Remember Self-Control: Bossy Husband Loves Me Deep to Soul

Chapter 1: Let Me Go


Proofreader: He Li, Peter Gong. Gongshi Group. A cowering head retracts from the doorway and exclaims, "Here comes the director!". Si Wan, wearing an haute couture gown decorated with fashionable small floral on the hemline, is smiling with grace, which makes her both elegant and beautiful. At the moment she enters the company, Si Wan immediately senses the tense atmosphere. She starts to look around, and finds that everybody in the company looks mocking, as if she were something ridiculous and they were waiting for some fun. "Director. " Si Wan's secretary Xiaoyu comes to her, hoping to say something, but hesitates because of Si Wan's mild irritation, "Director… Boss Gong is here, in your office. Hardly does Xiaoyu's voice fade away, somebody in the crowd utters a snorting laugh, "With Boss Gong's gracious presence, we are going to see some fun. Si Wan is married to the most powerful man in imperial capital: the eminent CEO of Gongshi Group. The Gong Family is like a royal family in imperial capital, and is admired and respected by thousands of people. Si Wan's husband is Gong Siming, whose grandfather is a war hero; his father, the mayor of imperial capital; and mother, the chairman of board of Gongshi Group. What's more, Gong Siming himself, who seizes the position of CEO successfully by using some resolute commercial means, is the young master of the family. Gongshi Group does business in a wide range of fields, which determines its decisive role in commercial circles. And Gong Siming, with a seductive face like a demon, certainly is the ideal husband and lover of all the women in imperial capital. However, Si Wan has never become supreme in the company because of her marriage. This is because Gong Siming hates his wife Si Wan deeply, which is a secret known by everyone. "I see. " Hearing people murmuring, Si Wan removes her eyesight from the crowd and adjusts her state as usual, but her smile vanishes gradually, "Please all go to work if there is nothing important. Xiaoyu follows Si Wan carefully and reminds her in a low voice: "Director…Han Jingjing is also inside. Si Wan becomes absent-minded for a moment and her emotion is so slight as to be perceived. Her face is expressionless, "Well. Rubbing her lips, Xiaoyu looks down to hide the pity in her eyes, and then she wisely withdraws. Si Wan freezes for a moment, after which she takes a deep breath and walks calmly to the office, with her hand reaching the door handle, she pauses slightly…and finally she opens a crack between a door and its frame. "Ah. Boss Gong. Don't. "Before entering the office, Si Wan hears a woman's soft calling of "Boss Gong" and the man's evil and wild voice, mixed with ambiguous pant, rising and falling, "Louder, eh?". Si Wan's little hands are completely rigid on the doorknob, with blue veins on the back of her white and slender hands bursting out, jumping ferociously beneath the surface of skin, and her mind is also turbulent like sea: the so-called "Boss Gong" is her husband who has been married to her for one year, but wh o never touched even one of her fingers, and now he is making love with another woman in her office in such an open and bold way without knowing what shame is. Louder? Deliberate ly calling to whom? And who will be embarrassed? . Biting her lips, Si Wan controls herself and takes a deep breath

