I lived with the Dark Riv er Pack, this place looked like heaven. Neil took c are of us a ll the way. Now, he was assigning us to our dorm rooMs. Neil gave each of us a ke y with a number so that we could find our own rooMs. The dorm rooms we re inside the castle, and the special training ground was downstairs. Most of the trainees who came to participate in t he special training were of noble blood, but they were also excited to see such a luxurious castle. Once everyone had a key, they went on to f ind their rooMs. After checking what number was on my key, I quickly located my room. “Hi, lovely! My name is Skylar. Are you staying in th is room?”a sweet and petite girl warmly greeted, sudd enly appearing by the door of my new living quarters. “Yes. ”I smiled b ack at her in a friendly manner. The stranger was a beauty with blo nde hair and blue eyes. She didn’t seem to have any malice towards me. “What a coincidence! I live just nex t door, in the room to the left. ”She gestured towards the room next door. “Feel free to come over when you have time. “Sure thing. My name is Jen nifer. It’s nice to meet you . ”I nodded politely at her. Skylar wa s so enth usiastic. She talked with me nonstop, and soon, the whole corridor was f illed with her bright laughter. Frankly speaking, I en vied her smile because it was what I had lost. “Get out of my way! C an’t you see that peo ple are walking here?” . Skylar and I wer e in the middle o f a conversation. Out of nowhere, a she-wolf bumped into Skylar, causing her to nearly hit the wall. Fortunately, I managed to gr ab her in time. “You two b itches are in my way,” . Barbara snarled as she arrogantly walked to th e dorm room on my right

Her face w as twisted in disdain. Behind her was another well-dr essed she-wolf. They talked and laugh ed, clearly on good t erms with each other. What a small world! Barbara was going t o be just next door. With Skylar on the left and B arbara on the right, my days h ere were bound to be exciting. Upon seeing the shift in my fac ial expression, Skylar smiled a t me and led me inside my room. “May I look around your room? We can take our time and talk here. Let’s not let other people ruin our good mood. “Okay. ” Skylar’s b right smile swept my depression away. Every dorm room was larg e and well-equipped with all kinds of furniture. It certainly was a ste p up from what I had wi th the Dark River Pack. Skylar looked a round the room in high spirits. “Jennifer, have you ever seen such an exqu isite dresser? I’ve always dreamed of havin g one, and today, that wish has come true. Her eyes l it up with excitement. I could see that Skylar w as different from those sn obby high-born she-wolves. She must have done her be st for the opportunity to come here—just like I had. At that moment, the sound of a whistle came from the training ground downstairs. “Emergency assembly ! All trainees must come here quickly!” . “Skylar, we’re bein g called. “I see. This wa shing machine i s so high-end. Skylar’s voic e floated from the bathroom. She was still admi ring how wonderful the dorm room was. I was done pa cking up and r eady to leave. However, Barbara ap peared at the door with an evil smile. Her friend, who st ood close to her, a lso smiled weirdly. Bang! She slammed the door shut. It was followed by the sound of a lock engaging. Realizing that something was wrong , I rushed to the door and pulled the door knob, but it was too late. “What are you d oing? Barbara!” I was furious. Damn it! I forgot to t ake the key with me wh en I entered the room. It had bee n jammed i n the lock. Barbara use d the key to lock us in. She and her friend laughed as they walked away, leavin g me and Skylar in the room. “The door can’t be opened fr om the inside. We are going to be late! What should we do?” . Skylar wa s startin g to fret. “Don’t panic. We’ll find a way to get out of here . Let me think for a bit. Skylar’s eyes st arted to turn re d in her anxiety. If we were late for the assembly on th e first day of training, we were most likely going to be sent off the island. What an awf ul situation we were in!