Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night

Chapter 2


Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 2. Lily had to buck up when dealing with someone like Alexander Russell, so she got straight to the point, “I understand that La Beauté Group is also participating in this season’s perfumery competition tonight. I have a new formulation and wish to join your team. “We’ve already chosen our participating member,” Alexander said slowly. Lily knew about this. “But you can have more than one entry. I just want to be an addition, not a replacement to the team…”. Alexander bluntly interrupted Lily. “Why should I trust you?”. Lily quickly opened her bag and removed a stack of documents from it. “This is First Love’s research and data formula. I hope it’s enough to prove my sincerity in working with you. You offered me a role three years ago, so I assume your company understands my capabilities. I’ve even brought a sample for you. “What sample?”. After talking for some time, Alexander’s expression finally changed. He raised his brow, seemingly interested. Lily nodded and suddenly stretched out her hand toward Alexander. A whiff of sweet fragrance wafted along with her movement. It was a pleasant scent and not intense at all. Alexander stared at Lily’s hand silently. Her skin was fair, and her fingers slender. The sweet scent lingered in Alexander’s nose, alluring him. “I’m confident First Love will be among the Top 3 in the competition. It will undoubtedly be the icing on the cake for La Beauté Group. Afterward, Lily retracted her hand, but unexpectedly, Alexander grabbed her wrist. He held her with just the right amount of strength. Lily could not break free, but she was not feeling pain either. “Do you think La Beauté Group needs such a thing?” Alexander asked. “This is just a welcoming gift. If you think it’s not sufficient, I have a suggestion. I’ll allow your company to own the trademarks for the perfumes I formulate over the next two years,” Lily negotiated. She had expected Alexander to be apprehensive. Still, she knew there was room for negotiation as long as they were still talking. Lily was running out of time and could not find a better person to work with than Alexander. “Indeed, it isn’t sufficient. ” Alexander let go of Lily’s wrist, setting her free. There was still a faint fragrance from her perfume that lingered on his fingertips. He lowered his gaze, concealing the scheming look in his eyes. “Unless… you’re included in the offer too

“M-Me?” Lily did not understand what Alexander meant. “Did you bring the thing I asked for earlier?” Alexander asked suddenly. Although Lily had no idea what Alexander was up to, she still brought the thing he asked. “Y-Yeah, I brought it. “Marry me, and I’ll help yo u settle your problems,” Al exander said indifferently. ‘W-What did he s ay? H-He wants m e to marry him?’ . Alexander’s proposal shocked Lily to her core. Only then did Lily realize t hat the limousine was opposite the clerk’s office. Alexander chose that loc ation and told Lily to bring her passport because he intended to marry her. “You can leave now if you’re unwill ing. ” Alexander opened the door and motioned for Lily to quickly decide. “I-I didn’t say anything like that,” Lily hurrie dly said as she held onto the door handle, afrai d Alexander would kick her out of the limousine. “That means you’re willing then. ” Alexander got out of the limousine, smirking. “Let’s get done with this. I have a meeting at 10:30 am later. Lily was speechless, unable to believe there would be someone rushing t o marry her. She gripped the car door as she stared at the man before h er. Breathlessly, she asked, “May I ask why you would want to marry me?” . ‘Why me? Why so s uddenly?’ . “Aren’t we talking business here? You need help to get revenge on MN Inc. , while I need a wife. I bel ieve it’s a fair trade. ” Alexander’s tone was casual, and he sounded natural. It was just that the pla yful look in his eyes gave Lily a sense of familiarity, but she could not remember from where exactly. Lily and Nathaniel would not have a future together anymore. With Alexande r’s background and status, marrying him would not bring her any losses reg ardless of what he wanted from her. She revealed a determined gaze. “Deal!” . She only wanted ka rma to hit the sha meless couple hard. The marriage procedures were not complicated, so the two quickly settled it as they had all the necessary documents. After the duo left the clerk’s office, Alexander carefully kept their marriage certificate. Then he wore his sungla sses to conceal the happiness in his eyes. Lily chased after him, breathless. “Mr. Russell, about our collaboration…” . Alexander abruptly stopped and turned to look at his new wife. Through Alexander’s sunglasses, Lily could feel his gaze turning colder by the s econd. It made her subconsciously loosen her grip on Alexander’s blazer. “From today onward, you should get used to your new identity. Am I right, Mrs

Russell?” He circled his arm around Lily’s waist, hi s breath fanning her cheeks. Lily went into a trance for a moment. “Pass the perfume’s inf ormation and sample to E dward. He’ll handle it. Then Alexander let go of Lily and got int o the limousine. Lily followed behind but got left standing outside the car instead. “Mrs. Russell, is there a problem?” Alexander turned to look at her. His phone was buzzing i n his hand, waiting for him to accept the call. “H-Honey? Could we keep our marriage a secret for now?” Lily blushed, b ut she was afraid of delaying Alexander’s schedule. She said hurriedly, “I still have some personal matters to tend to, so it won’t take long. Lily could not see Alexander’s eyes as he wore his sunglasses. She found it difficul t to read his current mood and expression. “Come to La Beauté Group before 5 pm later,” after saying that, Alexander answered the cal l and put the phone to his ear, “What is it?” . Lily nodded and closed the door for her new husband. She watched as the limousine drove into the distance, but it still was not time f or her to let her guard down. There was still a battle awaiting her. She went to have lunch first and bought herself some ne w clothes before driving to MN Inc. During that time, N athaniel gave her a few calls, but she did not pick up. As soon as a car stopped, Nathaniel’s secretary, Anthon y Moore, came up to Lily anxiously. “Lily, you’re final ly here! Mr. Hall is going crazy from looking for you!” . After working diligently at Nathaniel ’s company for the past three years, Lily was still a mere lab technician. With a steady pace, Lily wa lked into the office buildin g and asked, “What’s wrong?” . Anthony shook his he ad. “I’m not sure, b ut it seems urgent. Only Nathaniel, Melanie, and Lily’s assistant knew Lily was the one who constantly set high sales records for the company. Everyone else thought Melanie was the company hero and that she was the centerpiece of MN Inc. Lily had never cared about su ch titles back then, but now s he cared even less about them. When she arrived outside the CEO’s office, she could hear Nathaniel’s roaring voice. “You’re with her every day, and now you are telling me you don’t know where she is?! What kind of attitude is that?! Listen to me, Olivia Ha rt! Don’t undermine my authority because you have Lily to back you up! I could fire you tomorrow if I wanted to!” . Following that was the sound o f him slamming the office’s ph one hard. That made Lily frown. ‘He couldn’t find me, so he’s venting his a nger on my assistant. Lily knocked and entered his office. Anthony knew he should not be aroun d, so he closed the door behind Lily. Cr as h! . A cup smashed right by Lily’s feet. The shattered pieces of ceramics even brushed across her skin. Nathaniel thund ered, furious, “Where have you been the entire morning?!”