Super Wife’s Three Babies

Chapter 4 Misunderstood Man


After she finished speaking, Olivia turned and left the office immediately. Eugene’s eyes wavered for a moment. What an arrogant woman! Beg her to work for me? She sure is confident of herself!. However, that confident gaze of hers reminded him about a woman he met seven years ago. After spending the night with him, she disappeared without a trace. Even now, he couldn’t locate her. Now that I think about it, that woman seven years ago was as gutsy as this woman!. Sneering to himself, he withdrew his gaze and looked toward Curtis. “Have you released an announcement regarding the fact that we want Wily Rabbit to locate the genius doctor, Skye Bailey?”. To that question, Curtis hurriedly replied, “I’ve announced it, but Wily Rabbit has yet to reply. We might need to wait for a while more. By the way, about the Wuyou San formula you wanted me to inquire about… I heard that it will be auctioned at a bar tonight. Would you like to check it out?”. Eugene pondered over it before agreeing, “Yeah, I’ll check it out. On the other hand, Olivia left the Nolan Group in a huff. Her mind was full of fantasies about how she was going to kill him. That man! I’m going to kill him!. Getting a taxi by the side of the road, she prepared to go home. However, while they were waiting at a traffic light, a man suddenly collapsed to the ground in front of their car. The driver hurriedly swerved to the side. At the same time, the passersby also avoided the man as they walked by. Nobody seemed to show any intention of going up to the man to help him. “Stop the car; I’m going to check on the man. Abandoning a man to die wasn’t something people in her line of work could do. “Miss, I’d advise you not to get out of the car. Nowadays, there are so many traffic accident scams going around. If you run into one, you’d be in a lot of trouble,” the driver warned her with a frown, glancing at her through the rearview mirror. Olivia analyzed the situation and said, “He collapsed suddenly; he might be sick. I’m going to get out of the car to check on him. Upon hearing that, the driver lost his temper. “Then, pay your bill. You can do whatever you want after you p ay the bill. I don’t want to be involved in this mess!”

She looked at him but didn’t say anyth ing. Instead, she decisively took out a 100 bill and threw it at the driver. After getting out o f the car, she stro de over to the man. The man was very handsome. However, his complex ion was pale beyond belief and his eyes were tig htly closed as he lay unconscious on the ground. Olivia took his pulse and was surprised to find that despite how young he was, he had a lot of health problems. Nevertheless, under the current circumstances, this man had simpl y lost consciousness due to low blood sugar—he would be fine once he ate something sweet. Thus, she patted at his pockets. Normally, people with low blood suga r would carry some sweets or biscuits in their pockets. However, she couldn’t find anything to eat on him no matter how hard she searched. Just as she was about to take out h er phone to call for an ambulance, she noticed that her phone was gone. Did I dr op it in the taxi? . She sighed. Fortunately, she found the man’s phone just now. Using his phone, she hurriedly called for e mergency services. Then, she used the phone to call her own phone. Despite ringing several times, nobody answered the call. Afterward, the call was cut off and the other party immediately turned off her phone. Her expres sion sank i mmediately. That driver… Isn’t it enough that he doesn’t have a single shred of sympathy in his bones? Now, he ’s even stealing my phone? What wishful thinking! . Picking up the phone again, she called Nort h. “North, can you check where my phone is? I accidentally left it in a taxi just now. “Sure, Mommy . How was you r interview?” . She listened to the little de vil’s soft, baby voice and hur riedly replied, “It was okay!” . She responded to his question vaguely; she was afraid that he would not stop nagging at her. To be honest, Olivia had no intention of looking for work when she returned to the country this time around. She was perfectly capable of starting her own business. However, for some reason, the little devil claimed that it was more stable to get a job compared to starting her own business and even picked out this company for her to interview at. Who could have known I’d meet such a crazy president before I eve n entered the company? She secretly complained in her heart, I gu ess my son doesn’t have that great of an eye for people after all! . After settling the ma tter with her phone, the ambulance arrived. Since she was rescuing somebody, she decided to go all the way with it. Thus, she followed the man to the hospital out of the kindness in her heart, paid for the surgical fees, help ed contact his family, and waited until his family arrived at the hospital before she left

In the president’s office at Nolan Group, Curtis came in to repor t with his phone in his hand. “President Nolan, will you look at t his? Doesn’t the man in the picture look like Young Master Brian?” . Eugene took the phone from him. Displayed across the screen of the phone was a newly-posted article with the headl ine ‘Collapse of Moral Values—Woman Takes Advantage of a Beautiful Man That Collapsed on the Street’. Underneath th at headline was a clear picture showing a young man unconscious on the ground while a woman groped him up and down. That woman looked nervous. Fr om a certain angle, she certa inly looked rather suspicious. Eugene’s expression darkened, and the scowl on his phone deepened. The man lying there is indeed my b rother, while this woman… Haha… Isn’t this the woman who was just here at the company for an interview but was rejected by me due to issues with her character? Why? Is she stealing my brother’s phone now? . Handing the phone back to Curtis, Eugene made anot her call. “How is Brian?” . A woman’s voice came through from the other side of the phone. “He’s fine. It’s j ust his chronic illness. Just now, he fainted by the side of the road and was bro ught to the hospital by an ambulance. He’s fine now, so you don’t need to worry. After hearing that, he let out a breath of relief. “Recently, I ’ve been looking for a genius doctor by the name of Skye Bailey . Once I locate the doctor, I’ll ask him to examine Brian too. The woman paused for a moment. Then, a soft sigh came through the phone. “Brian’s health has always b een like this. I’m afraid nobody will be able to make him better. It’s been so many years; how many d octors have you found to examine him by now? You’ve worked so hard for his sake over all these years. “It’s no big deal. No matter what, he i s still my brother. The two of them conversed for a while then hung up the phone. After knowing that his brother was fine, Eugene felt relieved. His phone is no big deal; what’s important is Brian’s health. Curtis shook his head helplessly. To be honest, President Nolan cares for his brother a lot, especially when it comes to his health. Yet, the woman in this photo has gotten on President Nolan’s bad side time and again. She might be getting in a lot of trouble soon!