Pregnant With My Rejected Billionaire

Scared Kitten


No one Pov's . Aaron kept his hand on his cheeks, his jaw shaken as Alice used her Alpha power to slap him. Yes, she is an alpha wolf. Aaron lours at her but doesn't say anything. He tightened his fist to control his anger. "You were thirty seconds late," Alice yelled. He held her with her arm tightly and pulled her closer to him. Her heart started pounding rapidly, she even forgot to take a breath. "Breath" He muttered, making Alice realise, it is necessary to breathe to live. Tears welled up in Alice's eyes. She started trying to push him away but he didn't let go of her hand. "Why did you slap me?" He asked. "I know that thirty-second delay was not such a big deal that you will slap me for that" . "It is a big deal for me. You don't know how many negative thoughts had come into my mind. I thought you don't want me. " She whimpered. "Yesterday, just because Aana gave you a cold shoulder, you gave up on her and me, so easily. You didn't even think once about what would happen if Aana didn't accept your offer. " Alice whimpered and this time pushed him forcefully away from her. she sat on the couch while crying. Rex whines in Aaron's mind, seeing his mate crying like this. "I know Aana's behaviour was not good but please don't give up on us. At least for me" She mumbled and a small smile appeared on Aaron's lips, seeing her love for him. He went to her and kneel in front of her then wipe her tears lovingly. "you love me so much that you came here despite knowing Aana won't like it?" He asked. She didn't answer, kept looking at him with her wet leashes. He didn't want her to cry but at the same time, he can't stop admiring how beautiful she is looking, crying like a baby. For him, her tears are like a precious pearl which he quickly sucked from her cheeks not wanting them to go to waste. Alice calms down seeing his gesture. "How could you think that I gave up on you two? I have loved Aana from the moment when I saw her for the first time, 5 years back and after meeting you, I fell in love with her more. You're like a precious gift to me by the moon goddess and I cannot be the biggest fool who will reject this gift and bear her punishment" He said, bringing a smile to her face. She wrapped her hand around his neck and joined her forehead with him. "She might say, she doesn't want you but believe me in reality, we both need you and Rex. We both want someone to love us in this brutal world" Alice said. Tears brimmed in his eyes hearing her words because it was like she said, his inner soul voice. He also wants someone to love him just like she wanted someone. He realised that the moon goddess brought them together to fill the emptiness in each other's life. Alice pulled away from him and tapped on the couch, asking him to sit beside her. As soon as Aaron sat beside her, Alice sat on his lap and rested her head on his chest. "I wanted to tell you so many things but don't know from where I should start or should I even share this with you or not at the beginning of our relationship. No… I should wait until you and Aana come into a good term… I don't want this relationship to come to an end before starting. Who knows after knowing the truth you leave us or just be with us out of sympathy