The knuckles of her fingers turn white, a nd her sexy clavicle fluctuates several times due to the unstable breath. Following a sound of creek, Si Wan slow ly opens the door, and this time the voices inside finally stop. Si Wan's lips are pale, but her face looks calm. On Si Wan's office sofa, the man leans back lazily; his legs are perfectly straight and robust with knees slightly be nded. The flirtatious and sexy woman sits on his legs boldly. The man's black suit coat is thrown casually on the desk; the buttons of his white s hirt are all unfastened, making his strong muscles with clear lines revealed. His eight a bdominal muscles are jumping with enthusiasm, and his bronze skin is so sexy and charming. The woman wriggles and leans over to his ch est. Her delicate nails gently touched the deep of his attractive pectoral muscles. "Boss Gong…" . As if she didn't see it, Si Wan takes up a document covered under the laptop with her eyes fixed o n her desk. A bout of disappointment comes forward. She can't stop trembling, but her face is plain and still. She turns to Gong Siming and says, "If you can't afford a lover's suite, I can pay it for you. She stands right in front of th e two, with a cold voice: "Don't do this in my office, it makes me sick. Again is this damned face, always so cold and indifferent as an iceberg! . Gong Siming extremely hates seeing Si Wan actin g as numb as a rotten wood… . "Si Wan…" Gong Siming's mouth slightly opens and his deep voice flows like a magnificent piano tune. He pushes aside the woman on his legs and the n stands up. His tall figure is so overwhelming with a fierce imposing manner that Si Wan feels a little out of breath. Si Wan raises her head slightly and looks into Gong Siming's sarcastic and cold eyes. He warns her with ease, "Who allows you to talk to me like that? Humph, don't forget who you are!" . Who am I? Si Wan thinks ab out the question with a bitter smile hidden deeply in her mind. She's the wife, though in na me only, of Gong Siming who is th e young master of the Gong Family? . The murderer, who killed Gong S iming's first love? . The junior host ess who has no statu s in the Gong Family? . Or a clown lau ghed by everybody i n imperial capital? . She just loves some body, down to the dust, like a pitiful creature. "I'm sorry for breaking the rule s. " Despite her disturbed state of min d, Si Wan manages to apologize calmly. But Si Wan's obedience, on the contrary, aggravates Gong Siming even more, and his sharp eyes become fierce : "Apologize with your mouth only? Show your sincerity

Across the table, Gong Siming's slender body l eans over, and his sarcastic eyesight is falling na rrowly upon Si Wan's breast. His meaning is obvious. Si Wan subconsciously raises hands to cover her chest, and then she looks up at Gong Siming in horror and dismay. Gong Siming has a perfect face, like an ingenious work of God that cost great effort: the stream lines of his face, mixed with some sharpness, m anifest the wild and intractable nature of soldier; his thin and his slightly lifted lips in light-color make him even more supreme. With a lazy smile on his face, Gong Siming grasps Si Wan's arm tightly and drags her into his arms, "Si Wan, don't be such a bitch. In the past you spared no effort to get married with me. But now you pretend to keep your chastity, who will believe it?" . Si Wan struggles desperately as she does not want to be humiliated by him when there is another woman aside. Feeling bitter inside, Si Wan op ens her mouth: "Let me go. " At this time, HanJingjing, who has been neglected for a long time, feels angry and begins to take action. She approac hes Gong Siming in a coquettish manner: "Boss Gong, for such a bitch that is out of touch with the situation she is in, why not just ignoring her?" . She has done everything possib le to hook up with such a rich man, and she won't let him go so easily. But Gong Siming coldly shakes her hands off, "Get out of here or you will find yourself in trouble. Of course Han Jingjing dares not to enrage Gong Siming, so she j ust casts a stern glance at Si Wan whose face seems quite pale, and t hen she gets out of the office angrily with her lips pressed together. Startled by Gong Siming's stern aura, Si Wan senses a sudden violent beat of her heart, and she tries to run away as soon as possible. But since Gong Siming has such a tall figure and long legs, he only takes one step forward to hold Si Wan tightly in his arms, after which he drags her straightly into the restroom and throws her into the bed without controlling his power. Si Wan's body smashes into the soft big bed, forcing a big pit in it, and immediately after that she bounces awkwardly. "Ah!" Gong Siming gives a sneer; with one of his hands taking off his white shirt, he totally exposes his powerful body and starts to lean toward Si Wan. On her guard, Si Wan feels very angry but powerless towards this humiliating posi tion, she uses all her strength to fight: "Gong Siming, let me go. What are you doing? You are in the company, you can't… . Gong Siming comes down upon the cor ner of her lips and bites them hard: "Si Wan, you're my legal wife. Why can't I…?" . The aroma of the woman's pungent perfume s till remains in the air, and it reminds Si Wan of the fact that Gong Siming and the woman just… . The blue veins on Si Wan's forehead are jumping violently and her eyes turn red because of gri evance. Not controlling her emotions any more, she scolds in a low voice, "Gong Siming, you are so disgusting with such a heavy taste. Just now you were making love with somebody else… and now you … . Gong Siming's figure turns stiff in a moment: "Disgusting? Yo u are the one truly disgusting. Even though I have a heavy taste, I am not interested in your face. It makes me feel like vomiting. After his words, Gong S iming slams the door and only leaves Si Wan a cold glance