Soldier's Love: My Wife Is A Doctor

Chapter 570 Prayers for Jeremiah


The night wind howled, the wind and waves swept wildly, a figure wrapped in a cloak appeared on the shoreline and disappeared a moment later. "Godfather, don't worry, I won't let Jeremiah get out of here alive. "Very well, you helped me get rid of Jeremiah, understand my new hatred with him, it is also considered a credit, when you rise, I will send you additional reinforcements. "What about the weapons I requested from the Patriarch last time?". "Here, not only here, but I will also send someone to teach you how to use this fine batch of weapons. "That's too good to be true. "You go back first, pay attention to concealment, now is not the time for you to reveal your identity. "As ordered, Grand Preceptor. A slender figure came out of the cabin. "Grand Prelate, we've really got it in for Jeremiah. "Humph! He destroyed my base and my lab, I hate to cut him to death by a thousand cuts, I didn't expect him to run into my gun now, what a providence. Because of the superior geographical location of Yexnard and the key strategic significance, coupled with the island's rich produce, self-sufficient, both with the continents interconnected and isolated from the continents, is a very good base, Minrong Orgnisastion people have long been optimistic, so over the years they have been slowly infiltrating their own forces, did not expect to kill a halfway out Jeremiah. "Grand Preceptor, should I stay on the island?". Grand Master in Black kicked her to the ground and crushed her chest hard: "Are you still thinking about your little lover?". Rebecca spat out a mouthful of blood and a flattering smile appeared on her face, "How is that possible? I hate to kill him. Grand Master in Black put his feet down and Rebecca crept up to him like a snake, rubbing the softness of her body against his leg: "Grand Master, you are the only one in my heart, after all these years, don't you still know my heart?". Grand Master in Black smiled conspiratorially and tore a sound, Rebecca was instantly stripped naked, he was like dragging a dead fish, dragging her into the sleeping cabin, Rebecca's eyes did not have a trace of panic, only numbness, for so many years, he always changed the pattern to torture her, all she could do was to endure. She slowly curled her fingers, one day, she will return the pain that these stinking men have inflicted on her body!. At this moment Tommy and his group have arrived at the coastline, he looked at the wind and waves raging sea, frowned

He spent a lot of money to find a few local old fishermen, after all, their people are not familiar with this place, and these old fishermen have a wealth of experience, as well as a keen sense of direction, with them leading the way, the chances of winning are greater. "Sir, with all the wind and waves tonight, I'm afraid people would have fed the fish long ago. "That's right, there is not a single fish boat on the sea, and people have been soaking in seawater for so long, where is the possibility of surviving?" . The fishermen looked at the waves roaring like a beast, their hearts began to beat a retreat, although they rec eived Tommy's heavy money, but once they saw such ferocious waves, and the whistling sea wind, they suddenly had a f eeling, if in this case to go to sea, I'm afraid even life will be lost, than heavy money, they are more shy of life. Tommy ro ared, "Shut up , all of you!" . Someone threw the gold bar on the ground: "We don't want the gold, let's take this old life. "That' s right, let 's go home!" . Those old fishermen have thrown the collected gold bars on the ground. Tommy pulled out the weapon i n his hand and sneered, "If you do n't go to sea, I'll kill you now!" . Those old fishermen were scared and trembling, and someone had the courage to say, "We have already returned the gold to you, what else d o you want? If you dare to mess up, I will go back and tell our chief. Bang! The bullet pierced the fisherman's shoe, and he was so frightened that his face turned pale and his body was like sieve chaff. Tommy sneered: "If your chief knew that my gold had passed through your hands, what do you think h e would think? Do you think you still have a way back? If you don't want to die, pick up the gold and g et me out of the sea! If you can help me find the people successfully, I will pay you another gold bar. The old fishermen looked at each other then trembled and bent down to pick up the gold bars, and under Tommy's angry eyes, got into the boat. Karis had woken up by now, she slowly opened her eyes and sa w the dim light slowly become clear from the daze, a familiar fac e was reflected in her eyes: "Little sister-in-law, you're awake?" . Karis opened her mouth, but her throat wa s hoarse, too hoarse to make any sound, and Edw ard hurriedly handed her a glass of warm water. Warm water was sent down her throat, her throat was moisturized for a moment, and she was able to speak again: "Where is Jeremiah?" . Edward saw that her body was weak and didn't want her to worry too much, so he said, " Tommy has sent someone to look for it, and he used heavy money to find some local experienc ed old fishermen, they are familiar with the sea here, they will definitely find the boss. Karis' eyes lowe red, unable to hide t he worry on her face. Edward seems to be comforting himself, but also like comforting her: "Little sist er-in-law, over the years, the boss born into death how many times? Which time is not always thrilling? Which time is not always returned safely, you do not worry too much

Karis touched the amu let around her neck and pr ayed silently for Jeremiah. Edward spoke the question in his mind, "Little sister-in-law, how did you appear in the coffin?" . He remembered that Jeremiah was following the funeral procession, so his sister-in- law was probably among those who were being buried, but if she had seen the boss, she co uld not have kept quiet, so the only possibility was that she was blocked in the coffin. Karis recalls what happened that d ay: "When I went ashore with my people, I couldn't find out how Jeremiah was. "Heh! Some one must be chea ting from this!" . "There was a commotion in t he hotel the other day, and they seemed to be looking for a man. "It was Victor Cook, the son of Chief Travis Cook, who disappeared, no, he was killed, and some one framed Victor Cook's death on the boss's head. It seems that Jeremiah's situation here is not good, and yes , their Falcon Team's power is in Kyoto, and this place is unfami liar, not to mention that there are also coiled up ground snakes. "But s omeone reco gnized me. "W ho?" . Karis shook her head, "I'm sure I've never seen this man before, he's tall, thin, white, an d has a black mole on the left side of his face. Edward said a ngrily, "It's that calf Elijah Patel!" . Edward then told them about Elijah Patel's feud with them, and Karis suddenly realized, " So he's from Kyoto, no wonder he recognized me. "I see, he had you ca ptured and then designed to be locked up in a coffin. If the burial ceremony at sea was really completed, then Jeremiah and Travis Cook this beam is big , but Travis Cook does not know Karis, so he is very innocent to take the pot, and Travis Cook in the wh ole island is very popular, if the real conflict with Jeremiah, then the island will rise up and attack. The loss of Karis Jeremiah will be crazy to kill Travis Cook, the two forces fighting, someone is bou nd to benefit from it, this scheme is really sinister! . The next morning, when Edward took Karis downstairs for breakfa st, he heard someone talking, "Did you hear that the storm last night capsized all the boats on the coastline and killed a lot of people?" . "Yeah, those peo ple don't look like pe ople from our island. Karis' heart snapped up and she grabbed the man by th e collar, "Where is the man?"