No. Aana and I want your love, not sympathy. I will wait for the moment when you will confess your feelings to Aana then I will tell everything to you" Alice thought while hearing his mate's heartbeat which was like music to her ear. She was enjoying her moment until she felt that Aana was about to wake up. Alice distanced herself from him and immediately stood up. Aaron looked at her confusingly as she started biting her nails, not able to think properly about how to get out of his office before Aana woke up and saw everything around her. "What happened?" Aaron asked in concern, removing Alice's nails from her mouth, standing closer to her. "Aana woke up from her sleep. I took control of her body when she was sle eping without her knowledge. Don't know how she will react when she came t o know that I signed the joining letter with her name without her consent" . "You did what?" Aaron asked and that's when Alice heard the voice o f her human who asked the same question as Aaron asked. Instead of a nswering anyone, Alice gives control to Aana and hides in her brain. Aana's eyes widened seeing Aaron in front of her eyes that were too close to him. She immediately shut her eyes thinking it was a dream and then opened her eyes only to find Aaron standing in front of her, realising it was all real. She was looking into his ey es which were busy staring at her with love. He moved his hand to wipe the tear from the corner of her eyes but Aana held his hand. She was about to take a step back to move a little away but Aaron halted her in place, pull ing her closer, holding her waist. Her heart starts beating at a tempo speed while her brea th slows down, feeling his touch because of which a current passes through her whole body. Aana was so lost in staring at him that she didn't even realise when move her body slightly. A smile came on his lips seeing his effect on her and h is smile made her heart stop beating for a second. Her lips grew wider seeing his smile and a dimple appeared on his cheeks. This time Aaron was the one who forgot to breathe for a second. They both were admiring each other's smiles not realising that they are the reasons for each other's smiles. Aaron and Aana both came into sense when Aaron's phone rang, he immediately removed his hand from her waist and detached himself from her where Aana cursed the person who was calling Aaron mentally as she ready started missing the warmth of his body. "There was a table beside you that's why I held your waist to stop you from moving back otherwise you would have hurt yourself," He said. Aana, nodded her head understanding his intention. The room went quiet for a minute as they both were not able to figure out from where to start a conversation where Alice and Rex were feeling like hitting their head wi th a wall, seeing their human hypocrisy. Aana and Aaron both wanted to talk to each other badly but at the same time, they both were not able to come up with a topic to talk about. "It was Alice" Aaron and Alice speak together where Alic e rolled her eyes seeing two foolish humans who after th inking for a good minute, chose the topic of blaming her. 'I wish, I could put some brain in your head' Alice muttered in frustration. Aana didn't reply to her and looked at Aaron who was staring at her. His ey es filled with love reminded her of someone. She distances herself from him. "no. This is not good… No" She mumbled to herself and was about to go when Aaron held her hand. "What is not good? My love or me?" He asked. She closed her eyes when he pulled her closer to him but this time there was a little distance between them as he didn't want to make her uncomfortable. Her heartbeat was beatin g at his high speed. she forgot everything but him. All her focus was on his hand from which he held her wrist. "You can't run away from me, Aana. I won't let you. Aaron Smith got what he wanted and I decided to make you mine

" He said, leaving her hand. She was still standing there, trying to understand what he just said and the moment she re alised what he meant, she turned towards him, looking at him with google eyes. He started laughing seeing her reaction. "I was just pranking you," He said. She too k a relief breath. Aaron sat on the couch a nd looked at her with a serious expression. "You have to join the office tomorrow as with or without your consent Ali ce signed the paper. So be on time because I don't like any carelessness regarding work. " Aaron said. Aana wanted to argue with him but he bit her. "Say no only if you're ready to face legal consequences. " Aana's eyes widened upon hearing his words. "There is a clause that you can't leave this job befo re three months and if you did then you have to pay me $500 as a penalty. I'm serious about my work, so there is no compensation for you just because you're my mate. Do a job or pay me. Your choice. " Aaron stood up to go outside the cabin leaving Aana in shock. She turned towards the door from where Aaron left. "What the?" She clamped up when Aaron opened the door. He r olled his eyes a moment before she was roaring like a lion a nd now after seeing him, she is acting like a scared kitten. "I prefer lioness ov er a kitten," He sai d, closing the door. "What?" She mumbled to herself confusing ly and then sat on the couch to calmly t hink about everything that just happened. "What a mess you create, Alice? I don't know how I will be able to control mys elf around him" Aana mumbled to herself. "But why do you want to cont rol yourself? What is stoppin g you from loving him, Aana?" . "Love is not written in my dest iny, Alice. He will leave us th e moment get to know everything" . "What if he doesn't?" Alice as ked. Aana went silent when she had no answer to her question. "Leave everything on the m oon goddess. She will hand le everything" Alice said. "I don't trust her" Aana replied and mindlink the beta of her pack, Stefan. "Meet me at XYZ restaurant after one hour with sixty nine tablets to control a wolf a nd the heat of the body" she closed the mindlink before he could reply and stood up fr om the couch and went towards the door to open it. That's when Aaron also came inside. They both bumped into each other, Aaron a ss was about to kiss the ground when Aana held his hand and made him stand properly. "You hold my hand with your choice Aana," He said. She was about to de tach her hand from his but he didn't let her go. She looked at him fru stratingly after trying everything to release her hand from his grip. "What do y ou want?" She asked. "You" He replied. A tear rolled down from her eyes as his words reminded h er of someone close one. He immediately left her hand, seeing her tears. A ana didn't reply and rushed outside the cabin, leaving Aaron dumb-headed. "What happened to her, all of sudden?" He as ked himself, looking in the direction where Aana went but had no answer to his question