Super Wife’s Three Babies

Chapter 17 They Must Be Courting Death to Dare Bully Mommy


Olivia sat in the taxi without saying a word. She held her child tightly as if trying to protect the last treasure she had left. North’s small arms wound themselves around her neck. “Don’t be sad, Mommy. I will get back everything you lost for you. Kate chimed in too, “That’s right; North is right. You’re already back. How can we allow her to continue acting so arrogantly? Everything she snatched from you, we’ll get them back again. Thus, Olivia smiled. “Don’t worry; I’m fine. Then, they returned to La Grande Maison. When North got out of the car, a stab of pain went through his knee and he nearly fell to the ground. Fortunately, Olivia reacted quickly and caught him. “North, what’s wrong?”. North endured the pain and pretended to put up a calm front. “It’s nothing. However, Olivia wasn’t that easy to fool. She immediately squatted down. “Show me; what’s wrong with your leg?”. Then, he avoided her. “It’s nothing. Mommy, I’m fine. Let’s go home. Ignoring him, she rolled up his pants. Immediately, she saw that his knee was bruised. Moreover, the top of his knee was scraped and the skin was torn. Against his fair and tender skin, the bruises stood out shockingly. Sucking in a deep breath, her heart seemed to clench in pain. Then, she bent down and carried him in her arms. “Let’s go home quickly. As soon as they reached home, Olivia placed North on the sofa. At the same time, Kate brought the medical kit over. Thus, Olivia gently swabbed at the wound with cotton wool soaked in disinfecting alcohol. She was so distressed that her heart felt like it had shattered to pieces; she lightly blew on the wound as she gently cleaned it. “Mommy, it doesn’t hurt,” North consoled her when he saw how distressed she was. Unfortunately, the more considerate he was, the worse she felt. She said nothing but her tears slipped out of her eyes. It’s all because I have so much baggage that I caused my child to be dragged in to suffer with me too. Afterward, North closed his eyes and pretended to sleep. When Olivia finally left, he sneakily got out of bed and sat down in front of his computer again. Then, his two small hands swiftly flew across the keyboard and he quickly found the studio where Anna worked. After finding a document folder on her computer, a smug smile tugged at the corners of his lips. The firewalls are a joke; there are no technical skills involved whatsoever

He scrolled through the file, muttering to himself, “How ugly. Then, he hit the Enter button. Deleted!. Looking at the empty page, North felt much better. How dare you bully Mommy; you must be courting death. At the Nolan group the next day, Curti s held out his phone. “President Nolan , look at this; is that Miss Maxwell?” . Eugene frowned slightly. Taking the phone, he glanced down at it. It was a shor t mashup video probably taken by one of the customers dining there. The headlin e was ‘Restaurant Owner Sides With Beautiful Mother—Utterly Satisfying Outcome’. It was a scene of Anna pulling a child out of the chair, followed by a scene depicting Olivia sending Anna flying with her kick, and lastly, a shot of the sign saying ‘Anna Maxwell and Dogs Not Allowed Inside’. His frown deepened. “ Which family does Ann a Maxwell belong to?” . Curtis replied, “Her fa ther is Henry Maxwell o f the Maxwell Company. Then, Eugene went through the comments, scanning through them quickly before rais ing his eyes to ask, “Is the child okay?” . “I think so,” Cur tis said. Then, Eugene frowned again. “ Why does this place look so s imilar to Brian’s restaurant?” . In response, Curtis chuckled. “It is Young Master Brian’s restauran t. It’s the one near the mall. I can’t believe Young Master Brian s upported Miss Maxwell so much that he even put up a sign like that. Meanwhile, Eugene fell into deep thought. Brian is never one to poke his nose into somebody else’s business. Besides, didn’t Olivia steal his phone last time? Why would he want to help her? Something’s not right! Her medical skills are top-notch. M oreover, she earned 50 million just from one consultation. Why would she need to steal a phone? What am I not getting right? . Thus, he took out his phone and called Nathan. The phone rang several time s but went unanswered. Because of that, his mood became more and more irrit able. Just as his patience was about to run out, Nathan answered the phone. “U-Uncle!” His voice was hesitant. It seemed like he had debated with hims elf for a long while before answering. “Where did you find Olivia Maxwell?” Eugene went right to the point . Coupled with his stern voice, the alarm bells in Nathan’s head ra ng loudly. “W-What’s wrong? Is Olivia unable to cure Great-grandpa?” . Eugene didn’t answer. Instead, he emphatically asked again, “I’m asking you how you got to know her, where she’s from, a nd how much you know about her. Tell me everything you know. Nathan didn’t know what was going on; he was so scared that he started stuttering. “I-I-I-I met her in Mastar, but her hometown is i n Summer City. She is quite a righteous person

Back then, she saved me when I was being chased by debtors. Also… Also, she is singl e. Moreover, her medical skills are top-notch. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have asked her to go back. Is she unable to cure Great-grandpa?” . Eugene replie d, “That’s eno ugh; shut up. Nathan was com pletely dumbfo unded. “Okay. “How long do you plan to stay awa y?” Eugene asked. Nathan didn’t understa nd the question, so he stupidly went, “Huh?” . “What do you mean by ‘huh’? I’m asking you to get your a*s back here. You’re not allowed to sneak away when you come back. It’s such a pain to get a hold of you. Nathan could tell that Eugene didn’t seem to b e angry, so he grinned broadly and said, “U-Un cle, you knew? Uh, are you still angry at me?” . Eugene snorted, “I’ll for give you on account of you r role in saving Grandpa. “Than ks, U ncle. Then, he ended the call, ignoring Nathan’s joyful yelling. After mulling over it for a while, he made another call. The phone ra ng twice, then a woman’s voice sounded over the phone. “Eugene. “Aunt Cathy, there’s something I wanted to ask you abo ut. The last time Brian fainted by the roadside, who w as it that sent him to the hospital?” he asked coldly. On the other hand, the voice on the other side of the phone didn’t seem affected. “It was a young lady with the sur name Maxwell. That young lady was such a nice person; she even helped to pay for the medical fees. Afterward, I wan ted to pay her back, but she refused to accept it. Now that I think about it, she seemed rather anxious back then. When he heard those words, he frowned again. A young lady with the surname Maxwell… Was it really Olivia Maxwell? . Pursing his lips, he as ked, “Did she say what she was rushing to do?” . The voice on the phone said, “I th ink she said she just finished an i nterview and was about to go home. It really was Olivi a Maxwell! . Afterward, Eugene was so shocked that he fell into a daze. He sat in his chair without moving for a long while. There was a strange feeling in his chest—thi s result was out of his expectations, yet weirdly seemed to fit within reason. Right now, Eugene was in a terrible mood. Olivia re scued Brian, yet I said that she had a poor moral c haracter. Moreover, I threatened to end her career! . Feeling rather irritable, he said, “Go and check the surveillance syste m of the airport on the day we returned to the country. I want to know just what the hell happened when Olivia stole the phone at the airport. Thus, Curtis resp onded in a hurry and quickly left. Eugene pinched his temples in irritation, b ut his heart was wondering, If Olivia isn’t a thief, then how am I supposed to face her?